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  1. I really not trying to push thread to off topic side, but Jingles in his, last vid about Armored warfare coop battle, said, that bots plays somewhat better than some players, they don`t camp, they don`t hide, they just go and attack you. They actually play a game, instead of trying to abuse it`s mechanics. But I prefer bots only in enemy team, hehe. Always been a coop fan, If I can say that, I would like more missions, secondary objectives to do in coop battles. The game, where a gang of players just shooting each other is not very interesting to me. I salute and encourage WG to add coop modes to all games. And I agree with Jingles opinion that in such kind of battles players learns to play as a team much faster.
  2. 10 minutes ago I was trying to log into my WG account, to get to forum. No success. Email or password wrong. But that`s just impossible. Tried maybe 7 times, then reset the password Created new, logged in... What the hell? all notifications gone, private messages gone... Then noticed that webpage address is not .eu, but .com. Found the other webpage with .eu in address, logged in successfully with old password. Now my question is why there are separate account passwords, two forums... just confusing crap. One moment I really thought that my acc was hacked.
  3. rainmakerltu

    Credit missions completely useless after T3?

    Mission mechanics could be like this. Update of missions as it`s now, well... OK. And now suggestions. If you do not complete mission in three days, it will reset. If you start the mission, where, say you need kill certain amount of planes or ships or get certain amount of victories, it will not reset until you complete it. And the most important thing. At anytime you can discard the mission, started or not, by reseting it and countdown starts. For example, I have sniper mission where I need torp 3 ships in one battle. I don`t wanna do it. OK. So I press reset and it goes to countdown. And of course i would vote for adequate rewards, based on players level/tier...
  4. Then bonus weekends will be even more unplayable than it is now. More ppl will be rushing to play at these days. As so far teamwork is being just backstabbed, then it will be buried completely. Sorry for so negative prediction, but I tend to imagine worst case scenario And hope for better
  5. rainmakerltu

    Sold premium ships

    Best way to check in research tree. But I fear, you have to buy it for dubloons again. I wish I was wrong.
  6. rainmakerltu

    Lock Reticle

    I think this is absurd . computer don`t care what letter it is - capitalised or not. It`s just key in keyboard.
  7. rainmakerltu

    Pls stop the fail divisions

    Well, I can back the written above post with Jingles words, said about 2 years (!) ago. He said (when he was thrown out twice from WG area in Tankfest), that there are good ppl, working for community and not very good ppl, who care less about community, amongst the WG staff. In short, left don`t know what right is doing. It`s of course unsurprising much, because in large companies that happens, but is surprising that it is STILL happening, I mean, nothing is changing. And I can think only one reason for that - customers are coming, leaving their money, so developer as a whole just can sit in the comfort zone, drinking margaritas and occasionally fixing this and that.
  8. rainmakerltu


    BTW Aslain`s mod didn`t enable anything for me. Had to do like Jingles said in his vid. Then everything worked out.
  9. rainmakerltu

    New Game mode

    If time is ended and not all ships killed, it`s another draw. And that`s very possible. Green team has 2 BBs left, red team has 1 CV left. Time left - 3 minutes. If they are too far, they never find the CV. Just an example from what I`ve seen. To remove the often chance of draws, each ship has to have a value of tickets, like how it is done is domination mode. AND the team who has more tickets left, when the time ends - wins.
  10. rainmakerltu

    Zone wall hugging

    That`s even better. The sooner they see that they can`t exploit game as they want, the sooner they forget about that and play nice
  11. rainmakerltu

    Internet speed required tu run WOW.

    Hehe... internet speed is not the problem, the problem is hard drive. I have 38 Mb/s, but most times I get into battle last.
  12. rainmakerltu

    Premium Mopay / SMS payment option missing?

    As I heard if you are a company and accept payments via Paypal, you also not receiving all the money. Paypal takes it`s small share. But as Paypal is so widely available/popular/safe, WG just can`t not use it.
  13. rainmakerltu

    Map: Hotspot

    Most of times, yeah. If we are two, I found myself in one corner, friend - in other. Best to get there in three ppl division At least someone will have cover from friend hehe
  14. rainmakerltu

    Not receiving any achievements

    Yeah, lol, perfect match making back then was suspicious, now it`s fun to remember
  15. rainmakerltu

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    oh well.. battle started so well... and boom.