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  1. miccrosshill

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.8.1. Runde 2

    Ich wundere mich auch - es gab einen Kampfauftrag (einmal ins gefecht) und das war es - ansonsten scheint es mir noch der status der letzten Runde zu sein!?
  2. miccrosshill

    Sad sad little man.

    No offense .. I can read names ;) it was him
  3. miccrosshill

    Sad sad little man.

    Had him yesterday also in a game from start to end of the game he spammed our team with voice messages .. Realy like 15 minutes "well done captn xyz". And he did nothing .. Just standing at the spawn and later driving to a corner. Pain to play that game on our side ... This guy should be banned from the game at all.
  4. miccrosshill

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  5. waiting for the server