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  1. AKKA_Ger

    Server down....

    We where playing clanbattle's...... bah bah 50% coupon on doubloons ?? ;)
  2. AKKA_Ger

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I was extreemly hyped to see the new changes. In it's current state it is unplayable and everything except satisfying to play. I dislike the gameplay alot planes are dying way to fast to really test anything. Damage output of planes is extreemly low. In this current state i want back the money of my saipan + I want composation for leveling tier 10 japanese and american aircraft carier. I hope you guys will balance more. But current state i m not interesting in cv anymore. I m very curious on other players opinions.
  3. AKKA_Ger

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Radars are redicilous OP guys. It's not fun at all anymore to play DD the duration is way to long and the range to OP. My idea would be reduce range buy 1-2km and reduce duration atleast 5-8 seconds. For now a good rotation of 3 cruisers can totally block a cap. And that has nothing to do with skill sitting behind an island while complete block a cap. GG. CV is broken allready a long time and not fun to play either so you have like 2 options now........ Play a BB or camp behind an island. Man you guys made a great Meta. In my eyes the best meta ever......... NOT!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes we could try play around the radar and sit in the back wait till they are over and get reported by someone who has no clue how it is against radar boats..... Because they think it is dd task to get the cap..........