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    Detection range? WTF?

    Why have you made the people commanding each vessel completely blind and so that they can only see trough the vessels radar? Had a destroyer literally sneak up to 4-5 clicks(km) Out while firing torpedoes at me, i knew she was there, i would most definitely see her with my own eyes even though there were some small islands that she used for cover. I mean its the same in world of tanks and world of warplanes. You can be sitting right next to someone, you know they are there cause your not stupid and your not blind, THEY ARE EVEN FIRING AT YOU but no wargaming says you shall not see. What are you thinking ? Were not [edited]bats. Only reason i bloody play world of warships is because war thunder is taking its time actually coming out with their naval warfare. The game is great otherwise so good job on that, but the way you spot an enemy unit in all 3 of your games is just stupid. They just appear out of thin air liker were god damn bats. We can see without radar you know ? Its like there is no crew on the damn ship. If just look around at allies, a ship thats up to 14 km you can see without to much strain even if you remove all icons above it. 15 and up you have to strain but you can still see it, so how is it that i can't see an enemy even though its only 5 km away. Anyways i just wanted to complain about it, i would like to see it changed but meh its your game, i havent noticed much listening to the players but whatever.