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  1. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Shining Moon sucht neue Mitglieder

    Hi all, we are quite a new clan and we have many members online every day. We have a lot of german players in the clan but also many players from the rest of Europe. We need more players that want to play Clan Wars. Now we often have 1 player missing so we can't participate. Our members are friendly and many of them play the game daily: during the day, in the evenings and weekends. So there are always players online. Do you like teamplay, to play in Divisions and you want to play Clan Wars? Feel free to join [SM_] Shining Moon and apply for our clan, if you have any questions just let us know.
  2. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Wow just great. Japanese high tier DD is already dead because of too much radar ships in the game. You can only try to "stealth" fire every 2 min (Zzzzz) because of the long reloads and often the targets are out for range or you have to move up closer and risk being radar spotted any moment. 5.5 km concealment is useless because of radars and planes from CV in the game so you can't sneak up to your enemies and torp them. Not to mention the big spotting distance of japanese torpedo's so ships can often dodge them. Smoke is useless because of long range and long durations of radars. There are also too much USA cruisers island camping in high tier games, sitting behind 1 or 2 islands for 80% of the match popping up radar caps every X minutes so the rest of the team can kill off a DD in 20 seconds. I also don't like to play other DD nations anymore in high tiers. Everytime I want to cap (and the game is based on capping!), I get radar killed. I'm not going to sail around for 10 min only spotting until maybe some teammates finally kill the radar ships so I can finally cap a flag. The last radar nerf/delay is not enough. There's no time to leave, 6 seconds radar delay is not enough. I can't even turn around in that time and smoke is also useless. So I can't use smoke to hide. DD gameplay sucks after tier 5. Only way to really fix radar is to disable it working through islands and/or decrease the distance and durations of it. If WG can't program radars not to work though islands there is really something wrong with the game engine and/or DEVS. In compensation to radar nerf, smoke durations should be decreased as well to keep it fair.
  3. Mrs_Ragdoll

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Thanks I will try that. There is no way to cap and knife fight caps indeed. Which was possible for me before the update. But now it's just a failure. I'll try your advice, thanks.
  4. Mrs_Ragdoll

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    I've just bought the Aigle before the update and thought it was a good DD. I did very good with the ship until the 0.8.0. update. Just now again, I'm placed with my tier 6 Aigle against tier 7 and 8 enemies including tier 8 CV and those planes just permanently spot and attack me. Only 2 rocket strikes from 1 plane squadron took 90% of my health. The planes attacked, turned around and attacked again and I lost 90% of my life in 30 seconds. My AA already sucks and I'm also 2 tiers lower. What kind of joke is this. Matchmaking already often sucks with -2/+2 tiers and now overpowered CV's that can strike multiple times before needing to send a new squadron? And not to mention radars that see through islands from 8 to 10 km in high tier games. I love playing DD since the launch of this game but I'm getting annoyed more and more lately and playing a lot with cruisers now.
  5. Mrs_Ragdoll


    I don't know what you mean, if you mean removing -2/+2 MM or my post. But I really think we'll have more players playing this game if we'd only have -1/+1 MM. I've seen many discussions about this and I've been playing this game since launch and I think the high tier MM is the weakest point of this game at the moment. I only want to see this game improved to have more fun for the majority of the players or future players to come. I'd like to see any online as game fair, fun and improved as much as it can be. If some one can't handle some negative feedback then it's a shame because improvements only follow after negative feedback. As long as we all keep discussions civilized on the forum (or any other place) I think any one can express his feelings and feedback here. If any forum admin or WG will remove a post because of negative feedback then I'm about starting to think we're in dictatorship regime here.
  6. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Mountain Mama in the shop

    Yes I'm really really strugling with the dispersion of the shells. I often miss all to most shells at even 8 to 10 km ranges. It's not fun to play this way. I'm playing a strategic shooter not a gamble lottery whether maybe 1 or 2 shells will hit while my aim is good and the ships are at close and normal ranges. Ships that show their broadside even get away with either my shells missing them (going in front or over them) or shells overpenetration and doing only few damage. I don't enjoy this ship and regret buying it. A waste of money.
  7. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Mountain Mama in the shop

    I've bought this ship and played a few rounds and I'm getting too much overpenetrations even against ships of tier 7 with AP. Also the shells are very inconsistent and I miss many shells at not so big ranges. And you can't take system aiming modification 1 like I could on French BB's?! what....?! The only usefull module I can take now is the plotting upgrade because AA sucks any way, same for secondary battery mod. But even at medium range the spread is bad, so I don't want the higher firing distance. Why can't I choose system aiming mod on this ship Wargaming? Or.... please fix the spread. Can anyone tell me how to play this ship, use more HE shells? And only fire AP at tier 7 USN and German BB's?
  8. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Lagspikes & timeouts

    I also have lag since a while and I don't have it in any other online FPS. It happens about once or twice per battle but It's very annoying. Especially when I'm playing with DD's close combat against other ships and I can't do anything for a few seconds. The movement of ships, shells and torpedo's etc. just freezes for a few seconds and I can't evade enemy torpedo's for exmaple, grrrr. My ping is good and my FPS as well. I have fast internet, a high end PC and no problems with other online games. I think it's server sided. I didn't have problems in the past up to about 2 months ago or so and I play this game since launch.
  9. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Bug Reports

    I've just started the game and it got a 87 mb update or so and the problem is fixed for me!
  10. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    lol that sucks. 33 co-op battles..... I also have the crash when you join the first battle and when the timer counts down the game crashes at 0 seconds. But then I reboot the game just in time to continue my game without being pinks or so :p But I really hope they fix it soon.
  11. Mrs_Ragdoll

    What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    Yep exactly, I don't like the ship so far. Should need a buff like faster torpedo's, better concealment or longer torpedo range.
  12. Mrs_Ragdoll

    What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    I'm testing the Icarus since yesterday but I don't have any fun in it yet. I'm being put in matches against tier 7 and 8 all the time, having a concealment of 6.6 myself, torpedo range of 7 and enemy BB's having the steering speed like DD's dodging my torps easy and also secondaries shooting me from 8 to 10 km. No fun. The smoke generator is too short, you don't have engine boost, torpedo speed of 59 is not much, torpedo reload is also very slow.... I can imagine this ship is probably fun and good in tier 5, 6, 7 matches but against tier 8 I'll stick with my Akatsuki or even the tier 6 T-61. Until they fix matchmaking to only 2 tier levels per match I will skip the Icarus. I don't have any problems with my other DD's, this ship is just not for me or should be buffed.
  13. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Bug Reports

    I still have those first match start crash error. Before the update last week I never had problems. I did all things mentioned on the forum as listed below: Remove all modifications and run the game in safe mode Update your graphic drivers Check the integrity of the game (Start the launcher, click on Settings -> Check and repair the game integrity) Disable the full screen optimization by right-clicking on WorldofWarships.exe (The game one, not the launcher) -> properties -> compatibility -> disable the full screen optimization (A) Delete the "preferences.xml" Try to set your Display settings on "Borderless Window" I've tried some other window views, like Maximized Borderless etc. but it doens't make a difference. I'll send WG my crashdump file tomorrow so they can take a look at it.
  14. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Bug Reports

    Thank you for your reply. I did all this and hope it works. First time I've started the game just now and didn't have any problems. So let's see how the rest of the week goes! :)
  15. Mrs_Ragdoll

    Bug Reports

    My game keeps crashing, especially when it's my first match after starting my PC and game. When I restart the game and reconnect I have no problems playing for many matches. I can't remember a time that it crashed again after first match crashes. I get this error code. I hope the devs can fix this soon! I have a high end PC with 1080 Ti, latests drivers etc. 99% chance that it's because of a bug. Before the latest patch I never had any problems.