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  1. FigaroAdelo

    Really need some help here

    Thanks, yes videos do help and i always watch the whole battle. Only problem with that is i only have 3 or 4 battles an hour lol. Im slowly gettig used to my opponents actually using tactics, ive been teaming up with a mate and fun is still being had.
  2. FigaroAdelo

    Mission endtimes

    Indeed, at least now i know, tho some of the missions are beyond me.
  3. FigaroAdelo

    Mission endtimes

    ok thanks for the speedy help guys i'll attempt to complete them sooner. Theres a crazy amount of missions in this game, i like the collections thing too, always summat to work towards.
  4. FigaroAdelo

    Really need some help here

    hey im an ex WoTer myself but i found the game great till tier 5, i still enjoy it, but getting an unreal amount of losses now. I shall just keep trying to improve myself.
  5. FigaroAdelo

    Mission endtimes

    ah thanks that would have been a bit more helpful if it was ingame. do most of the missions usually finish at that time?
  6. FigaroAdelo

    Hey Everyone

    Hey mustardcat im UK and new too, hope you're enjoying game as much as i, and welcome.
  7. FigaroAdelo

    Mission endtimes

    Hi everyone first post here, just a quicky im just wondering what time the missions end usually, i was doing the 88,888xp mission which finishes today but it has disapeared. I had 5000XP left to get and it said it finished on the 23rd, does that mean you have to do said mission by the 22nd? Ive noticed a few strange goings on with the mission screen since i started playing properly round xmas time, could we not have a timer counting down for each mission so we know exactly how long we have left? Stay lucky Figs