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  1. LaurieMoon

    broken smoke system?

    you can see them when they shoot trew the smoke. If you don't shoot than you will be safe. If you see the flare of the shells you can easily see where ships are so they become spotted
  2. LaurieMoon

    meme war

    i'll keep it in context
  3. LaurieMoon

    American Ship list

    isn't this a repost? Or it might be just me who was googling stuff long time ago
  4. LaurieMoon

    Russian Super Monitor Project

    Funny looking boat. It looks pretty beefy (but what do i know, i'm stupid)
  5. LaurieMoon

    Which one is your favourite ship class?

    battleship all day mate...
  6. i have mixed feelings about this 'thing'. One of the crazy ideas from the germans in the war
  7. LaurieMoon

    Royal Australian navy in WWII

    sweet pic. don't know why but i don't realy like the australian navy ships. Just the look... The only good looking boat is the HMAS napier in my opinion
  8. LaurieMoon

    Lists of warships.

    waw thanks for sharing. i enjoyed taking a look at the royal navy
  9. OMG thank you so much. <3 i love watching documentaries but it's nice to see everything packed in a 20 minute video. The yamato video was awesome btw EDIT: SUBSCRIBED
  10. LaurieMoon

    Top 10 WWII Battleships and Battlecruisers

    The Yamato and Fuso are so sexy in my opinion.