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  1. Doesn't have to be 20 inch guns. Not arguing for or against but putting what Mad Jackie himself wrote in memoirs. I'm interested in the model he spoke about.
  2. I understand the gun caliber progression concept, I back that idea and understand you really want to avoid it so you can have the numbers going up and only up. This will please the casual crowds bit I think it will please some of the historical crowd might unintentionally enjoy it because they can get their pure as possible KGV class and the planned class / modified class that was never built. Part of the appeal for World of Whatever games have been playing ships or tanks that were never built because no one else is in that market or when they are in the market its on a totally different gameplay concept. My question is what design is the Monarch, what number or designation would I have to look up to get more info on the origins or technical details? I too can't say I'm a fan of the name Monarch, it straight away makes me think of the Orion class. Where as I'd personally prefer the name of a Sea Lord to replace it. Oh and I don't quite understand how Nelson is fitting into the tech tree with the pure KGV class, is this just a case of split at tier 6 to two different tier 7s then back to a single tier 8? @Tuccy
  3. A thing from the NA server So they are talking flags and win a battle you get a Jutland Flag at some time period. Also Dunkirk flag. I hope the Dunkirk one comes in a similar mission. However I am a bit peeved with the Jutland flag. Some people had to fork out a lot of money for it back in the day due to bundles. Some people had to miss out on it because they couldn't afford a bundle or had Warspite since launch and couldn't justify buying a bundle when they had half worth of goods already and didn't want the compensation gold. Now the other server has a simple case of win a battle get a flag belittling the exclusive feeling of it. Thoughts? I personally like flags so this feels irksome.
  4. In the future can it be possible to earn flags in super containers? I do not mean signal flags but more about additional flags like the commemorative flags from ranked or flags packaged with bundles. e.g the ranked Hawaii flag or purchased Belfast flag. My thinking is that many of us would love the flag but can't afford to put in the ranked time (or missed the chance) or purchase an expensive bundle. Despite the uniqueness of flags I don't think people would be too mad if they were earned through super containers considering the odds of getting one and then the extra odds of what's actually in the SC. I get jealous of the sheer mount of flags the NA server gets in events and the Haifuri one from TGS/give away code. That and Having a Warspite from day one, then seeing the Jutland flag bundle only with Cambletown much later on, that one hurt my loyalty.
  5. So we have the extra captain EXP mission... Mission, 200% Commander XP Dragon flag, 333% Commander XP Zulu Hotel, 50% Commander XP Restless Fire Camo, 250% Commander XP I don't think getting a good captain will be that hard with the right use of resources.
  6. Having read through a bit of "Records by Admiral of the fleet, Lord Fisher" I must say I found out two things. One the man has the most amazing tales to tell. Second, interesting info on HMS Incomparable. All quotes are from Mad Jackie and his book. Interesting to note is that a model of Incomparable existed at some point in 1915.
  7. Thank you Wargaming for the 30% off coupon. I wanted the 30 Days premium. I wanted the gold. This Supreme bundle will cost me £35.78 but this time, I don't mind, this time. Actually thinking about it the only time I ever see the exclusive flags that come with bundles is from division friends with the Jutland flag as they got theirs long after I got mine from the start of release/beta. I've not seen any else use the exclusive bundle flags. Ever. Can we put a request in to add these custom flags into super containers? I would be very happy with getting a Prinz Eugen flag in a SC above these new upgrades or the old 250 signals. (Remember when they were gonna do away with premium days in bundles because)
  8. On the Rs...
  9. ADM 229/20 - Proposed refits to HMS Hood, HMS Rodney, HMS Nelson. Page 96 Self made Transcript only as I don't have publishing permission for the digital images copy.
  10. One would wonder about the proposed refits for the Nelsons and the Royal Sovereigns before the war broke out. I hear them mentioned about the place but I don't see them in any of the books I own nor after a quick perusal through google. The only thing I did find out was about the 'super bulges' for the Royal Sovereign class. To the end I've ordered digital copies of Admiralty record ADM 229/20 "NOTES TAKEN AT CONTROLLER'S CONFERENCE ON 7/3/39, CONCERNING RECONSTRUCTION OF "NELSON", "RODNEY" AND "HOOD", ALSO RE-ARMOURING "ROYAL SOVEREIGNS" specifically sections concerning the refits of everyone but Hood. I will post about it when the digitised records arrive. I was surprised to find out they didn't already exist in digital format.
  11. I have over 900 of the pure flooding flags from 3 Super Containers (yes that's 3x250 of pure flooding flags) and various missions. I don't play CV, aside for a the anniversary missionsa while back, so I only use them when I take Tachibana for a spin. To some these flags are needed. For me they are a reminder that containers while better than the daily missions can still be irksome from 'what ifs'. I'll be glad for the depot and I would even at a 5 to one trade rate swap them for almost any other flag.
  12. Italian Cruisers Meow!

  13. Hot off the WOWS Facebook page is the IJN Mutsu coming as a Premium ship. Not one I was expecting to see nor from facebook first of all places.
  14. I wonder what people would think of getting decorative flags in super containers. A way of getting the ranked Midway, Hawaii, Kure or bundled ship flags like for Prinz's or Dunkerque's bundled flags without over saturating them and taking away their earned or brought value. Maybe this was already discussed but it was my thought since I missed the first ranked season and wouldn't mind the Kure flag.