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  1. liponpusti

    Is T8 supposed to be shittiest tier for Cruisers?

    One word......atago......
  2. liponpusti

    what is the best current tier X cruiser?

    zao is the best.... it has everything... just make sure you take advantage of the terain because 40k hp is low....
  3. lock this thread..... delete it.... burn it with fire or launch it out of space . I see no smokes/ no spots no tactics.... 15 ships games with random players + matchmaking that does not count "true experience of a player" breaks on my nerves each time i go front and dying like a prik. put game modes with less ships or whatever.....
  4. Please lock this thread or toss it into a black hole.... I get no smokes, no spots...no matter your class if u go brawl without support you are a dead meat....specially with 3 4 dds in the meta... They need a different matchmaking system in terms of win/ratio or new modes with less ships....
  5. liponpusti

    Tirpitz or Missouri

    get Atago. You wont regret it. supreme killer, good at almost everything plus heal - tier 8. good penetration guns .good fire starter. good torps(front angle and back ). 9.7 stealth . The only side effect is that you get citadeled like a tard. Yet if you pay attention to map and take advantage of new maps that have good terrain placement... You can rip appart almost everyone. Tirpitz its nice... yet somehow weird atm due to bismarck replacement...
  6. liponpusti

    ShockPirat's guide to BBs (+ IJN tier 8-10)

    how about jack of all trades instead of concealment?
  7. liponpusti

    Make t9-10 own matches

    simply.... no.
  8. liponpusti

    Something needs to be done about BBs.

    cut the whining.... all classes are doing just fine
  9. "Battleship players: what is your problem? Why won't you tank?" Cause you support like pugs.
  10. liponpusti

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    I see a lot of posts but can somebody give me a certain answer about the cost? Will it be straight 600k + free xp ...?Or will they take in consideration the research of previous lines? I own N.C. will i get the missuri for less if we own the previous ships?
  11. liponpusti

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    Thank you for your response. That means it should cost like 220k i guess.Cheers.
  12. liponpusti

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    I have one more question. If somebody knows.... Will it be an excluded from the tier line or something like choosing between iowa or missuri. What i mean.... in Wot you can choose between different tier 9s. So..... lets say that i already own N.Carolina. Will i have to research it for the same xp cost as Iowa?
  13. pfff spent 700k fxp ... guess i ll go wild farming again . tnx
  14. yeah but in case i dont have enough xp to convert, will i be able to purchase it with dubloons?
  15. will it be only with free xp or with dubloons also?