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  1. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    I have noticed that the good players seems unable to debate without using some kind of numbers, but not everything can be measured by numbers. I simply do not have the stats available, so I guess based om what impression I have and what makes most sense based on how the playerbase behaves.
  2. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    It makes a big difference what kind of game the playerbase would want.
  3. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    I did not really claim anything of what you are answering here. I only stated that most players do not seem to have a problem with 5 BBs per team, but I did not suggest they should be buffed. You simply fail to see that the BB meta stuff is just a matter of opinion. Many players simply prefer that meta, I would guess older player that have not played that many shooters or have not played them often. WG just adjust to the playerbase they got. Something that may be wise, as that playerbase do not have that many alternatives, while the typical "good gamer" type player have several other places to go, so the first group will be easier to hold on to.
  4. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Actually, the DD captains love to have a lot of BBs on the enemy team rather than cruiser, and people using the Henry and Zao will also be more than happy with having 5 BBs on the enemy team.
  5. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Maybe this is because this is an issue for betatest elitists only and most of the rest of the playerbase are fine with it? In the ingame chat, players seems to rather have an issue with a lot of DDs, CVs or on some occation to much radar.
  6. But not all ships have proper AA protection and some have to sacrifice so much of other things they become ineffective if they spec for. This especially is true for DDs that work a lot alone. The presence of a competent CV opponent really do playing a DD totally unfun. The important difference between airplanes and DDs is that DDs are fixed to a place to a larger degree, and cannot reach over the entire map at will such that CVs can. You can often operate more freely later in the game, because you have a general overview over which enemy ships are in your vicinity. This cannot be done with plans as they can reach everywhere, and with torpedoes you are safe a bit behind enemy ships, but not the case with plans as you have to stay within friendly AA range to be protected. But the thing is that the preventetive measure against CVs just make the game unfun to play, at least in my view. If there will again be a CV in almost every match, I will simply play War Thunder instead. And angling against a BB is much easier than dodging several squadrons from a good CV player. This seems to be the only game I played with the presence of a good player in a certain class to such a degree spoil the fun for everyone else. No, that is simply not the case. I have seen that once or twice in all the games I have had. It seems to me that to complain about BB meta is something typical of "beta test forum elitists" do. The general playerbase seems to be more than fine with it. It is much more common to see remarks such as "sky cancer", even though I really hate that remark. It is what CV players want from a CV, but that was not what I was talking about. I was talking about what the playerbase at large want from the game. The problem is rather that the CV players want something else from the game that most other players, so the best would be to make an own CV player game mode. For what difference would it do for them if they target bots rather than other players? But again, this creates a situation where you are not the one that want to go first. You seem to think we are still at closed beta but a small but dedicated playerbase? The thing is that a lot of the playerbase now are people that rarely play action games, something very different from the beta test crowd. The thing is that when you have a mechanic where the ship being in front get punished even more, people will be even more reluctant to push, and as with other ships, you cannot push in areas with few dangerous enemy ships because plans can reach everywhere.
  7. How to nerf Worcester (?)

    If you call that a "wall of text" you have a serious problem. Do you get your "news" from Youtube?
  8. That is something else. They complain about the BBs care camping, but not that they are there in the first place. I was referring to all the players complaining about CVs being there in the first place, and sometime when there are in their opinion to many DDs on each team. What you referring to now is something completely different that I was referring to. This is a tactic you use a lot though, just the the Aspie Mob. Another examples was when I pointed out that the CV mechanics are not adapted to what the playerbase that this game attracts want, and you replied that Graf Zeppelin was. Even though it was made with AP bombs to combat the german BB meta, which again is another question that the one I was referring to. I have noticed that you and the other Beta testers with your opinion simply do not want to address this question at all. The fact that a lot of the playerbase enjoy this game because it is calmer than most if not all other shooters. But the CV have an ability to cause a lot of damage in a short period the other classes in most cases do not, and this especially apply to attacks against DDs. Also, it is easier to permantly damage other opponents since their ships can be hit, and since you usually see enemy ships a distance away, you have the opportunity to turn away from them to a larger degree than CV planes, just as you can hide behind rocks and similar. But on the other hand, you condemn camping? If the team is going to push, someone have to go first, and you really want to make sure nobody goes first as any ship going to far from the teammates will be punished horribly, so then it is much safer to just stay together with your team in your own spawn.
  9. Yes you must be dreaming, or lying. I think the last option is the correct one. It is the sum of planes in addition that get to much. The important difference is that planes can reach everywhere quite fast, while ships are to a much larger degree stuck in place for a while. So it is easier to push a place you know the enemy have few torp and fire spam able ships. But again, the issue with coordination.
  10. It is the fault of CV mechanic not being adapted to the playerbase. Players may not be braindead, but this game is attraction a lot of players that usually play other things than shooters, and therefore prefer a slower game than for example World of Tanks. So the CV mechanics make this game more similiar to other such games. You often see players complain about CVs in chat in game, while complaining about a lot of BBs only happen with beta or pre beta players complaining in the forum or in Youtube video comments. But without CVs is is simpler for single ships to push on the flank, which was my point in the first place. But why is pushing a flank to try to get into position to fire at cruiser hiding behind rocks "bad play"? Why is joining a lemming train "good play"?
  11. This is a point many of the good players here do not understand. That the niche of this game have been to be the relaxing shooter. The playerbase seems to have been stable for a while, and my impression is that it is because a lot of players want to play a kind of shooter that is more relaxing and slower than most similar games. If there comes to many CVs in the game, it may alienate a large part of that playerbase. So with more CVs, those players would be better served by realistic battles in War Thunder.
  12. But as the first poster pointed out, this is in practice impossible to coordinate in a random battle unless you play together with two friends. Movement and fluid gameplay is not the same. Ships can be on the move all the time, but move about in circles around their own spawn, something that often happens when CVs are involved. When it comes to the bown on reversing BB players, they get punished enough by HE spamming cruisers already. The problem with countering concealment is that it makes gameplay less interesting for the other classes,especially DDs. Thist was one thing when the game started, but with all these radars around, DD play easily get very unfun when a CV in addition. Are there really a difference? Another things is that I think a lot of camping claims are just whining. It is just not as bad as many people claim, and camping at the start of the battle makes sense since you should have a general overview of where the enemy ships are before you push. But the problem with the current dynamic is that the ship that goes ahead first and tries to start a push, very easily get targeted by plans in addition to HE smap and DD torpedoes. That makes it much safer to stay back.
  13. But why do we need CVs to do that? Making solo play more difficult just leads to camping, since coordinating an advance of several ships at the same time is difficult in randoms or even ranked. Also, a ship going off alone will struggle even without CVs, at least if it is a battleship. And why does teamwork equal ships staying together?
  14. But what is so fun with lemming trains? As he stated, the level of coordination required to guard against CVs in more fluid play is simply not possible in random battles. This may also indirectly strengthen radar cruiser behind a rock, since CVs making flanking movements much more difficult and risky.
  15. Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    But what if paper designs were included? I know that the dutch made quite a few designs they decided not to build.