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  1. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Ever been on the real ship?

    I've been on the USS Midway in San Diego when we were on holiday trip through West America, I think it was in 2007, loooooong time ago :D
  2. Mrs_Ragdoll

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    bumping topic (looking for new members that want to play Clan Battles, requirements: have a win rate of 50% or higher on tier 10 ships and have a mature and friendly attitude)
  3. Mrs_Ragdoll

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    multiple slots open
  4. Submarines are so balanced it outplays DDs 9 out of 10 times. Are only a very few knots slower than the average DDs (especially the high tier ones), can surface and dive in 1 second so when you blink your eyes it's already immune to shells, doesn't get any penalty at all for being spotted on the surface. I can only even get 1 salvo hit subs from my fast firing DDs, by the time second salvo shells arrive they are already submerged and immune again (dolphin diving). And if they hit they barely do damage as well. Subs also needs way too much depth charges to kill them, you have to guess where he is so it's really hard to hit him on the exact needed spot else you only get splash damage and is almost nothing. If you even live before you reach him.... because you first have to dodge 6 insane homing turning torps to get to him, then depth charges often don't kill him, then he pops up somewhere very close behind you and shotguns you dead with his AFT tubes torps. Subs killing me in my DDs so easy made me rage quit the game twice the past 3 days. And in all the 7 years I play this game daily, I've only rage quitted like twice before, and definitely not twice in 3 days. Homing torps turn like a freaking joke as well, almost 90 degrees like bears chasing towards honey on my tail. DDs are suppose to be subs it's counter but oh but not in this game, oh and not to forget when a sub rams a BB the BB sinks as well while a BB has tons of armor and a sub has 0 armor. Heck, I was someone who wanted and suggested subs in the game, but not as they are now, way too OP. I don't even play them myself, I did tested them a while a few weeks ago, 100K damage or more games in Balao easy, not fun and don't want to troll and make enemies miserable. Make subs at least 5 knots slower on the surface and submerged, increase dive- and surface time by at least 3x current time, nerf or remove homing torps at all at so at least subs are not so game breaking and annoying for almost the whole player base. And now I can slap myself for being an idiot and writing this whole story and waste 10 min of my time because WG will never use it's feedback any way.
  5. Mrs_Ragdoll

    It does happen

    lol my luck, I just choose try your luck box, only 6 sierra mike signals, nothing else 2nd TYL, 6 india yankee signals. You were really lucky Wulf with coal in all of them
  6. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Super normal match making algorithm

    yeah because 6 people of same clan all in voice chat on Discord all working together (half of the team), is just as fair as a few small divs split up and playing independent from each other. Just as fair as almost all great and unicum stats players in 1 team and bad and avarage stats players in the other team..... I love skillbased MM, oh wait.
  7. Mrs_Ragdoll

    It does happen

    oh they must have changed that? sounds good, will try that for a few days as well and see if same results :) I sometimes take the more signals boxes as well now, almost every time I get 12 signals of different kinds, not bad Before that I always took more coal like most people I know, I think WG noticed that and reworked some drop chances at the same time they added that new box
  8. Mrs_Ragdoll

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    1 spot available p.s. in regards to Clan Battles we now increase the player requirements to have a win rate of 50% or higher on tier 10 ships (and not from the average win rate of all tiers combined, like our old requirements)
  9. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Free Twitch Prime Loot Gone?

    Ah guess I missed some news. Glad to hear it's coming back, thanks
  10. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Free Twitch Prime Loot Gone?

    Does anyone know perhaps what happened with the free loot at Twitch Prime? I have Amazon Prime--> so free Twitch Prime and I had free loot for years but since about 2 or 3 months it's gone? even removed from their page (where you could claim it). They only have World of Tanks loot now. Did WG silently quitted the program? I didn't see any news about it. Or are they reworking it perhaps and it comes back soon? since the loot was quite a lackluster...... mostly a free tech tree ship from early access tech tree, that you still had to unlock again with tokens even if you already had it etc. But some loot sometimes were OK, now we have nothing.
  11. Mrs_Ragdoll

    MM has huge trouble with new Brawl 12 vs. 12 ...

    One very big problem as well is that from about 7 battles I've played, there were quite a few where my team was 12 players ALL in Divisions and the enemy team had no Division at all, all random players. Division play gives quite an advantage and this should be balanced. I don't see this problem so much in Random Battles btw. so don't know why it's such a big problem is this new temporary mode.
  12. Mrs_Ragdoll

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    1 spot open again
  13. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    We got a test server right? ..... right? RIGHT??!!!! oh wait! that's just for show, WG never stops to amaze me, every time when you think it can't go worse, it does.
  14. Mrs_Ragdoll

    "secondary battery aiming skill for Cruisers" yes or no?

    Admiral Schröder has entered the chat