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  1. StS_Scythe

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate in the lottery. Thank you!
  2. StS_Scythe

    Cant repair ship, i have money...

    Did you mount a premium consumable or camo for dubloons? On the screenshot you can see that only 7 dubloons remain on your account. Maybe that is what fails to resupply?
  3. StS_Scythe

    Payment error

    For future reference: A few weeks ago I had a similar issue using PayPal as payment option. The payment was received by wargaming, but immidiately recinded. Turned out to be a browser issue. Switching from Firefox to Chrome did the trick. Maybe ist's a similar issue that affects your credit card payment?
  4. StS_Scythe

    Ship disapeared after downloading update.

    My best guess is you have not played the game for several weeks. Since the beginning of july the open beta started, so your progress from the closed beta was wiped. As compensation you got a certain amount of free XP and credits. I'm sorry to break the bad news to you: You have to start all over again. On the bright side: There wont be any further wipes in the future.
  5. StS_Scythe

    Public test 0.4.0 Ship changes

    Actually this bug seems to be connected to the hull modification. Fuso (A) hull + Type 6 mod. 1 rangefinder = 13,2 km shown in harbour info = 13,2 effective range during battle aswell. (which is really crippling a tier VI BB btw., ) Fuso (B) hull + Type 6 mod. 1 rangefinder = 13.2 km shown in harbour info = 19,8 km effective range during battle Fuso (B) hull + Type 6 mod. 2 rangefinder = 14.5 km shown in harbour info = 21,8 km effective range during battle
  6. StS_Scythe

    Public test 0.4.0 Ship changes

    14,5 km max Range on Fuso is a joke, right? Right?
  7. StS_Scythe

    No Batlle in Division possible with BB and CV

    We had a similar problem. The "Battle!" button was greyed out. The division commander should try to switch the battle mode from random battles to co-op battles and back again. That's what worked for us.
  8. StS_Scythe

    Capturing mechanics

    On the other hand a really huge amount of normal battles tend to end in a draw due to timeout. Especially in higher tier matches. THATS annoying. Especially when it's kind of obvious that one of the teams has a clear advantage ship/hp wise. Maybe some kind of tie break mechanism is needed to decide a winner anyway. A draw after 15 minutes of intense battle is just dissapointing.