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  1. Addicus

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    Like 5% of the player base reads the patch notes. I'll bet most players miss this option all together.
  2. Addicus

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    Why would they hide it?
  3. Addicus

    Server Down ?

    I can log into Tanks just fine but Warships is a "technical issue". Nice.
  4. Addicus

    Public Test Patch Notes

    Why the *^%% should setting up a team battle cost $300K? Why should setting up another cost doubloons? It's like everything in this game these days is designed to make you bleed credits and force you to run a premium account.
  5. Addicus

    A real BAD time to be new at this game!

    That will be the case for this week only. By next week, the experiance players will all be back up to Tier IV+. It doesn't take long to level up low teir ships.
  6. Addicus

    Captain Retraining Is Too Hard (At 18+ points)

    BTW, what ever happened to "Accelerated Crew Training" or whatever the WoWs equivelent was going to be? I've got ships that I want to keep but they are just racking up massive amounts of unused EXP and I don't want to pay gold (dobloons - whatever) to convert to free XP.
  7. Addicus

    Veteran players dropout

    I still play the game but a lot less since CBT. I guess I'm really waiting for more content / more complex gameplay. DD aren't very competative above tier V. CV play isn't my cup-o-tea. BBs tend to just be long range slug fests which means afte about half a dozen CA games I'm usually done for the day. Maybe once there's more nations, game modes, maps/weather to make DD/BB play different, I'll play more. Until then, it'll just be a slow grind.
  8. Addicus

    Credits from WOT?

    It doesn't really balance. The EXP and credits needed for ships is much more than it's WoT counterparts. It's not too hard to get a really good 250K EXP game in ships which would be unheard of in Tanks.
  9. Addicus

    Small Cruiser pulverises New York

    1) Aim properly 2) Use the right type of ammo for your target 3) Keep situational awareness and don't get hit by torpedoes Do the above and it will be very very hard for a cruiser to beat a battleship on even tiers*. *Might not apply to St. Louis vs Kawachi - St. Louis isn't a tiny cruiser though.
  10. Actually, Superior Firepower is the key to victory but I digress...
  11. I'm afraid randoms will always be just that - Random. You're going to have to wait for a team-battle and/or clanwars for a real Battle Commander mode.
  12. Addicus

    What warmovies best picture the Battleship era?

    If you love petticoat you need to try Mister Roberts (1955) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048380/ I think it's the more intimate setting of submarines and PT boats that lead to those type of movies vs huge battle ships. Some other movies of note that haven't been listed: Battleship Potemkin (1925) They were Expendable (1945) PT Boats The Caine Mutiny (1954) Destroyers PT109 (1963) PT Boats - President Kennedy's WWII story.
  13. Addicus

    ok, HE help needed

    I can't tell you how many times I've had cruiser duels where the enemy is spamming HE at me and I'm shooting AP back. I usually have them sunk before I'm below half health.
  14. Addicus

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    Fun fact. Turns out the Kilogram might be a bit more arbitrary than generally known as well and has nothing to do with water anymore. We all pick our standards and then scream to the world that we've found the perfect solution.
  15. Addicus

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    No argument there, it is more logical. But last time we tried (think Carter Administration in 1976) it became a huge political fight with conservatives claiming the liberals were trying to change the US into metric using pink-o socialists. And that's about the time the whole converting to metric died in the US. Still, back to the original point, it'd be nice to have the in-game option of picking units. Having a WWII American battle-ship using metric units just feels wrong to us Imperial-unit using Neaderthals across the pond.