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  1. NerdyGoblin

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    [edited] Either you give this mod to EVERYONE or you BAN it, this mod is so GAMECHANGING that it would be UNFAIR to hold it from other players. Please give this post an up vote if you agree!
  2. NerdyGoblin

    Armed Merchant Ships

    Meh, not needed really.
  3. NerdyGoblin

    Monitor (warship) - Tech Tree options

    Then why make a post?
  4. NerdyGoblin

    Historical battles

    Yeah because world of tanks historical battles worked out great.
  5. NerdyGoblin

    Monitor (warship) - Tech Tree options

    Well i realized that just by looking at it, my question is why would they do that?
  6. NerdyGoblin

    German technology tree

    Just gimme Bismark.
  7. NerdyGoblin

    WoWS Raw Yamato Gameplay (WGNA approved)

    Nice and interesting video, thank you for the gameplay, i can not wait until i can get my hands on it! @BigBadVuk My sincere apologies, i must have left my caps lock on without noticing.
  8. NerdyGoblin

    Night Mode... why this game absolutely has to have one. Period.

    This should be doable i suppose, and it would be interesting to see how we'd fair with less visability.
  9. NerdyGoblin

    Random Warship Facts

    Random fact: Ships tend to be designed to float. It's true, look it up.
  10. NerdyGoblin

    WoWs reaching 200.000 likes on Facebook.

    Haha, that's awesome..
  11. NerdyGoblin

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    +1 Loved reading all of this, many thanks for the hard work.
  12. NerdyGoblin

    Monitor (warship) - Tech Tree options

    Why did they put the main gun on the cab' when there is all that space in the front and rear of the ship? I hope you do not mind me asking but it does not seem very logical to me.
  13. "Whats your take on the Russians being added before the British in WOWS" I do not really care about what nation gets added first, second, third.. ect.. All nations in my view have their own ships with their own ups and downs, and as we all know: Russia beats all, so i know what nation's line i'll go down first.
  14. NerdyGoblin

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Looking pretty good, hope to get into the alpha soon!