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  1. Pawndemonium

    Submarines are Coming

    Oh man, if only someone saw that one coming.
  2. What I'd give to see some (old) faces now...
  3. Pawndemonium

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Thanks for quoting me then... now buzz off.
  4. Pawndemonium

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

  5. Pawndemonium

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    If you don't see the issue with that premium ship you're just a low tier stat padding scrub. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Pawndemonium

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

  7. Pawndemonium

    What is the reason for the forums to exist?

    WGEU should stick to 4 languages, really, but well it's their decision so idc. Apart from that the forum community is... odd, probably not the long term posters (jk, some are just terrible), but most of the posts are just utter garbage, and a waste of time to click on. The new forum structure is also quite... unfavourable, but maybe that's just me, I like some chaos.
  8. Pawndemonium

    If there were subs in the game

    Subs will happen, hopefuly along with a redesign on how torps work (spotting, speed, visualization). The thing with the DD stealth role atm is (apart from being way too ezmode when no carrier is around), it not only looks ridiculous in some cases (concealment is way too high on DDs), it's also way too inconsistent. CVs utterly ruin their day in that regard. Wouldn't be an issue for subs... think of slower DDs with personal smokespam, specialized in delivering eels. Torps are atm too fast, look terrible (lolspritespam), while spotting utterly wrecks them. They should be slower, visually less obvious, with requiring more map awareness (=spotting works the same on them like on ships, although sub torp range would be limited anyway, more of a DD torpedo spam thing). Maybe even add the option to deflect them dependant on their impact angle. The assassination role on DDs is unfavourable. It should be harassing, support and scouting (which gets rewarded now). And no, Radar was implemented poorly to counter them, it's way too overkill what this stuff does (Radar probably should light up the minimap without giving away the class, except submerged subs, because... submerged sub).
  9. Pawndemonium

    Submarines Confirmed!

    That speed stuff is still going strong eh... In case some of you guys haven't noticed, most battles revolve around objectives, it doesn't matter if a submarine can't chase its victim, nor is that their goal if they ever want to implement them. The pictures are not really any proof, but if you still think the devs don't at least consider them down the road, you probably should try harder. While I can't comment on how devs perceive the current role of destroyers, imo it's ridiculous and utter garbage (mostly japanese stuff, but even this russian speed mayhem is a bad joke). Looking forward to what they do with them when spotting gets rewarded... This would open up many possibilities to make submarines work, it just depends on how hard the devs want them implemented (as it's a crapton of work, more so when they take a different approach to Steel Ocean with more visuals and stuff like that).
  10. Pawndemonium

    Prinz Eugen Commentary

    Should have made it russian, for 30% more AA dps because their sailors did push-ups on deck (historic accuracy in the MK vid)... and the radar/or repair consumable, because of the lacking Gremy stealth firing capabilities. Yeah well, seriously... there is a slight difference on neglectable parameters (like secondary firing arcs... they guy who came up with this needs to be promoted, being the janitor doesn't do it justice), along with a boring commander XP buff no one cares about, which pretty much means... it's your own fault if you don't play this ship for free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also a bonus suggestion to WG, please stop with the premium ship spam, the ratio really is getting out of hand. And please fix your premium policy to balance premium ships.
  11. Pawndemonium

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    Aight, that's some good stuff, cheers. Had to ask as a recent video was quite misleading in that regard.
  12. Pawndemonium

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    Yo, is Scharnhorst Sigma still 1.8? And 11" HE pen is at 71?
  13. Pawndemonium

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    Highly unlikely he got banned (video is still up), it's just not smart what he did, using captions to give an opinion is still a NDA breach, more so when he praised how relentlessly WGEU enforces the NDA. That's like lecturing you how bad it is to run into lava, and then taking a shower in it. edit: Although that video is so full of odd opinions, it might be still up because WG thinks he's trolling. .p
  14. Pawndemonium

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    Looks more like a keeper to me tbh, but maybe that's just me, time will tell. It was clearly a very misleading NDA leak. .p
  15. Pawndemonium

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    Complains about NDA breaches from NA. Breaches the NDA himself... (although WGNA really used to be trash some months ago with their sh*t on the rest of the world attitude) The comparison with the Kongo was sort of trash aswell, as he ignored the firerate (and probably the armour).