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  1. It would be extremely great to be able to see and acquire any Greek ship in game
  2. Klania

    Looking for a Greek clan

    Thank you so much for the reply BDubzZz86! And thanks for the invitation. I will talk to you in game soon...
  3. Hello Captains! Im just looking for a Greek clan to learn and enjoy the game further more . im playing a lot lately and used to play a lot some years before. i really enjoy the game and how it evolved , i just need some company to enrich the joy :D
  4. Klania

    New WORLD OF WARSHIPS Greek speaking FB page

    really is that so hard for a Greek -section to exist?
  5. Klania

    Lag Spikes

    seems most people if not all are experiencing this problem . i have the same problem for some days now . its very annoying!
  6. Klania

    Too few XP for AA duty?

    we just need a balance between these m8! right now on my tier5 us carrier witch im forced kind of to play fighter mod im getting almost no xp when i shoot down all of opposing planes!! how am i supposed to progress in the tier like this?
  7. Klania

    Too few XP for AA duty?

    indeed they should change the reward system on planes! Especially when you are playing US carrier where many times your role is to destroy as much planes of your opponent as you possibly can and cannot do much damage. i shoot down 30 planes last game all of the opponents carrier and i got almost nothing to mediocre xp... how im i supposed to upgrade in this rate with us carriers?
  8. Klania

    Carrier Fun... NOT

    on the other hand carriers as i got more experience of them is not fun in the way of that you cannot fully customize your planes lineup! lineup of planes are not any flexible both for japanese and us carriers and sometimes you end up doing nothing despite how skillfull you are! i think this mostly needs fixing
  9. Klania

    Camera & Spectator Mode Improvements

    yeah indeed it works but i had to enable the team panel i wasnt aware of it and i didnt have it till now! thnx for the info
  10. Klania

    The "steering wheel" should be visible all the time

    yeah true it helps sometimes to always remember where you are turning
  11. Klania

    Carrier Fun... NOT

    learn to drop them manually, thats the problem
  12. Klania

    Camera & Spectator Mode Improvements

    i dont know why but ive tried it and doesnt work! ive tried to ctrl and click on the ship and ive even tried to do it through the ships icons through tab
  13. overall i like greatly this game but what really really annoys me is the fact that you cant control freely camera on spectator mode! so here are my suggestions: 1) Free camera mode to check in any place in the map whats going on 2)Better Selection Between friendly ships so you can quickly like choose your friends ship to spectate 3)More Camera modes like for example you can see even your friends point of view even sniper and learn better this could apply to a mode that you can see friendly carriers view 4)Spactate camera of your torpedos even after you died! (so many times i wanted to watch closier to my torpedos after my death for a more spectacular view of (just a flesh wound) 5) Spectate Carriers planes 6)Spactate mode for any game like mostly spactate a friends game i hope you guys are going to just even read this and add some suggestions aswell!