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  1. Contrador

    Can't connet to server

    Several things actually, first of all if my boss would be at my neck, there would be an announcement on the website already. Next thing, it would not be happening so often [been with WG games for 7 years now], they would change their updates process policy a long time ago if bosses gave a [edited]. And i can continue to make this a wall of text with other, perhaps silly, points. I guess my problem is that i work salesman position too long..
  2. Contrador

    Can't connet to server

    In my work, if I told my client something will be done in an hour, and haven't finished in three, my boss would be tearing me a new arsehole. I guess i need to find a work at WG HQ, must be a lovely place to work there.
  3. Contrador

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    In the middle of winning a battle of course. Just why I am still suprized, with all those superb WG services over years, is beyond me....
  4. Contrador

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    Are they within they rights ? yes Are their rights always omnipotent and crap on people for using their brains ? yes Have they made the situation by this worse ? yes Can WG as whole compnay be ever trusted ? no Will it generate more money for them ? no Can WG ever repair their reputation ? only by godly intervention and i am an atheist [i cant honestly count their bad wrongdoings for last year, not to mention this one] After the years of playing WG games, i learned to wote with my wallet, to remind myself what censorship is, and what a good job i am doing myself in marketing in my home company. Cause for multi-bilion company WG is, they do a crap job at PR and marketing.
  5. Contrador

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Dont have a screenshot but i just got indianspolis and speed upgrade. Was feeling super lucky. Last year i got Molotov from container. Damn shame i just ended in hospital two hours later ( where iam right now). Some fking abcess in the leg near arse, from sitting doctor said... As if WG knew in advance and wanting to compensate a bit...
  6. Contrador

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Yes, i would indeed argue against paying for free exp to progress faster via tech trees. But thats not up to discussion any more, although it would be interesting topic. I, and in my opinion only, think that u can either drive yamato or join your family for TV session, not both. Anyway, i feel guilty spamming feedback topic with private exchange of views, so i will rather stop expressing myself. As last thing, i thank everyone who took the time to write down in this part of the forum their opinion about the public test server gameplay.
  7. Contrador

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I do not read reddit sry, i am talking what i saw in my games. When I purchased new captain and start adding "points", the system uses both, free exp and elite exp. Of course it takes the Elite exp first (means u can divide it as u wish). But if u dont have elite exp, then it will use free exp. In short, leveling captains with elite XP is ok. Leveling captain with free XP s bad. I am making more sense now ? :-)
  8. Contrador

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I meant just this one specific thing. I purchase free exp for money, level captain with it, and have advantage over others in few moments. And example, two players with 750 battles each. One have the money to convert exp from his elite ships, the other does not. A new line comes out, or they both start with a new ship and new captains. One of the two players have instant advantage. In my opinion, high level captains should be earned by fighting battles, by getting experience. Not by converting free exp. I only liked the idea of elite exp, once you reach the 19th point, you can transfer the option to other captains. Thats fair to everyone.
  9. Contrador

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Hi, i like it when people like u and me actually find the time to write something. If only we do this more often to make the game better no ? :-] As i made my post, i noticed yours. Most people got this one wrong. WG is actually rising the XP requirements. Although the higher points as a little cheaper, the stating points are now more XP expensive. In the end the effect is that 19 point captain cost way more EXP than before. Subtle thing from WG, is it not ? Some guy on the armored patrol blog made an overview of the new XP requirements.
  10. Contrador

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Ok, i am not doing this, writing on the forum, very often. I will spare myself writing a long constructive post, as it would be in my 5 year experience with WG pointless. Played last evening, several hours on test server, my findings are 1] Forts are still a little bit ridiculous, DMg from them should be tweaked a little bit 2] To be able to pay for free exp and use it to level captains is P2W in my mind, and is just another money grab. Just leave it with elite exp from captains. 3] The changes in skill tree indeed forced me for different builds on almost every ship i played, i like it. Will not miss the usual obligatory tier1 skills If this will go live, it will not be the end of the world, and i will probably enjoy it. But if there is one thing i would change, its the Radio-something skill. It gave me, as experienced player, an advantage in capping situations and hunting DDs. Also it prevents winning against impossible odds, u no longer can pick enemies one by one or try any advanced smart play. Radio-something skill WILL PROMOTE camping in my opinion, everyone will be afraid to get closer. It will RUIN the new skill tree by making this another MUST have. the UI solution for this skill will be OVERWHELMING and confusing for newish players. A SOLUTION ? Make the skill a simple 1km bonus to target ship assured aquisition. STACKABLE with target aquisition module. It will not be OP, and will give players a choice to make a builds sacrificing the stealth module and making ships with 4 km ship aquisition capability. It seems like a fair trade for stealth.
  11. Contrador

    Need help with new AA changes from experienced players

    In my recent experience, AA is shorter, and most useful is high caliber AA cannons. I think AA is balanced now. I do not murder that much low tier planes, but i am starting to kill high tier planes, which was surprise for me. Also given current range and buff to speed of planes, CVs lose less planes. They are still losing them, just kinda less [also depends on brain of CV]
  12. Contrador

    Need help with new AA changes from experienced players

    Thank you all for contributions, it really helped [and thank the GODS iChase finally made a video about skills few hours ago]. Gizaman and Nechrom have some truths in their views, i will stick to DPS rather than extreme range. Just few points, u cannot include Cleveland in this discussion as its AA is OP as [edited]and will be moved to T8 when possible. Also DE cruisers got better Sonar consumable, so defensive fire is out of question on them if u don't have vigilance. That being sad, only Pepsi and Orleans will get from me defensive fire and AFT in my harbour. The only question remains, with the number of CVs currently in matches, is it also worth to take AA mod on pepsi instead of accuracy mod ? 144m accuracy on 15+km is not bad.
  13. Hi and thanks in advance, and please keep in mind that i am talking about cruisers around 7-8 tier, which are my favourites and keepers. I do not intend to go further. TLR how the [edited]you equip pensacola, yorck, myoko after patch 5.3 With the recent changes, lots of above 85mm AA guns got nerfed to 4 or 4,2 or 4,5 km. Only mostly IJN cruisers retains their 5km AA range of large caliber AAs. Thus when i ran comparison of stock elites ships [no captains and mods] between T7-8 IJN and US cruisers, IJN got better long range AA. Yes US have better DPS, but not that much. Combine that with better turning rate of and turn radius of US ships and turret traverse, are US ships now new attack dogs/DD hunters ? As IJN can have longer AA with AFT and AA module, and thus with Defensive Fire consumable they are more effective at protecting BBs, and their turret traverse is also suited for longer ranges/not fast turns. So going with BBs is tempting. I was told that US cruisers are fleet escort AA cruisers [well if there are any CVs in match, but thats improving in higher tiers after 5.3 i think], but simply put Myoko with AFT, AA mod and Defensive fire would be better BB escort than US pensacola. The same with Yorck, with AFT, AA mod and Defensive fire it can do better job at scattering torpedo bombers going for your BB. I am poised to simply put Sonar consumable on my pepsi and just use AFT skill for self defence [thus having 5km high calibre AA]. AA mod. would also go, replaced with the accuracy mod. Thanks for thoughts on this matter, perhaps i am missing something in my logic. And yes searched US and EU forum and youtube for help to no avail. Contrador