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  1. i am not a young man, young man. you dont spot fun and jokes easily? :)
  2. thnx!!! and merry xmas to you!!! 7500 coal, z-39 and some camos and signals!....i cant repay tho...but it seems only way Belgians get acces to em is just by getting gifts from others... Anyone wanna send some ... WishBoneD is the name :p
  3. Thnx alot for youre time to reply, and i know youre hands are tied, but stil, as a player, this was a chance for me to get some of the ships normally unavailable. other player will get this chance while i dont. and thats the problem. You can always buy me a gift Warships, Wargaming!!!!!!!! .... :p:p:):)
  4. try and buy a gift for me... :p
  5. ......well.................This item is not available in youre region!!!!!! WTACTUALF!!!!! I actually thought id finally be able to get that damn Missouri...but nope!!!! ffs..... byebye equality!
  6. WishBoneD

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    yayyy, i can tell its not rigged, i won something, thank you prizedonator!!! thank you, mr lup3s!!!
  7. WishBoneD

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    hi id like to enter the raffle 1. krasny krim, any premium would do actually... 2. doubloons. 3. credits greetings
  8. WishBoneD

    what about them "awesome gamescom specialz" ?!?

    so, i just read that article.....and............lol...
  9. WishBoneD

    what about them "awesome gamescom specialz" ?!?

    oh, see....^^ thnx, m8
  10. WishBoneD

    what about them "awesome gamescom specialz" ?!?

    Gamescon is in the next few days, theyl probably start anouncing later today, and tomorow, hopefully, we get some cool gamescon missions, with some rewards, itl be when it opens.....i do hope we get to play against the players that are testing the game at gamescon, anyone has any info about that? Like wil the Gamescon players play on the same servers we do? As for the anniversary, wel, ive been registered since july '15 (open-beta at that time still) so i do hope WG-WOWS gets us something nice for its B-Day, it doesnt realy matter to me what the reward orso is, aslong as there are some nice doable missions, im down.... Grtz See me at sea, il give ya some salt.
  11. WishBoneD

    Friendlyness, understanding, teamplay.

    yeah, you guys are right, id ussually ignore it, now atleast i know its not me :p:p :)
  12. Hello, This topic is not to complain, but, fellow pixelseamen, jeez, calm down. Last night i was in a domination battle, odds were turning in our favor and we were trying to cap, there were stil 4 enemys and 3 of us close by, and than we had the friendly BB (dictatoring our moves at cap), i was in akatsuki, it had no smoke just released torps and i was detected and getting shelled by the 4 enemys close by the cap (there were 2 more friendly cruisers inside the cap, capping) i was getting all the heat so i decided to move around abit to try and avoid the detection, while doing so i got the akatsuki abit outside of the cap, this was enough reason for the dictator to start calling me out and trying to get everyone to report me because im a noob and i should not play the game....in the end we lost the battle, but there are more players in youre team than just 1 dd, meanwhile the bb's where hugging the white lines, btw Now leme tel you this, i work very hard for the money that i put in this game it is not alot, but i try to add my 2 cents. and i try to have fun, thats whats most important. i know im not the best payer, i do not even consider myself a good player, but, guys, please consider someone else might not see what you see, he might not know what you know, plus also consider facts like, broken steering gears, broken rudder etc. so instead of calling people out on how they play, first look if theyre damaged, look at the situation and whats going on, instead of hugging the line and scream to others what to do. i ussually ignore the chat but this was abit much, noone wants to get reported for just playing the game..thats bullcrap. lots of greetings, The WishBone, yahaarr, ye be pirates, see yal broadsides!
  13. lol, there ya go....players stil call out ppl in chat in games, ppl still blame the BB's for everything, there was also a bit nagging about a certain mission that required like ALOT xp wich made ppl go nuts because they needed to play more, ((guilty) but the guns still blast realy loud and there are stil explosions!!! seriously, i think the game has gotten better in volume, alot new ships, but also some gone/nerfed orso, and if you ignore the crazy ppl ingame in chat youl still have fun with the more serious players. cant help you on a video, but the magic of youtube helps.... if you speak german i hope this helps you a bit. GreetZ The WishBone
  14. WishBoneD

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    i also feel that the criteria are a bit much, but i must say i started with 0 french ships on friday night, now i have 5 and i just need to buy the t6 french cruiser, now im not that good of a player and i dont win that much, i just try to stay with the group and get the objectives done, hoping some bb doesnt citadel me straight of the bat, but im having a blast doing it. Friday night i played around 2 hours and saturday about 9, i stil got a few xp to go, but by the end of this evening il get the flag....thing what i wanted to say is, yes i got a few new ships and a few extra campaigns and so done, i also finished the smith mission because of this, but i had to devote the entire weekend to warships. i must admit that i didnt care about playing that much either, but boy, it becomes a grind after a while......so maybe if the reward was a little more, players would be more satisfied i guess. Cyal on the high seas o/
  15. STOP with the rum, youre missing every shot!

    1. WishBoneD


      ive got a friend called, Dispersion. :)