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  1. lol team work, people keep posting here how cruisers should be countering destroyers, i haven't seen this happen even once since tier VIII - X, destroyers in fact happily spam their torpedos all the time and unless they [edited]up or you have a carrier that keeps dropping bombs on them successfully, they will keep spamming torpedos all the way to the end of the match, while cruisers want to pat their hit counter against battleships instead. BBs work as intended, soak all the damage while trying to output as much damage as they can, bombarded by randoms shells (RNG supreme) and torpedo soup from DDs ( so much damage, as if there is no anti torpedo belt on any BBs ). DDs spam torpedos per game as much as double their own weight and unlike carriers only limited by reload time, to a degree where almost every tier X fight is 4 shimikaze/gearings spamming everything with torpedos from all directions, gl being a cruiser who would want to hunt them down and BBs secondary is not enough before they vanish. For most part the only DD hunters I see are friendly DDs, so much for "teamwork" in Torpedos Online
  2. Attakare

    Vigilance and Smoke Screens

    Torpedos Online, is what this game
  3. Attakare

    Missions suggestion

    My main preferences are cruisers and battleships, i know that we seem to all get missions at random or maybe not, but wouldnt it be better that we would get them close to what ships we own/play. I got 2 torp missions/3 that I simply wont be completing any time soon, simply because I mostly play Battleships. Most missions are ok, but that one is very specific to a ship class ( destroyers or certain cruisers).
  4. Attakare

    New matchmaker rule: Equal carriers on both teams

    yeah it does seem to be a problem especially when the enemy team has tier 7-9 and friendly one has tier 6-8, which is somehow balanced out by giving us 1 higher tier battleship or cruiser, which is worthless when tier 7-9 carrier drops bombs and torps on top of it, completely unapposed by tier 6-8 carrier's fighters and AA PS: this type of tit for tat matchmaking might be good for World of Tanks, but doesnt work in this context
  5. Attakare


    I knew I was right about those planes, they are no planes, they are helicopters!
  6. Attakare

    +10% loading time

    so this is about tracking vs reload time. If Nagato's guns werent so slow by default, perhaps the trade off does pay off, but when you get 38 seconds reload time and you mostly sniping, its rather terrible upgrade that costs an arm and a leg. Perhaps it needs revision, seeing as it is a very expensive one, how about it actually gives double bonus like other upgrades? Say 5% tracking and 10% reload reduction would work great for the price of advanced main gun upgrade/410mm heavy guns. Otherwise its just adding sault to the wound while robbing you blind.
  7. Attakare

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    I started to notice them now, it seems that if i am going full speed they cant properly aim or something so they dont fire, if you slow down to 1/2 1/4 their activity is hightened for sure and they do hit well. The problem is, unless you have HP advantage at the time, you wouldnt want to slow down for them to start hitting the target, while trying to avade torpedos and enemy artillery at the same time. They do however provide extra damage/support if you are on the wining side of HP battle
  8. Attakare

    Random Sandy beach that you cant leave

    Yeah they are, funny thing 2 destroyers died trying to kill me there. Still bleeding HP from "sinking" is dumb when you are beached.
  9. Attakare

    Random Sandy beach that you cant leave

    So the story is, i was turning around the island and it looked safe cause of the stones (you can see them on the far left of the screenshot) and then suddenly that sandy beach appeared and i thought I will just move across it as i was moving already along the island. And it did until i hit something in the middle of BB.
  10. Title says it all, but here is a picture Beached whale is beached. Couldnt get off it looked like you can but then the map would glitch and not move, claiming i hit ground. In the end was permanently stuck, killing 2 destroyers that went after me and then sinking from torpedos , couldnt repair (also how can you sink on a beach i dont know, maybe devs do).
  11. Attakare

    Torpedoed into a island?

    yeah i saw that tactic used on my battleship once, i was behind an island (there was maybe 5-15m to it between me and the island side by side) and toprs got dropped on the sand and traveled to me and hit me :s
  12. Attakare

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    good to know, but i dont notice any fire from them ever :s with destroyer/cruiser in under 5km range side by side :s
  13. Attakare

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    Seems to do nothing as of late, destroyer or cruiser port side, low calibre artillery doesnt fire on them as does AA on the planes, only ever seen it fire on another battleship, which does almost nothing as it is smaller caliber by far (360mm main vs 127/150mm secondary).
  14. Attakare

    Torpedo bombers and the map edge

    I find it hilarious how torpedo bombers become helicopters and drop torpedos however they like, sometimes even on the edge of the island (if you are right behind it) and you see them swim over sand a little and into the water :s