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  1. Contrador

    Commander Skills Update

    I am here to type an obligatory edited* Not only i havent bought any prem ship during 2020, but I will now actively discourage anyone i meet to play games published by WG. edit: language please
  2. Contrador

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Since WG doesnt care about the feedback, i dont have to be constructive. Since WG treat me as an idiot since 2012, i dont have to be civil. So here you go WG, i wasted few min. of my life to write here: FCK you WG, and choke on all that money.
  3. I spent too much time with WG games to have even a iota of optimism for this update. Instead of making the update interesting, i smell a lot of constraints. Instead of better build experimantation, i smell more money coming WG way. Instead of balancing actual ships, they will balance them by skills again.. I will demand full refund for my siegfried [secondary spec.]
  4. Contrador

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    Nothing scares me these days as Sound updates. I can cope with bots, idiots, CVs, torpedos, hell even submarines. Nothing is more scary than hearing shell hits on ship 20km away more louder than my own rudder....
  5. Contrador

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I am here to announce my displeasure about increasing greed and the uncertain way this is all heading into. It has come to a point, where I actively discourage my friends to even try this game.
  6. Contrador

    Desync Issue: Input and general discussion

    Like i agree what most of what you said, but would it not be the other way around with the connection. The player is with faster connection/better ping is warping around the player with bad connection/ping. And so the person with bad connection is shooting somewhere into void, the person with faster connection long gone. Thats my experience with FPS shooters. EDIT: On general matter, Flag of Suspicion of Fuckery has been raised, pitchforks are prepared, and WG shall be judged by their preparedness to respond and geniality of their explanation.
  7. Contrador

    Desync Issue: Input and general discussion

    And here my friends, u made a cardinal mistake, u are trying to argue with the special one i mentioned in my post. U cant win with that one, just go through his forum history, you will understand. Just ignore him.
  8. Contrador

    Desync Issue: Input and general discussion

    Because the majority of experienced WoWs playerbase knows WG forums are useless for feedback, heavily censored and populated by WG employes posing as players to prop up misinformation. Wanna talk about it, find some discord or reddit.
  9. Contrador

    Vertical Dispersion/Range changed?

    Well Flamu just released a video, and it quite describe the problem. So we are not blind or crazy, its just new WG fuckery [which they will ignore for few months and then half fix it and introduce a new stealthtier fuckery]
  10. Contrador

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    I dont usually do this, cause I loathe WG for a lot of stuff these past months, but god I need this update so bad. I am so bored at home that i might actually spend some money on reasonable offers, despite my moral compass.... Edit 18:06 my time, 10th April,in the end I actually bought several games for discount at steam for a price of one ship, so WG can suck it.
  11. Contrador

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    I am here to thank WG for letting me play other games. Since Christmass i played so many new things. Like seriously, do WG thinks that people wont do the math in case of obtaining London or the pointless commander ? It took me 5 min to completely dismiss the entire update and go play something else. The grinding in special events is beyond ridiculous [when you compare effort/time/final prize with past events/years].
  12. Contrador

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    2019, a release year of the most toxic ship so far, Smolensk.
  13. Contrador

    Public Test of Update 0.9.0: Round 2

    I cannot wait for another EARLY ACCESS ships rip off as usual and wait few months for real update.
  14. Contrador

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    I think the best thing at this point is to join QuickyBaby and his charity stuff [which i do every year although i no longer play WoT], as the guy has proven himself trustworthy. I know that you are just doing your job WG guys, oxygen breathing people trust you less and less every year. Its not just the PR [about which people are vocal], its the Gorizia grind, Shipbuilding collection items grind, nerfed snowflake fakecontrainers, Luthjens crap and so on...
  15. Contrador

    Will you be acquiring Gorizia this event?

    True, u turn on the WoWs during christmass only to get pissed about the super events...