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  1. Axel252525

    Just had a weird match

    Close the game and reconnect, helped in my case.
  2. One questions: where did you found this pics or did you do them by yourself?
  3. Axel252525

    O Class Battlecruiser

    Nice work, thank you.
  4. Axel252525

    Fanmade German Techtree

    Sry, did only Cruisers and BBs yet. I'll ad carriers when I'll rework it. :)
  5. Axel252525

    Different roles

    I thought, that the Devs said, taht tehre will be class-depending battles? BB vs BB etc.? Sry i i'm wrong.
  6. Axel252525

    The Mighty Hood?

    Ah, ok, sry, missunderstood you :D
  7. Axel252525

    The Mighty Hood?

    Yepp. I think it was planned to do this refit a few weeks after she was sunk by the bismarck. One wuestion: SHould we open a Bismarck-thread?
  8. Axel252525

    The Mighty Hood?

    :D. Ok, sorry, my english is not the best, but i wanted to say, that bismrack was a good design, the ebst at her time. Remeber that the Richeleu was an answer on Scharnhorst and Bismarck. And Richelieu was never able to show her abilities in a ship-vs-ship-fight with another BB. In my oppinion the only real fail-design was the scharnhorst-class, but also these ships did their job great. And btw, you're right, many constructional-ideas we're from bayern-class, but it based origionally more on the xperiences the RM and KM made with the Deutschland-class and Scharnhorst-class and also what other navies wanted to build. This was 1935/1936. Don't knwo why there is still the myth, that bismarck is WW1-construction. Obviously bad researched.
  9. Axel252525

    The Mighty Hood?

    €: Just read the english-Wikitext about the Bismarck-class: One thing, the main armament had only the same cailber as the Bayern-Class ones, the turrets were much more modern. See Garzke and Dublin for example,or the Breyer-books with original-inforamtion out of german navy-archives. The armor-arrangement was not the same, not similar, it was a modernized version of it. Falathi,the German Navy did a great job building ships in WWI and all (!) authors of books about battleships are saying, that Bismarck was the ebst ship at her time (1940/41). Her machinery was a much better version of steam-machines (Heißdampf, sry, no idea what it means in English), her Turrets we're modernized and the precision of german artillery was not reached by any Navy till the end of the war. Because the Kriegsmarine did know, that hey have only 4 BBs (Scharnhorst was classified as BB in germany,a ctual, it looks more like a german-BC). Its armor was Wotanhart/Wotanweich and german armor-steel for ships always one of the best in the world. Bismarck was the superlative, when you see, when it was build. Till Iowa was build. Can be read by all in Siegfried Breyer: Schlachtschiffe und Schlachtkreuzer 1921-1997. German Ships, also Bayern-class, had their second-armery (the 15cm-turrets for the Bismarck) not on deck, it was below it. I think both ships are not easy to compare: Bismarck was designed to fight french BBs, not british, it was designed from 1934 to 1938, always designed as 42.000ts-ship, while KGV was designed as 35.000ts-ship, both were designed well to do the best with their deplacement and both we're excellent ships. @Entombet: The Bismarck-Design was a classical german-warship-design, that worked since ww1 fine, ab as you said: Her deck-armor against bombs was much too weak. In 1934 we germans obviously didn't thought about someone would throw boms on ships. Ironically while we build a Air Force. So, over all, i'll not agree, that you can compare them (Bismarck and KGV) fairly for both sides, KGV had a much better radar, wasd esigned for Atlantic war and designed much more modern, while Bismarck had the bigger guns, the better optical shooting, more deplacement and a bit better armor (when i also include internal armor and sink-safety). Can we meet here? But one additional point: A 1-on-1-fight of a KGV and Bismarck would have been no nice fight for both sides. The one, whou would survive, would be a swimming wreck. €: Puuh, I had to add one thing: Ships can't be compared only by armor-millimeters or something like, they must be comapred by their practical things. And there's the big problem: Ther we're only a few BB againsgt BB-fights in WWII, one was Bismarck vs Hood. But I would say know, that the most comparable ships in WWII are KGV and Bismarck, because they had a neraly fair fight against each other and we're build/constructed nearly at the same time. But we can't really say, which one was really better over all. My point. Each had better things than the other. €2 (1536): At bismarcks last fight, none of the british torpedos penetrated the internal second topredo armor of Bismrack, Prince of Wales sunk after torpedo hits. Quote The 2002 documentary Expedition: Bismarck, directed by James Cameron and filmed in May–June 2002 using smaller and more agile MIR submersibles, reconstructed the events leading to the sinking. These provided the first interior shots. His findings were that there was not enough damage below the waterline to confirm that she was sunk rather than scuttled. Close inspection of the wreckage confirmed that none of the torpedoes or shells penetrated the second layer of the inner hull. Using small ROVs to examine the interior, Cameron discovered that the torpedo blasts had failed to shatter the torpedo bulkheads.[141]english-Wiki-text about Bismarck.
  10. Axel252525

    The Mighty Hood?

    The Mighty Hood was only named so for her size. Nothing more. That they decided to fight with her against the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen was maybe just arrogance. And by the way, you can't compare Bismarck and KGV, the Bismarck was no Washington BB, it was the most time planned as 40.000ts-Ship, see the books of Breyer for more information. KGV was designed as 35.000ts-ship.
  11. Axel252525

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    This, and also it was technical from WWI, KGV for WWII, so i suggest, that KGV will be a higher tier than the Mighty Hood.
  12. Axel252525

    Fanmade German Techtree

    :D I'll rewrite it because of the informations, that H42 and H41 will be Tier 9 and so on. And youll get pictures ;).
  13. Axel252525

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    H42 is big enough to be Tier 10, it has 8 42cm-guns in 4 twin-turrets and nearly the same armor as H43 and H44 according to Siegfried Breyers books about battleships. So i think it can fight an Iowa or Yamato in a nearly fair fight for all.
  14. Axel252525

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    What Premiumships do you think we'll get for german tree? First I thought of Scharnhorst with 38cm-twin turrets, but i think that will be a upgrade for normal scharnhorst. Tirpitz, as you said, maybe will be an upgrade for Bismarck-class. Maybe H41A with its 3 40,6cm twin-turrets?
  15. Axel252525

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Tirpitz is Bismarck-Class ;) Just had an additional torpedo-launcher, there were plans to install one also on Bismarck ;). Or make a Premiumship out of it :Smile_hiding: