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  1. elementCZ

    Weird ship movement

    Tried synchornising system time with interneted and it didnt help. Also the are no system update runnign during the game sessions :(
  2. elementCZ

    Weird ship movement

    The thing is that I didnt have it before reinstalling the windows :/ And I am having it since then and also I never had it before, thats what makes it so weird
  3. elementCZ

    Weird ship movement

    Hello guys, since I reinstalled the game few day back, I started having weird movement of all the ships, including mine. It looks as if they were "jumping really fast". The movement of them isnt smooth. Sometimes the gun fire is also delayed between mouse press and shot itself. And if the ping meter is working it isnt that FPS stable 75 Ping: around 40 Any idea?