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  1. pffff u can play against us in our clan aswell :P
  2. VDFF

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    i would like to join the raffle 1) Atlanta 2) Giulio Cesare 3) - 5) doubloons 6) Warspite 7) - 16) doubloons the rest i dunno anymore, have to look up the first page :) and thank u all for the effort either by contributing or setting it up :)
  3. Hmmmm does people even know what OP stands for? i often get the remark from other players in battle that we (i) shouldn't show off that much..... aka who has a clan that calls itself OverPowered?! .. Well, we surely don't... cause it means OverPenetration or for short; OverPen and that is what i (sadly) do a lot so... now u all know; OP stands for Over Penetration and NO we are not COCKY!! we just Over Penetrate like everyone else in this game. AND YES if u dont want to be overpowered but normal (yet slightly better skilled then average), with good humor and eager to learn or play with other good and fun players in randoms and competions, YES U CAN APPLY TO OP CLAN !!! ps. we do have a minimum requirements for applying, but that is to flush out the weekend warriors. VDFF clan 2nd retard/donkey now is this a bump? i always thought bumping was something completely different.....
  4. VDFF

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    well just in case i done it a 2nd time. Just to be sure. Thanks for the answering Tobi and Eclaire. And to add another, thanks for all the effort u all putting in organizing this. VDFF
  5. VDFF

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    Eclaire, i signed up OP but i was doing it for our teamcaptain. Can u check and give me feedback if it worked? Please
  6. VDFF

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    Ok. Thanks for the update. I assume u let us know in/on this forum?
  7. VDFF

    Project R Results

    Gotten 293 pearls last week mondays and to my surprise it even went on for another weekend. I calculated (so did my other wows friends) or forcasted that it would ended before last weekend. I seen in comments people were complaining they didnt started right away in the week the project R started and that would be their reasons for not getting over 260 pearls. That i find hard to believe, the amount wasnt that hard to get and like i stated above it even took another weekend over for the last million pearls. anyways thanks WG for this nice event and thanks for the free guaranteed kamikaze, although we must be lucky cause in beginning it only would be avaible by lottery on EU server, whilst other servers had guaranteed above 260 right from the start, but WG corrected that.
  8. Score with a Koningsberg, 190+ hits -16 fires-6 citadels-5 torp hits and a very fun game German cruisers, hard to handle cause of their lesser armor, but can be so very good ...