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  1. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Nerf Smolensk

    lol you got to be kidding me, I can sit in smoke with that thing and fire hell down on anyone from 16.6 km, with hydro on to dodge torps DDs send to me, I'm always out of radar range, I also send out torps myself. I've never been killed when in smoke and barely get killed when out of my smoke. I have SI for even more smokes and hydro, I can sit in smoke most of the match and just burn anyone. The ship is OP, it should not have a combination of that kind of range, with smoke and hydro and also long range torps and good AA. And most important is that the ship starts fires too easy. Which for example the Minotaur can't do. The ship has almost 0 negative things to counter it's extreme good points. It's not even fun burning so many ships so easy so I barely play the ship. I would like to have my coal back for another ship. Or I'll play the ship again when it's nerfed. There is no challange playing the Smolensk to make the game fun and I don't enjoying winning because I know the ship is much better than the others. Plus I don't like to piss other players off, we all deserve to have fun in this game. Not destroying it by playing with an OP ship for personal gain.
  2. We're full again, I'll post here when we have open slots again.
  3. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Nerf Smolensk

    will it mean for all ships like Helena and Cleveland (USA light cruisers) as well? because they lack any nice gimmick like the Smolensk has (like torps, hydro, smoke). They only got short duration radar. Helena don't even have that. Only tier 8 and up.
  4. Mrs_Ragdoll

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    I've just earned the last 4 free Black Friday containers and the first one I've opened had the Alaska Black :D I already have the normal version so I'll play the Missions to receive Doubloons and will then sell the normal one I think, and keep the Black one. I can use the credits from selling the normal version to buy new ships from the normal tech tree. From one of the first containers last week, that I bought for 250 doubloons, I got the Scharnhorst. Also had the normal one already but sold it before I knew about the Doubloon mission. Edit: I can't sell the normal version, already contacted WG about that earlier, even though I bought her with real money I can't sell her for credits since it's a ship that also could have been bought with free XP...... so guess I'll sell the black one then.... :(
  5. 2 slots open for joining our clan again. We recruit active (casual) players. No requirements except for playing the game atleast once or twice a week (with exceptions ofcourse) and playing together in Divisions regulair, not solo all the time. We don't look for players that only play lone wolf and that only join for the clan bonus.
  6. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    o7, that's very kind of you. I'd like to participate as well. Goodluck to all :)
  7. Mrs_Ragdoll

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    Yes I think so, there is a possibility to get any of the Premium B versions that are also sold in the store now, the ones from 2018 and the new ones
  8. Mrs_Ragdoll

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    I've bought 2 normal containers in the Armory for the 250 doubloons (can buy that only once) and I got the Scharnhorst B from it (with 10 point captain) :D
  9. bump Edit: last 2 players joined, clan is full at the moment
  10. You're welcome to hop on by on our Discord channel and to team up in a Division with us if you want: https://discord.gg/T7c65vP We're still looking for more (by preference highly active) WOWS players to join our clan. We need players that really love this game and play it often to play in Divisions together. (We don't play Clan Wars)
  11. clan is almost full again, 1 slot left! :)
  12. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    I play all classes and I don't really camp in the back with BBs. But at tier 10 when I see a Smolensk (or more) piece of .... in the game (or a Haragumo), I keep an eye out for it all the time and if it's on my side of the map I don't move forward much until it's destroyed.
  13. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Nerf Smolensk

    They need to nerf it hard or remove it from the game. And please give me my coal back so I can choose another ship with it. I have the Smolensk since it was released in the Arsenal and I regret buying her. It's so lame, go in smoke at 16 to 16.6 km, spam everyone to hell and do that a few times per match and end up 1st or 2nd place in team almost all rounds just by doing damage done. No challenge, no fun at all. Remove it's smoke consumable OR reduce the fire chance drastically (not both). I don't want to piss other players off by playing this ship so it's in my port. I wasted my coal which I saved almost 6 months for. I was so happy to finally buy my first coal ship and now I have this piece of OP poop in my port for nothing :(