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  1. PoolSnoopy

    Most retarded ranked season ever!

    Yeah, I also switched to BB and tried to play like a selfish *ssh*le. And yes it works way better than playing DD. But is this what we want ranked to be?
  2. Never before has playing the objective been punished so hard like in this season. Playing DD is so frustrating that you really wonder what WG was thinking when they designed XP calculation. I'm not talking about the winning team: in their case playing the objective might have payed off, because the DDs where better supported by the rest of the team. But on the losing side it's almost impossible to keep a star if you play DD. The ones who get to keep a star on the losing team are damage farming campers. And that's what dictates the behaviour of the players because everyone is eager to be on the safe side in the case his team loses. And that's why this season was way more depressing and frustrating than any other season before. WG: fix the f*cking XP!
  3. PoolSnoopy

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    This season makes it more obvious than any other season before: you are punished if you play objective. The only thing that helps you progress is playing totally egoistically and farm damage as hard as you can. The way XP is rewarded for game play is totally b*llsh*t right now from a team play point of view.
  4. PoolSnoopy

    Halloween victory glitch

    The description " You get a special ? Halloween Pumpkin Containers ? for each Star you get in the Operation!" suggests that you get a container every time you earn a star. But that seems to be not the case. That's f*cking the players. Shame on you WG!!!
  5. PoolSnoopy

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Matchmaking

    most boring and retarded season ever! everybody is hiding in smoke. I think smoke on cruisers is generally a bad idea. especially if they also get hydro and/or radar. one ship for morons (kutuzov) is enough, instead you built a whole line of them. is the plan to "trump" it down with all those overpowered ships? (belfast, black, flint, missouri, kutuzov,...) as another option: maybe ban premium ships alltogether on ranked. and if you really think that season was a great idea: then at least balance DD types and ships with radar. (Had MM with 3 vs. 1 radar or 3 Shira vs. 3 Akatsuki. A little mix and the battle would be way more interesting)
  6. hab alle bis auf die shima verkauft, weil sie nun nicht mal mehr zum torpen taugen. werd mir noch das tier 8 gunboat besorgen, weil das sieht nach jeder menge spaß aus, aber die restlichen tiers kann man getrost auslassen. bin sehr enttäuscht. hab davor sehr gerne auch minekaze oder fubuki gespielt.
  7. How shall a modus where all of the winning team are promoted ever separate the good from the bad players? Right now you have the same 50:50 chance of getting a good team regardless of rank. It's a damn lottery if you progress to the next rank or not. The first 2-3 players of both teams should get a star. Then 1-2 in the middle don't lose a star and the bottom players lose a star. What's so difficult about making a RANKED system that at least kind of works?
  8. Hi, I don't know if it's working as designed, but if you buy a new ship with a commander you can pay some extra to get 3 skill points. When you assign this commander to another ship before using the skill points then they are gone even if you do the "full" training option for 500 doubloons. I would expect to keep the skill points. EDIT: forget that report. I totally did not get it that I did not really select the option for the 3 extra skill points. *facepalm*