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  1. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Moltke

    The gifts are quite useless, we still have to buy the ship twice for tokens and we can't start to unlock the next ship as a first unlock. We should be able to start to unlock the next ship in queue. Also it's a "gift" everyone can unlock in a few weeks any way so what do we get as a bonus for being a Prime member? I would rather get expensive signals like hydra etc., load of credits, coal, free XP etc than an early access tech tree tier 4 ship that everyone can unlock with free tokens in only 2 to 4 weeks from now. Sorry but this is not a nice reward, especially compared to what other games does for Amazon Prime, there you can get cool camo's, cash points to actually buy special and premium stuff ingame etc. I don't want to be ungrateful but if a gift is something everyone will get any way that don't have Amazon, then what actually is the gift and benefit for us Amazon members? none, quite useless, so like someone above mentioned with some gifts it's possible not to be happy about it.
  2. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/208 I guess it's maybe fixed within a few days then! really hope so, fingers crossed. At least they are working very hard on it, so that's great.
  3. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Coop bots

    Because there is nothing in between unbelievable dumb and super easy bots or super unicum unbeatable bots? Players who have a winratio of only 40% at Randoms have 95% winratio at Co-op, the difference between the difficulty of the modes and difference of the level of AI versus humans is just way too big. If bots were a bit decent I would play Co-op besides Randoms only since there's less camping and more fighting. But right now bots are barely better than bots that are static and that don't shoot. It sounds a bit like balancing (OP) ships, which WG also does by either doing nothing at all or grab the nerf hammer and smash it, instead of making multiple slight nerfs and monitor stats after every little adjustment. Same for bad ships that are released and who never gets a buff, bots won't get a buff too no matter how much players complain.
  4. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Seperate battle type for subs

    I don't mind subs coming to Randoms later on IF (with extra attention to "IF")--> it's only 1 per side and also by preference not taking over another class it's slot, so it will be 13 vs 13 instead of 12 vs 12. This way people can play subs but won't change the current gameplay too much. I'm afraid WG will introduce subs into Randoms by just keeping 12 vs 12 and dividing them into 5 classes instead of 4, and we'll see 2 per side. If they take over other slots we'll see even less cruisers than now in the high tiers and I often don't see much cruisers in those tiers. Plus, if 2 subs take over slots from surface ships when only keeping 12 vs 12 it will feel more empty. I won't like that, I'd even prefer bigger battles than we have now. Like bigger maps with 1 or 2 more caps and more ships per team, feeling even more battlefield like the game Battlefield. But I have a feeling the engine and servers of WOWS can't handle it
  5. Or don't play the game until WG fix their game, it's not just a little bug. Work around my ***. We are the customers, spend a lot of money in general, they make a very big error and and we as a customer have to adapt and wait possibly months again? When a shooting game like Battlefield or another big title it's bullets goes 3 meters or more right from your crosshair would you play it? And there you can fire constantly instead of launching torps only 1 to 1.5 minutes. Just adapt and stop whining? no sorry I'm done with all these stupid BIG mistakes WG keeps making over and over again in the past years. I already stopped spending much money on it since February, but then spend a little more last week just before this new torpedoes goes way off aim bug, I already regret it. Going on holiday couldn't have had a better timing. I'll finish the Dockyard after that asap since I already spend doubloons on the first 3 phases but after that I'm not playing until at least the torpedo trajection bug is fixed. I played this game daily since launch, more than 6 years but I'm done with this mess. DDs are my fav. class and I often play the torpedo DDs. If your torps go a whole other direction now than were you are aiming (and I want to aim like normal! not work around someone else his big mess up) and you can only launch them every aprox 1.5 min, I'm not going to waste my time. It's like: car mechanic messes up your car it's steering and one tire is missing too, car is not driving normal and not straight and it blows, but hey here's a work around from the mechaninc: just steer a bit like this and that and you'll be good to go, nice option, yeah let's do that for weeks and it's fine you also spend money and paid this great mechanic, no problemo, we'll just drive a bit different than normal. The fact that people tell others to work around a game breaking bug instead of focusing on WG and tell them to fix their game is already a joke. And it's told by players who are so desperately addicted to the game that they'd rather work around game breaking mechanics than stop playing it for a while to play other games or do other hobbies. P.S. and what about the 95% of the players who never look on this forum? They can't even work around the bug because no one tells them how to do it.
  6. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Worst of 2021 (so far)

    I think so, I didn't try it yet but you can do that easy in the training room, take a torpedo cruiser and set static bots that don't do anything, launch torps from 6 km or so and check where the torps are going. Try this when not moving and also when you're moving. I'm not going to do it (yet). I'm fed up with this game after so many stupid mistakes and decisions after playing it daily since launch and whaling around until February. I stopped spending money on it except for some doubloons since Feb. then last week I decided to spend some more again and I already regret it! I'm going to play some other games until the torpedoes go where they should go like in any other online multiplayer game that has a core mechanic of aiming, shooting, hitting and killing enemies. If my ships can't even hit a ship at 3 km or only half of the torps than what your aim lead indicator/crosshair tells you too, I'm not going to play. Imagine playing Battlefield or COD or any other shooting game and the bullets end up 5 meters or more right from where your crosshair points. Would anyone play that game? Let alone play with torps that you can only launch every 1 to 1.5 minutes compared to constant firing of bullets in FPS games.
  7. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Worst of 2021 (so far)

    Killing torpedo aiming so you don't even hit a static target at 3 km because the aim indicator isn't correct anymore after last update, ruining a whole class in the game, especially torpedo DDs that rely on torpedoes, this is the biggest mistake of 2021 followed by many cruisers not even having depth charges so if those or one of them is left with an enemy sub you can't do anything. Say, the match needs another 1.5 min but the sub has for 2 min power left, it's just waiting until match time is over. Or when the rest of the team mates are on the other side of the map and you are in your Cleveland or Prinz Eugen with a sub, you might just sail to the edge of the map and park your ship and grab a beer from the fridge, watch TV until the round is over. 0 counter ability is bad, all ships need depth charges, some just better than others (more drops and more damage, and/or faster reload too).
  8. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    "fix" a game breaking bug called curved torpedoes and make it 10x worse so torps don't even go as indicated (but straight this time, lol) and can't even hit enemies at 3 to 5 km, even when both ships don't move. Unbelievable! I sometimes can't even believe this anymore. It's below amateur and bad. And this is a game made by a 200+ million dollars company? do they even test stuff? Don't know whether to laugh or cry anymore with these complete failures.
  9. Mrs_Ragdoll

    WG are amazing at their jobs

    "fix" a game breaking bug called curved torpedoes and make it 10x worse so torps don't even go as indicated (but straight this time, lol) and can't even hit enemies at 3 to 5 km, even when both ships don't move. Unbelievable! I sometimes can't even believe this anymore. It's below amateur and bad. And this is a game made by a 200+ million dollars company? do they even test stuff? Don't know whether to laugh or cry anymore with these complete failures.
  10. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Server issues?

    Since this afternoon I'm getting severe lag, ping going from 30 to 200 or even 300 every 10 seconds, having to spam buttons, input and fire delay, no way to play right, I've quitted. I normally don't have any problems and using the same setup for already a year. I also got server overloaded message ingame last round when trying to start a battle.
  11. Mrs_Ragdoll


    I can't check what my concealment is, I thought it was 5.6 too. I recently sold the Shima any way, the torps have too crappy concealment and speed combo, and also the space between the torps is too wide so they can dodge it even more easy. The ship is powercreeped so badly, much DDs are a lot better and in the past years so many hydro ships were added too. I think the Yugumo is so much better, better torps spread, more agile to dodge enemy torps and incoming shells, better guns and it's T9 so you often play against tier 7 and 8 as a tier 9 yourself. With Shima I saw tier 10 only battles 75% of the time. I can really recommend playing the Yugumo instead or for tier 10 switch to the Halland. Much better torp boat and you also get great AA and healing consumables. I even like Gearing 16 km torps build more than the Shima. I've bought and sold the Shima several times, even had the unique upgrade but sold her permanently for now. As much as I wanted to like her, it doesn't work (for me), hope you like the Shima and have more success :)
  12. Mrs_Ragdoll

    CUDOS to WG for subs

    I took out my Cleveland at Ranked for the first time, went over a sub to find out I didn't even have depth charges like other cruisers have. pffffff. And I got killed after that. All ships should have depth charges. Else there is no way to counter a sub if you're alone at that position or when the match is almost ended but there are no team mates/ships left with depth charges and the sub can stay under water longer than the remaining match time....
  13. Mrs_Ragdoll

    The introduction of Subs. Simple Poll or your view.

    I want subs in the game but they need a major overhaul and a lot of fixing and balancing
  14. Your post and ideas are excellent and I really hope WG will do something with it, maybe for once they'll listen to the community carefully since they are in a very negative spot now, also in the media currently, more and more players quit playing or are stopping spending money in the game, under investigation for money laundring etc. Maybe one day WG will see a bright light shining upon them and have an euraka moment and start trying to improve the game by a lot for players who still like the core of the game, instead of only focusing on toxic players who mocks WG, (who do that for a valid reason btw.). Meanwhile I'll keep this dream of the game being improved by a lot alive or if that dreams dies, I still have the one left of winning the Lotto
  15. Too easy :D Unless the homing and curving of the torps would be made only very slightly, very big turn circles a and not suddenly turn 45 degrees or even like we have now