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  1. armholeeio

    USS SIMS need a LOT of help.

    Let us know how that goes
  2. armholeeio


    So with it on sale for six days is the package worth it?
  3. armholeeio


    And because it's Russian it won't get nerfed double winner
  4. armholeeio

    How do I sink T6+ cruiser with defensive fire?

    Take your CV up to said CA then ram them, easy kill then
  5. armholeeio

    Cntrl not working in game

    That's what I'm trying to sort out
  6. armholeeio

    Cntrl not working in game

    No changes to the default settings, right how do I faff about with that then?
  7. armholeeio

    Cntrl not working in game

    Since the last update I can't get Cntrl to work so I can highlight the mini map or a torpedo sqn/ship for the aaa/secondary to concentrate fire on. Looked into the game controls and can't see anything wrong there so what is going on?
  8. armholeeio

    USS SIMS need a LOT of help.

    Just a noob question, not been on since the recent patch, where is the other set of Torps on the sims as I quickly looked and it looked like it only had one choice
  9. armholeeio

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    If they are dropping pref MM in WoT why are they going to put it into WoWs? I was starting to get a handle on the Arkansas and WG thinks it needed to be nerfed why that's coloured me confused it's not Fantastic but it's not massively UP( less noobish with my games so playing better, but not played in 2 weeks so probably back to noob standard) it's mediocre why do they think it needs nerfing?
  10. armholeeio

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    Actually WTF what's that?
  11. armholeeio

    Should dive bombers be tweaked?

    If they implement AP bombs then it will cause more damage, I think it was mentioned a while back on a thread that they were looking at he/ap load outs for DB but it wouldn't be ready for a few more patches
  12. armholeeio

    German and Russian CV's

    ah hindsight and should of had done's, if we could do anything about them the world would be a different place and I would have nailed a few more hotties who's flirting and subtle hints at I want you to [edited]kiss me but your not getting the signs passed right over my head
  13. armholeeio

    Tirpitz tomorrow - according to Mighty Jingles

    Anyone going to buy it with the crazy price WG are asking for it?
  14. armholeeio

    German and Russian CV's

    I thought it was just a retarted up schlieffen plan? And only other time a Adolf order made sense was the first winter retreat which he ordered all units to hold their ground, got time to get reinforcements up and stop a retreat becoming a rout Edit
  15. armholeeio

    What I want for April 1st

    How about rainbow loveships that fire kittens and haribo starmix at each other and it's the weight of the sugary snacks and kitten tickles that immobilise the shops