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  1. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Dutch cruisers

    I've played the tier 6 one a bit but the enemy can dodge incoming airstrikes (15 sec lead) quite easy and also twice drops in a row on a Colorado in the middle of the airstrike drop square when the bombs dropped I had 0 bomb hits! was I just unlucky with RNG?
  2. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Brawls are fun

    They are very fun especially if you already play in a 3 player/clan member division regular. It would be very nice to see it as a permanent mode but each x weeks with another tier for example just like mentioned above.
  3. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Auction: U.S. Independence Day

    I only had 96 million and a bit credits and it was not enough. The prices are rising, last time a little more than 80 was enough, now people know that the ones who stockpiled credits with more than 20K battles and nothing to grind have won it all. Wouldn't be surprised if they bid 150 to 200 million.
  4. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Advice for BB players

    indeed, better a few than no one at all. I just wished the other 90% of the players would try and improve their gameplay, look on the internet and YT for tips and take advice from players in the ingame chat (who aren't toxic), since the level of skill at even tier 10 is often so bad that you'd think they are tier 5/6 players....
  5. Mrs_Ragdoll

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    OP airstrikes and default 30 seconds radar on an already powerful gunboat DD, just what the game needs to be even more fun and engaging
  6. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Advice for BB players

    It's very good advice, I'm just afraid the players who really needs this are not on the forum. Around 90% of the players are very casual and only log into the game to play a few rounds and log out again after and they never search for any other wows info or tips and tricks. Like my father (age 68) who still fires HE only with all BBs even when he has more than 18K battles and I've said about 100x times in the past years he needs to fire with AP shells. Old and stubborn and not willing to change and try new stuff only because the first two attempts didn't work out well immediately :(
  7. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Torpedoes really are broken

    still it's hard enough to hit with torps than with guns and playing with torps DDs you rely on them. If a base mechanic in the game like aiming and hitting where it supposed to is flawed it's a game breaking bug. Sorry if you don't see it that way. btw. if it's the desync, that problem we've been reporting to WG for at least 1.5 years now so if it's still not fixed or happening again it's clumsy
  8. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Torpedoes really are broken

    This is so ridiculous, shouldn't be possible in such a big company and game played by so many players and a lot of money people are spending on each month. What a game breaking bug. This should be fixed rather yesterday than tomorrow. Now I understand why I've also had some cases where I missed all torps against a ship that was beached at an island. btw. does this torpedo curving only happen when you launch towards islands or always no matter where you sail? so every time you launch torps when you're turning your ship?
  9. Mrs_Ragdoll

    And the BS meter goes to 11: Curving Halland Torps

    excellent coding, kekw
  10. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Auction Rigged

    indeed, I have bid less with the auction because I thought as well that we would have 5000 EU winners. Knowing that about 25K to 30K players play each day on that server I calculated a bid in my mind that would be enough to win, BUT if I knew it was only 1250 winners I would have bid much more and would maybe have won. Right now I failed to get my hands on the 100K coal because of a lower bid than what I would have made if I actually knew it was only 1250 winners instead of 5000.
  11. exactly what I though the past 2 years. I totally agree. And in that time secondaries even got nerfed, lel.
  12. Mrs_Ragdoll

    German Destroyers: Early Access

    wouldn't even be fun to get and play since the DD belongs to tier 5. It's the worst ship in the game and you face tier 8 and 9 with that thing. Even against tier 7 you are playing with a ship that has tier 5 specs. I really don't understand who made these new DDs, you can see already on paper that they are very bad, without even playing them. And we would all think they are tested as well right, like every company does with a new product....
  13. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Premium Rage Sell

    You can restore 1 Premium ship per month via customer service ticket. I have used that already for 7 times or so. But most in the last years and you could claim them back instantly with no maximum per month. They changed that a few months ago to max 1 per month.
  14. As far as I've seen WG didn't even acknowledged the secondary guns accuracy problem yet, which is especially terrible for German builds. I used to spend 40 to 80 euro's per month for 5.5 years and love this game (less now though), since the captain rework I haven't spend a single Euro. And with me a lot of other players too I've heard and read. Also because of Dead Eye. There was also a lot of anger about Dead Eye which is justified but I think this secondary gun problems is also one of the most important problems which should be fixed asap. WG has announced that they are reworking Dead Eye but will secondaries be fixed too? My Tirpitz B and Pommern are no fun at all anymore and I bought them just 3 to 4 months or so before the rework. German BBs in general were my favorite BBs (not only the Premium ones, and Massa too) because they actually were fun and good at close to medium ranges and not backline spammers like 80% in the game and in my port. I like to help at caps and play more aggresive and have some good action. If they rework Dead Eye but don't fix secondaries my wallet will stay closed any way. For those who think the nerf was only 10% and didn't play German BBs since the commander rework, read this and/or try full secondary builds yourself. If you just simply count the numbers ingame from the captain skill and upgrades almost everyone thinks the nerf is only a few %, but it doesn't work that way, it's much more complex and the real accuracy in the end is VERY bad.
  15. Mrs_Ragdoll

    And this is why I am turning off Chat

    Sorry but disabling the chatbox is never a good option. As soon as someone is going toxic against you or others just report them and add them to the blacklist (you can do that on the spot while in the match) and you won't see any more messages from him in the match, next matches or in port, nowhere.... if you disable the chat you are blocking all 12 team mates in all upcoming battles and a lot of people who do want to coordinate where to go and what do to etc. Also people who want to warn you, you won't get any help or intel via the chatbox anymore. It's a teamgame, I don't use voice chat myself for example, but I do use the chatbox and play with teamwork a lot. I warn others when I can, ask where to go, reply to others as long as they are not toxic. I wish disabling the chatbox wasn't possible. I have had multiple times where I warned a team mate not go to to a cap because he was going alone versus 5 enemies, he didn't react on anything and probably also didn't look at the minimap. I guess it was someone who had chat disabled.