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  1. dornio

    New Ribbons

    I really do like the fact that we can gather more information, maybe its possible to show what modules you have disabled when hovering over the module disabled icon just like your target hits. Besides that i want to address the fact that the new looks of the ribbons are, well rather interesting. I personnally do not like them, but the problem is i DO like the damage counter. I would want to propose the option to show the damage counter and still have the other (old) ribbons shown. So instead of just one option to tick the box of ´Detailed Ribbons and Damage Indicator` give us the options to enable the damage indicator and seperately enable the detailed ribbons. Then there is the small thing of the new ribbon for a Citadel Penetration. I understand that it would have to be given another color. BUT, the current color is grey/black. It is a big deal to get a citadel, and it sould feel rewarding and like an achievement, the color of a ribbon is a small but important detail of this. With the color being black it doesn´t feel as much as an achievement anymore, not as rewarding. Personally, i think that it should be given another color, i liked the orange/yellow color that it was before but if thats not possible give it a more living color, something like light blue for example. A color can do a lot to how people feel about something, even if it is subconscious. By having it be a dark color it is depressing in a way.
  2. dornio

    Yokosuka port sky glitching

    So I haven't really played the Arpeggio stuff before but i've been doing it more lately and i've looked at the port multiple times over mutiple updates. And one thing is very annyoing, for some reason the sky in the Yokosuka prot just seems to glitch or something, It is very odd beacuse only the sky does this and the rest is just fine. Just look at the screenshot included, you'll see what I mean: screenshot yokosuka port.docx 1.36MB I have tried to mess around with the settings and nothing changed, this has been this way for a long time now, through multiple updates as I stated above. But I only come with it now because previously I never really used this port. If anyone can help me out i'd be grateful. screenshot yokosuka port.docx
  3. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    Thanks, now my game runs even better than before. It now stays at a solid 30 fps. (And now going to figure out how high I can set it that it stays good). Bedankt man.
  4. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    OH thank you so much, i switched WoWs to the dedicated gpu and now it works like a charm again. Thank you again. And thanks everyone else who took their time to help me, you guys are awesome, took just a day to solve it. (Now i just need that day of premium that i lost... ah well too bad)
  5. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    And i believe that this is what you are looking for Kedo, although everything is in Dutch though... hopefully that doesnt bring any problems. Intel Hd settings.docx
  6. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    First of thanks for your help and time everyone. Secondly, im not that great with computers, so how do i place a hardcap on the games fps? And i added the screenshot of the in game graphic settings, but where can i see the intel hd card settings? ? I believe i have found it, but im not that sure. Also sidequestion, what exactly do i have on my computer now? Because i apperently have an Nvidia 610M in here, but also the Intel HD graphics 4000, what do both things do? Like i said, im not that great with computers, so thats why this question.
  7. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    so theres nothing wrong with my drivers... i dont know what to do anymore...
  8. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    yeah im looking up the drivers now, if theres a new version. i also tried to mess aroudn with the settings in-game but nothing changed. And where can i find one of those compressed texture mods? I dont know if this is relevant information, but the textures only jump around when i click and drag with the mouse, if i do nothing it works just fine. only if it moves.
  9. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    yeah i get that, but this still doesnt solve anything for me. are you just saying that i am just done for now, or what? that i just should stop playing, i just dont get why it worked at first tand now the textures just jump all over the place...
  10. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    i just figured why not try and put the settings down the lowest the can go. like Popov said. But nothing changed. Im just so annoyed by it because i have like i said already, always played normally. and now all of the sudden the textures are glitching out, i just dont understand why my graphics card would give problems all of the sudden, and the last 700 or so i could play just fine at 25-30 fps. (i know its not the best performance, but it worked like a charm). It must be something else than my graphics card, cause it never did this before. And i cant imagine that Wargaming just upped the graphics requierments.... and im sorry if im being pushy or something but im just REALLY annoyed that its doing this all of te sudden.
  11. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    Yeah but the thing is that ive always played normally on resonable settings (maybe less reasonable fps, but enoug if you ask me) and i have never ever had this problem. it only occured during the last update.
  12. dornio

    Texture glitching. unplayable.

    DxDiag WoWs.txt 42.48K DxDiag WoWs.txt 26.08K python.log 8.05K Texture glitching screenshots..docx 2.79MB So I started up World of Warships to play a bit after i downloaded the update, (haven't played quite a while). And then i notice that whenever i click and drag with my mouse that all the textures just go all over the place. Thinking that it would be the port is went to another port, but everytime the same thing happens, execpt when im in the ocean port. because there is nothing to glitch around there. Then i thought it would be not so bad in a battle, so i went into battle and it still was horrible. unfortunately we won the game so now my premium account was activated as a reward, but now that day of premium is just wasted because i cant play normally. This is annyoing, but my main concern now is that i can just play again. I also tried messing around with the graphic settings, but nothing changed...(except for the grapics themselves ofcourse). Can someone please help me resolve this? Thank you in advance. P.S. : I added the python and DxDiag files but i dont know if i did it correctly, so hopefully i did, but i could have done something wrong. DxDiag WoWs.txt DxDiag WoWs.txt python.log Texture glitching screenshots..docx
  13. dornio

    Not being able to sell my ship?!

    Oh Thank you guys, i was really worried there for a second. must've come over a bit dumb... but thank you all for your help.
  14. dornio

    Not being able to sell my ship?!

    So i have multiple upgrades attached on my Aoba Cruiser, i know that when i chose the upgrade i couldn't turn back unless i used actual money (doubloons), okay, reasonable. But I just found out that I cant even sell my ship anymore with these upgrades attached, I am forced to pay doubloons if i want to SELL my ship. I just dont understand why they would restrict me from selling my ship if i have upgrades on it. I believe that this should be changed, I mean I just want to sell the ship, I don't want to attach another upgrade or something... Just why is this like this...?