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  1. Rhautop

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    Plz consider and fix this minor issue. In previous editions you needed one click to view the missions and monitor your progress, now you need two clicks cause default is the "events" when you first click it. Doubling the clicks to view the most " used" issue which are missions and not events or challenges is rather annoying, time consuming cause loading 2 times -hardly an improvement.
  2. Plz consider and fix this minor issue. In previous editions you needed one click to view the missions and monitor your progress, now you need two clicks cause default is the "events" when you first click it. Doubling the clicks to view the most " used" issue which are missions and not events or challenges is rather annoying and hardly an improvement.
  3. Advises for players in completing the 7 achievements 1st solution: Use HMS ICARUS or GALLANT and your torps to get "Devastating Strike" and occasionally "Flesh wound". Prefer T6 cause less skilful players plus no many ships with radar to be encountered generally speaking. 2nd solution: Use HMS Nelson (you do nt need to have any personal skill in shooting ...as a matter of fact, you do nt need to fire a single shell ! ok just few to make your presense apparent!), your goal is to take damage and not repair it but heal it! Let the fires burn your ship preferably hidden while you are burning! Activate the crazy "healing" of HMS Nelson (preferably stand near an island protected to make sure your ship will not sink when getting low in HP). You goal is to survive battle and get "Dreadnought" and "Fireproof" achievements, which will be doable easily if your team wins. Skill needed almost none. I know it is totally immoral! but WGN must be careful what kind of mission requirements is putting! That kind of requirements they have put in missions and in Hall of Fame (that "wants" kills instead of base XPs, in my opinion more fair) promotes these "sneaky" ways. "In Love and War all means are permitted!" & "If you can not gain the win, you steal it!" P.S. To WGN, plz choose requirements that promote teamplay, the 7 achievements and Hall of Fame with kills are not in this direction (ofc this is only my opinion)
  4. Rhautop

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    It is getting very annoying. I thought today game had been stabilized, after few coop battles, played a random with my Kamikaze R, it was very painful after 4 kills and 3 deva strikes to see game collapsed. No battle report ofc, battle never happened. I wonder why, I have the impression that an update is almost all time a "downdate"!
  5. Rhautop

    Missions fulfillment always T>=5 why?

    I thank you all for your feedback. It is always nice to see the different points of view in a subject. All we are right btw, cause right is relative! Let me add a few thoughts: 1)Ok, I should have put T>4 instead of T>=5. Though, I really wonder ppl that have passed the 1st class of High School, do they have a problem recognizing the symbol ">"? As a phycisist, I think that they should have never got promoted to next class of High School, if not! :) (I am joking) 2)The problem is that if there are no motives to play low tier, you will never play them cause in game there is a cluster of daily tasks. 3)"Educational" reasons dictate the participation of experienced players in low tier battles in order new players to learn things like "we do nt stay long in our small smoke cloud, if there is danger to get torped", "we try to keep our bb or cruiser angled, in certain situations" etc. But how will they learn, if no good players participate in low tier battles cause they have no motive, except fun, to do so? Is it tough for new players to play against experienced ones? Yes, it is tough but the road to knowledge is always tough! Plus, you will not curse them in high tiers for doing such mistakes, cause they had "teachers" in low tiers. 4)On the other hand, if we do not want to mix "newbies" and "pros" in "sealclubbing" situations (PvP), we can have scenario and coop battles of low tier that mix these two groups in a beneficial way for the new ones. Again, "pros" must have a motive to play in coop or op (the XP gained counted towards missions,challenges etc). 5)There is a plethora of historical ships in low tiers in contrast to high tiers and it is somewhat "unfair" not them be "honored" by playing . I personally dislike "paper" ships and ship classes that have nt fired a single shot in anger (in history). Ok, this is totally a matter of personal taste but I guess there are ppl sharing it. 6)It was said that in low tier premiums you can train cpt skills. "Partially" true.I think that after some time you ll prefer to train your commander in Tirpitz in coop than in Emden in random (more XP/min), so the low tier poor but glorious Emden goes again in trashcan! I think we must find a way -as a community with WGN- this game be really "World of Warships" and not "World of Warships WW2".
  6. Dear co-players & company, I have noticed that all mission fulfillment requires tier 5 and up ships. From my point of view, this is bad for players and WGN. A simple question: "Why a player gets bothered to buy and play a premium ship of tier lower than 5?". Most of time, in everyday farming you have too many things to do and most of time you never play or even considering buying those tier<5 premium ships cause apart from fun, no real gain. In my opinion, it is a dubious financial policy to sell premium ships without any real gain for players. So my recommendation is this instead of "Any ship of tier 5 or above" put "Any ship of tier>=5 or any premium ship". I think that in daily missions (at least) would make ppl buying and playing low tier premiums thus more fun for players and money for those selling them. I think those in WGN financial department should consider the abovementioned proposal. I guess the gain will be "double" for those like to play low tier ships and for the company. Plz co-players share your thoughts in my proposal. Thanks.
  7. Rhautop

    Server offline ?

  8. Rhautop

    Server offline ?

    Strange,indeed ! hmmm... the problem is faced I think from users in Eastern Europe? ( Greece here) ... I see names watching this topic that are eastern Europe or Eastern of Europe like Admiral_Ushakov (Russia I guess), Bojan_Barzut (Serbia I guess), csatahajos(Hungary I guess) and so on....hmm only Eastern Europe seems face the problem. Plz verify commanders!
  9. Rhautop

    Server offline ?

    I can not log in too, same statement "You have been disconnected... Technical issues...". I was playing smoothly till late afternoon, I have taken a long break till 1 hour ago and then got same problem. In official page of WoWs shows that server is available. Perhaps there is a problem with authorization...
  10. Rhautop

    Minekaze as gunboat is total joke

    Isokaze and Minekaze have become jokes with the last update! 2 torps from isokaze have done 5700 damage to a New York ... score 8 torp hits to be sure that a BB perhaps will get down! As gunboats Japanese Dds of tier 4 and 5 are jokes. Well why playing Japanese Dds? Answer: Cause you have many to choose from!!! ....the only reason. Good job: Nerfed torpedo-speed, torpedo-damage, gun-reload time in an already slow dd as Isokaze.
  11. Rhautop

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Both views have a meaningful point. I think a golden rule would have been the "project R" to be in "Events" tab as headline with further details on website. I have the opinion that game-owners have done this to make ppl visit their site in future and caring about news. Well, somewhat as reward for those watching news and perhaps as "punishment" to those who not. I do not judge their policy, they have every right to do this. Adult ppl know in real life that you have to be aware always for bargains! So a good lesson for future use "ALWAYS LOOK THE NEWS IN LAUNCHER!"