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  1. Arcydemon5

    Missing ships

    I know it was a destroyer and tier 7 so maybe it was Sims, i only want to know if there was total wipeout of players data after beta tests closed and open, that will explain what i want to know. I can show anyone email message with confirmation of buying that preorder pack with tier 7 ship
  2. Arcydemon5

    Missing ships

    I have a question. When World of warships was in closed beta stage i bought tier 7 USA destroyer Atlanta in preoder package and for gold in game i bought russian tier 5 Murmansk. As closed beta ended i stopped playing World of warships. Few months ago i logged to the game but my ships were gone, both standard and premium. Did they restart everything after the betas?
  3. Czy jak zakończyła się closed beta to był reset pojazdów? pytam się ponieważ podczas closed bety kupiłem rosyjski statek premium 5 tieru i amerykański niszczyciel premium 7 tieru, a gdy zalogowałem się podczas open bety ich nie było