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  1. But again, why is this a good thing? If anything the rework was an indirect BB buff, as that was really needed. CVs hunting DDs make for safer BBs and not much damage of a torpedo salvo appearing unexpectedly.
  2. But with all those CVs and radar cruisers around, DDs should stay away from caps by far to not be deleted at the start of the battle. If a DD is able to snipe a CV, as was possible before all those radar cruiser came along, the rest of the team would need to protect the CV a bit. Why should CVs really be immune from getting sunk until the end of each battle, while any other class can be gone after a few minutes after start? This when in fact the casualty rates of CVs was quite high in the real war. Why should the team protect the DDs but not the CVs? And what is really wrong with DDs going off by themselves? As such, the job of spotting is really much easier if they do.
  3. But as it is now, BBs are largely ineffective against DDs, DDs are ineffective against cruisers and cruiser at least earlier were ineffective one on one against a battleship(not so much against certain HE spammers though). The CV really stands out as being relatively effective against all other classes. In fact, it would be good design to make CVs defenceless against DDs as that mean the rest of the team would have to put in an effort to protect the CV.
  4. steviln

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    I do not really like it at all. Why cannot the submarines resemble actual submarines? The now dead competitor had subs that resembled real subs, and it really worked. As I see it, the submarines the way WG intend to use them destroy the theme of the game. It simply will resemble the real ships to little. Off course it is not a simulation, but there still is limits on how different things can be from reality? Like homing torpedoes in a WW2 themed game.