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  1. heavy111

    new player on steam

    UK and EU clan jump on discord and check us out. https://discord.gg/249gkk
  2. heavy111

    Looking for a clan

    we are looking for recruits jump into discord and meet us https://discord.gg/4sChc8c
  3. heavy111

    Looking for Clan (English Speaking)

    We are recruiting jump into discord for a chat we are a friendly bunch with players of varied experience. https://discord.gg/4sChc8c
  4. Corruption Clan (CRPT) We are a newly setup clan, and we need players like you! We are a fun group who intend to build a friendly clan with like-minded players. What we want from you. You must have a mic and be able to use discord. Must be a regular player (but we understand you have a life and a Job or Family so dont expect you to be on every day) We want new players and experienced players with the latter hopefully wanting to take on senior positions. We expect commitment when Clan wars are on. What you get. Banter, fun, help and advice. and to be part of a team. Jump on our discord and get to know us all. https://discord.gg/4sChc8c
  5. heavy111

    clan required

    Hi looking far a clan that can help me progress and learn. On most days looking forward to joining your team.
  6. Hi looking for a clan to join tbh I suck and need help age 44 UK ant to learn and love banter too. Thanks
  7. heavy111

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    Hi new player to wow. Not new to the concept as a wot console player. Used to play it seriously as a member of a top 10 clan so once I'm at full speed happy to do competitive battles. I'm firstly looking for help and advice before I pick up bad habits. Currently doing German heavy line "suprise" and uk cruisers. I've downloaded teamspeak but TBH have not figured out how it works. If anyone has win10 maybe they could give me a shout via Xbox app and help me set it up. Thanks Adam