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  1. Hit 30 at the weekend, so I feel I am qualified
  2. WG forthcoming when wrong? No, just No. Several recent events have proven that WG are just about useless when it comes to righting wrongs.
  3. 0.6.10

    The game has now been down nearly half a day, is this something WGEU will compensate?
  4. Amazing, Today I Learnt! Thanks!
  5. I am surprised at this. The English Language Convention is that All ships are female or neutral. This is not something to be offended about, it is like being offended about a beach being feminine noun in French. Surely the rules of the spoken language should take precedence over local history? I am not offended about people speaking English incorrectly by referring to ships as 'he', I am merely trying to help by correcting a mistake. Ships should be female or neutral, him sounds weird. Thank you for telling me about GA, never had heard about that ship before! Honestly this is all meant with good intentions, and no offence is meant, I can't speak a word in Greek!
  6. That video sounds like WG were struggling a lot with the British battleships. It sounds like they expect the line to be challenging. Every announcement from WG seems to dampen my enthusiasm for these ships,
  7. It just sounds weird, I imagine if I spoke to you in your language, and refereed to ships as females, you would not be too bothered, but it would sound wrong, and it would jar the ear.
  8. Yeah I know, it was done for comedic effect. In English calling a ship male, sounds so wrong! With regards to legality I am unsure, Lloyd Shipping Register changed to a gender neutral it, IIRC. However the Royal Navy still call their ships 'she', and this is why HMS Nelson should be referred to as a lady. "Lloyd's List can do what it wants. The Royal Navy will continue to call its ships 'she' as we always have done. It's historic and traditional," he said. "Ships have a soul. If I remember my history, they are female because originally the ship was the only woman allowed at sea and was treated with deference and respect - and because they are expensive." This quote surprisingly ties in well with the discussion of the Cost of Nelson!
  9. Nelson is a girl!
  10. Ahh I misunderstood you. I thought that you meant you could buy a T10 on Day 1 of playing WOWS. I think what is obvious on this thread, is that players do not Value Nelson at 375,000 FXP. If she comes with a Missouri-esque camo, then she would be worth it. Currently I am debating to continue to save for Missouri instead of Nelson.
  11. No, that is not truer either. You convert XP to FXP using doubloons. You cannot get to T10 without a significant investment of game time to get enough XP to convert.
  12. Depending on what calculation you use, she can be viewed as expensive or not. Using those figures, you are assuming T9 to be approx 16000Db? (So I can flesh out your reasoning.) So converting doubloons to FXP using normal 1:25 and sale price 1:35: Missouri: 16000 * 25 = 400,000 fxp (53.33% of 750,000 fxp) 16000* 35 = 560,000 fxp (75.66%) Nelson: 9500 * 25 = 237,500 fxp (63.33% of 375,000 fxp) 9500 * 35 = 332,500 fxp (88.66%) So using these numbers, we can see Missouri has an FXP 'Tax' of 47% to 25%, whereas Nelson has a FXP 'Tax' of 37% to 12%. Nelson is reasonably priced in this scenario. However, I still think 325,000 to 350,000FXP would have been a 'fairer' price for Nelson for these reasons. 1. Nelson has no special Camo like Missouri (100% credit and xp bonus) 2. Missouri's sister is already available in the tech tree whilst Nelson was dropped from the RN tech tree recently. 3. So the FXP Nelson is the only way to get a Nelson Class BB. 4. Missouri is the only T9 Premium. So to me, it feels like Nelson is slightly overpriced. Nothing dramatic, no WG bashing, just feel slightly put out about the cost of Nelson.
  13. Reasonable
  14. sarcasm

    I've had FPS issues all night since the patch
  15. Honestly, these missions are ace. This is exactly what is needed for normal missions. Kudos WG. I look forward to playing QE and KGV very quickly!!