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  1. IKAUO

    Event Calendar for January

    Its nice to have a event calendar...if only they can give a bit more information...
  2. Oh my fault, I didn't check the Asia Server as I assumed they will get the same as the NA. Changed the topic of my post, thanks for reminding.
  3. It might very well be a false announcement...but I would be expecting the NA server to fix it after days passed. Well I only had the information given by the official websites, and this is what I saw, and decided it might be worth posting.
  4. Well we all know about the Christmas convoy and Christmas special issue, where EU don't get the convoy campaigns, no bonus first win on Christmas, and no real Christmas missions like the other servers... I thought that was it, well, maybe not. This is a screenshot of the Christmas Medal Marathon Reward of NA and EU. The normal rewards all look the same, but take a look at the Gold Rewards. Well what difference is there between Commander's Present and Standard Container you may ask... Standard Containers are Containers you can open daily through grinding XP, while Commander's Present are those you can buy with 1 Euro in the Santa's wanted section, which I believe a lot of you have try out. They have a much better drop than normal containers even when not getting supercontainers, and upon times you get supercontainers...those Commander's Present only drop ships, rather than random stuff like camos from Standard Containers, which you can get from normal drop of Commander's Present. Well, I sincerely hope there is no more stupid difference between EU and other servers during the Christmas and New Year event, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  5. IKAUO

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    Well it is always nice to see WG do sth to cheating
  6. IKAUO

    Crowning the Winter King!

    If I changed my username after the match and had put my old username on the reward board...Is there anyway now to gain the prize?
  7. IKAUO

    Event Calendar December

    Wow another extremely "helpful" event calendar...
  8. IKAUO

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    5:30 is way too early for me Guess won't be able to apply for it
  9. IKAUO

    ARP Captain Slots - Compensation

    Oh thats nice...my captain slot was filled by those ARP captains...