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  1. CV Rework Discussion

    It is still more relaxing and calm that for example World of Tanks though.
  2. CV Rework Discussion

    My point was exactly that aircraft could influence the game while being out of harms or serious harms way to a larger degree than other ships. YOu really are. It is just the arrogance of "good players", that simply feel they do not have to present arguments when they discuss with anyone with worse stats than themselves. Just as usual with the "aspie brigade". The guy with the martian avatar even admitted being one I remember.
  3. CV Rework Discussion

    No, the difference is that aircraft can "camp" just outside AA range, that is a hell of a lot closer than 5 minutes flight time. It is rather that you misunderstand what I write on purpose so you do not have to make any arguments.
  4. The bad CV players would mostly just give up, but at least they would not bother bad players like me anymore :)
  5. I think that could very easily be achieved with making separate game modes for CV and non CV games, as all the bad players would chose to play without CVs in the match and opposite.
  6. CV Rework Discussion

    The difference being that the planes can still stay in a position where they are a very potential threat to nearby ships, affecting what those ships are able to do, in a way that a ship camping at the back are not able to.
  7. CV Rework Discussion

    But still the delays involved makes sure that a CV will not be effectively removed from a game for quite some while, and it is easy for a CV to keep their planes out of harms way without just keeping them in the back over the CV.
  8. CV Rework Discussion

    If it sinks, it is totally gone, but if it lose a strike wing it have a couple of waves left. That is the difference.
  9. CV Rework Discussion

    The issue is rather that NO other ship can sink a CV during most of the match, while a battleship can be sunk by a lot of other ships to. It is rather you that construct a straw man. No class is able to destroy all other classes at will, but all except CVs are under direct threat from other ships during most of the match, while CVs will only lose a part of their strike wing. So a CV is guaranteed to stay in the match and have a much greater reach of the map than any other class.
  10. CV Rework Discussion

    BBs can still be attacked by HE spam, DD torpedoes and other battleships, so battleships certainly cannot do whatever they want.
  11. CV Rework Discussion

    Yes, but the CV still have a couple of strike waves left, while a ship being sunk is simply out of the match. And what you call playing smart is playing boringly in my opinion. But they have designed CVs more and more to not fight each other. While in the actual battles, CVs mostly fought each other as long as the other side still have combat effective CVs present. The other situations you describe are mostly situations that happen very rarely. And a DD can hunt down the enemy CV, but then their team may lose because of it because such a DD must stay out of sight for a long time. I simply think it is wrong that one class are safe from being sunk early in the match while all other classes are not. Especially since in many of these battles, the CVs were the first ships to get hit.
  12. CV Rework Discussion

    BBs that camp in the back are in danger of HE spamming cruiser or DDs that flank the fleet and torpedo BBs in the back. Also, since BBs are so visible it may be good to let them be safe for periods to recover from HE spam and similar. If they just stay in the back, the do not do much for their team to win, but CVs can stay safe and still affect the game. The thing is that a CV will not lose its strike capacity in a couple of minute, in that time any other ship can get sunk. The others ships lose the risk of being sunk themselves when attacking, while CVs may only lose a part of their strike capacity.
  13. CV Rework Discussion

    But then it is a tier lower than Fuso? In that case the reason for their struggles are more than class difference, but tier difference. Anyway, it seems you are no better than the BBabies, in that you really complain about crusier not being able to do whatever they want without danger?
  14. CV Rework Discussion

    It will take several totally failed strikes until a CV is without any strike capacity. It only happens to me in the last 5 minutes of a full game, and I am an extremly poor CV player. The difference is that any other ships are in danger of being sunk most of the match, while the CV is not. The difference is that in non CV games, you can go out on your own to try to push or get in position to shot cruisers hidden behind rocks, while in a CV game the CV will get you if you do that. The CV also have an easy reach over the entire map no other class have.
  15. CV Rework Discussion

    An Emerald could torpedo a Fuso or shot it by spamming AP while in smoke. An Emerald can kill a BB, but a BB or even CA will only ever kill a CV if the CV suicide runs or its team have been killed already. The thing is that the Fuso is also in danger of being sunk from other BBs and DD torpedoes, while the CV is not really in danger of being sunk by anything for the large part of the game if at all.