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  1. panzertiger556

    Latest CV win rates are nasty reading

    Anyone els having problems getting into battles with your midway? all day long in the damn que hoping to get a battle with my midway.
  2. panzertiger556

    Stuck in the battle loading screen?

    I got the same problem yet i do not have any mods installed at all.
  3. panzertiger556

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Cant even load into the battles anymore... Game becomes totaly unplayable as soon as you want to start a battle.
  4. Try going 1 on 1 with a montana vs a yamato. You already know who is gona win that fight...
  5. panzertiger556


    So again when someone els has a diffrent opinion than yours, they must be wrong since your opnion seems to be more worth than everyone els around you, TOTALY LEGIT. What makes you think i care if they nerf gold ammo or medium tanks? arn't we in the Wows forum ? you are just silly so how about you try to respect someone els their opinion and not be so pissy, not saying you need to agree what others say.
  6. panzertiger556


    So as soon as someone els has a other opinion than you it's called crying ?
  7. I got a question for you. What if we do not get the free XP merged into Wows how about the people who did spend their gold to convert XP to Free XP in world of tanks for the use of it in world of warships?
  8. panzertiger556

    Deceptive win-rate - idea.

    Im on 37.6% winrate atm with 70 battles and i end up with people either afk on my team or just poor teamplay/skill, not to forget to mention that almost everysingle match the enemy has 1 or 2 carriers that out level just the one on my team. Special on the lower tiers were most ships dont even have AA guns to counter the waves of torp/bomber squad comming right for you in the first 2-3 mins while your still in base.