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  1. This Is death by a thousand cuts. There are so many little things wrong, it's just so frustrating. I'd love a game with the actual warships in,without gimmicks, without fictional upgrades etc.
  2. If you look at a picture of Iron Duke, and compare it to WGs offering, they look nothing a like.
  3. I actually agree with most of what you say, and of course I should have said contributed to the destruction of, rather than destroyed. Gneisnau, yes an exception, but Colorado, Nagato and Nelson are 1920s ships I think we misunderstood each other, I'm not saying KGV is "best ship ever" I was merely trying to illustrate that she shares more characteristics with T8 than T7, and is the logical progression of the RN tree. Re Iron Duke and Bayern, I feel we are on crossed lines. They absolutely need help at higher tiers, But WG could have been more sympathetic to the lines of the real ship. As in slap on AA, but leave the 2 funnel look. I am being critical, because I think they are wrong on this. I don't like the use of paper ships, when there are real ships available. It is afterall World of Warships....
  4. Why T7 is wrong for KGV 1. Her Belt Armour Equivalent to 17.5". This is in the T9-T10 bracket 2. Guns. At WOWS range, they have 2cm less penetration tham Bismarck 3. Guns. KGV has a greater broadside weight than Bismarck 4. 29kt speed 5. 16 x 5.25 DP mounts, giving her strong AA and secondary batteries 6. She is 20 years younger than those in T7 7. Radar directors 8. Real like performance. In the 3 capital ship engagements the KGV class had, they came off best in all 3. PoW with a civilian crew significantly damaged e to Bismarck, KGV destroyed Bismarck, and DoY destroyed Scharnhorst. KGV is a little weak for T8, but insanely OP for T7. WG choices were to either slightly buff to fit in T8, or massive nerf to fit in T7. They will massively nerf a ship, rather than buff her slightly to fit her contemporaries. It makes no sense from a logical point of view. No logical tree progression at all. So Brit BBs: Missing Dreadnought, not considered due to her being too weak (Mikasa) T5 Iron Duke is not. She has a series of fictional upgrades that make the ship unrecognisable. She may as well be a paper ship. T7 Nelson will be Premium, despite being incredibly famous and one of the Big 7 KGV will be T7 and have massive nerfs to her historic performance Vanguard is missing, despite WG moving KGV down a Tier Monarch is fictional T8, and unnecessary T9-T10 are looking to have weird Gimmicks which aren't really needed. So the most anticipated line in WOWS has been utterly shafted and cocked up by WG. I would love to have been able to see how these decisions were made. I imagine a lot of laughing and rubbing hands together, either that or sheer incompetence. Why on earth were designers making so many paper ships that are just not needed. Sort it out WG logically, and not with £££ in your eyes, and not to protect your designers paper ships
  5. WG head office will currently have their heads buried in the sand
  6. I just meant its an awful WG excuse to Milk the player base, rather than introduce the real ships
  7. WG "KGV is underperforming at T8. Lets move KGV to T7, and buff HP, Heal and Reload" If KGV can't perform with the stats WG have given at T7, no wonder it wasn't performing at T8. Wtf WG
  8. Run out of likes, but a +1 to you
  9. Stupid forum won't let me delete this quote. Sorry GR. I agree with above post, WG are throwing crap at the wall to see whatxsticks and makes them £££
  10. KGV at tier 7 is madness
  11. The longer the better in their current state. Honestly we don't want them as they are now. They are a joke, WG substituting real ships for fantasy ships, just to sell premiums. Weird gimmicks etc.
  12. I personally look forward to a fictional T6 Queen Victoria, as QE Class and R Class are seemed unacceptable for T6. Due to tech tree progression, and definitely not selling 10 variants of the QE class.
  13. Hopefully not until WG have considered T8.
  14. Not buying due to Monarch debarcle
  15. It really seems like an excuse to Milk the player base. Even if KGV is Tier 7, put Vanguard at 8 Every other ship has had buffs, and the 14" penetrative power isn't that far behind Bismarcks 15". Or just give KGV better nominalisation angles like US AP. Or very good HE to deal with Bow tanking cruisers. Whats wrong with a BB that rewards thoughtful play, and it May give a reason to take expert loader.