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  1. On the other hand, the game is designed so that anything not TX is more or less useless. Making a lot of the playerbase feel that is a ship is not tier X, then it is simply not worth it. So really, what this can do it so demotivate any player that play little ranked or clan battles and mostly plays randoms. As I see it, the answer should me more opportunities/game modes where you can play anything else than tier X without the tier spread.
  2. steviln

    West Virginia the wrong version

    I actually prefer the version they are presenting now, as we already have the modernized Colorado class in the game. Really wanted a premium with that more or less classical configuration the old battleships had at Pearl Harbour.
  3. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    I would rather say that BB overpopulation makes playing a BB easier. I have started to play BBs again, since it as now become so easy even I can have fun in them, even though it is the surface class I am really worst at in high tiers.
  4. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    However, quite a few people although not the betatesters seems to enjoy that meta. And I really think with the new radar cruisers, cruisers are able to counter DDs enough as it is.
  5. steviln

    Almosr ready to Quit this game

    I do not feel this is the case at all. One important reason seems to be that there are so many radar cruisers now, and the radar cruisers prefer to stay out of sight of battleships since they are fairly vulnerable to deletion. Not really a BB main myself, although having played them quite a bit lately, and I rather think that high tier BB play is more confortable now that it have ever been. The introduction of ships like the Worchester have really indirectly buffed BBs in two ways. Less cruiser HE spam and the DDs are kept more in check.
  6. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    But when in a debate with the Aspie Brigade, it always turn into a discussion about person rather than subject. They always end up with "you are stupid", "you have poor stats" or simply chose one single quote to answer and then misintepret it on purpose.
  7. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    You did upvote his comment calling me stupid though. I have noticed that many of you seem very similar. You were in the CBT, think CVs are great for the game and you also have a tendency to focus only on simple numbers, never comment on things more abstract, usually answer with short comments and really never elaborate on any more fleshed out ideas. When the CV rework goes live, I propably go and play War Thunder or Fractured Space instead.
  8. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

  9. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    Then they have dark sides they let out by playing CV on WOWS :)
  10. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    However, CV mains are bad people, so no problem is they get shafted a bit.
  11. steviln

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    At least in high tier, I think cruiser HE spam dominated the game more a while back. It seems that the rise of the radar cruiser that often hide behind islands and/or dare not engage battleships because of mediocre range have made the life of the BB a lot more confortable. Same thing with these radar cruisers to a larger degree holding the DDs in check. A ship like the Henry can really take the fun out of the game for a BB, but they seems to be rather rare. Had it been 3-5 Henrys in every match per siden, playing a BB would be a lot harder I think.
  12. steviln

    CV rework poll 2018

    I think the launch of the CV rework is an excellent opportunity to find another game to play.
  13. steviln

    CV Rework Discussion

    It is still more relaxing and calm that for example World of Tanks though.
  14. steviln

    CV Rework Discussion

    My point was exactly that aircraft could influence the game while being out of harms or serious harms way to a larger degree than other ships. YOu really are. It is just the arrogance of "good players", that simply feel they do not have to present arguments when they discuss with anyone with worse stats than themselves. Just as usual with the "aspie brigade". The guy with the martian avatar even admitted being one I remember.
  15. steviln

    CV Rework Discussion

    No, the difference is that aircraft can "camp" just outside AA range, that is a hell of a lot closer than 5 minutes flight time. It is rather that you misunderstand what I write on purpose so you do not have to make any arguments.