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  1. Contrador

    Appeal Chat Ban

    I can completely agree with this sentence. And in the same spirit of this sentence, i encourage you not to be that active in defence of the chat ban system, as neither me or you, have a unquestionable proof of how it works.
  2. Contrador

    Appeal Chat Ban

    Well lets agree to disagree and move along. As the time pases, more people will notice it, or just stop to care. As for WG statements, i can read pretty well, and what I found is usually old, or extremely dodgy/not specific on the subject. Therefore you should not use this as an argument.
  3. Contrador

    Appeal Chat Ban

    Actually it seems that Waifu is correct, the system is automated [and several reddit post suggest its newly automated even on 3-10days bans]. I tracked several topics where you Pete insist that its not, that actual people are doing the chat ban job, and i just think that you are intentionally spreading misinformation.
  4. Contrador

    Appeal Chat Ban

    I do not think thats the case any more. All of the sudden, i got three, week chat bans, in last few months [maybe more]. When i contact support, to get proof of what i said, i get automatic non human response stating that they will not reply to me or give me proof, and implying that chatban system is automatic even in case of long term chat bans.
  5. Contrador

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.8

    That guy, Sergey Protasov, was a highlight of the whole video in my opinion. It seems to me he takes no crap and know his stuff.
  6. Contrador


    In its current form, Friesland is one of the weakest T9 DDs. I hope that a lot of people will waste free exp on Friesland.
  7. Contrador

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.8

    Now, i dont want to be always negative, the visuals looks nice. BUT MOST OF THE TIME, you WeeGee guys let the SOUND DEP. GUYS FROM THEIR CAGE, they invent an annoying bug.
  8. Contrador

    Ships: Doubloons Aren't the Only Way to Get Them

    Lets agree that i dont agree with you. There is such thing as an AAAgame for 50 EUR, and then there is free online gaming culture with money and life sucking mechanics [with 100 EUR ships]. Do i feel entitled ? Sure i do, for the time and money I gave to WeeGee since 2012. But thats not about me, i got everything i want ingame, i was pointing out to newcomers. And i am not alone, most of the CCs pointed this out too in many vids in last few months.
  9. Contrador

    Ships: Doubloons Aren't the Only Way to Get Them

    U know what, take your special currencies WeeGee and shove it you know where. Grinding coal, free exp, steel, unaptonium, credits, leaves, tokens, molybdenium and polygons, paying for the privilage in process, thats way to go for a healthy online game. I tried to recruit some friends this summer, u know, people with brains. And they did not care, as a lot of the game content that matters would be locked for them forever. HOW I AM TO EXPLAIN TO MY 13YEAR OLD BROTHER [WHO IS ALLOWED ONLY 2HRS A DAY TO PLAY ON PC] THAT HE CANT EVEN GAMBLE FOR MUSASHI. EDIT: For smartasses, yes i am already addicted, but cured myself from WoT, i can do it again
  10. Contrador

    Submarines are Coming

    Is there time estimate when we will be (and how) able to sign up for a test ? As DD main, i think this will be good for the game. I dont think subs will do much spotting or dmg, but finally take off the load of capping from DDs.
  11. Contrador

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    Can someone explain to me the new chat update, will i be able now to switch off the chat [what people are writing], but see the ping commands ? As now when i switch off the chat, it doesnt show anything.
  12. Contrador

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    And because I can play just few battles a week [or cant play as needed for clan battles], although i supported the game since closed beta, i cant reach steel ships or ntc ships. Just getting steel for Flint of a achievement of the year for me [and earned me 4chat bans as i was grinding steel over christmas]. So go ahead WG, lock up even more content behing paywalls and grindwalls and expand nolifers corner.
  13. I am here to raise my pitchfork and say NO to this Naval Centre idea. I have ended my WoT career years ago, I can end my WoWs at my leisure too
  14. Compensation is nice, but fixing the problem would be even better. The issues still persist for considerable number of people [incl. me].
  15. Contrador

    Join Battle bug

    Nope, the issues are still here. Fixed for some, but worsened for others, those without no previous issues. I started having even more disconnects after the supposed fix.