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  1. bekojocoka

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Bug Reports

    Hello everyone and Mr. Yabba! I see this different values in notification and real captain/commander attributes. Has this been fixed? Pls answer me.
  2. bekojocoka

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Bug Reports

    Hello! After i joining in ranked battle queue with U-69 i see this picture. Soo i think DEFAULT image is a bug. Pls anwser me?
  3. bekojocoka

    HMS Tiger´59 [T VIII]

    The real ship had HE shell.... historically not authentic. And ship has many cons.... And secound lowest DPM in a tier VIII. Why would I recommend it to anyone?
  4. bekojocoka

    Public Test 0.10.6 - General Feedback

    Hy! I have Tiger '59. I try it in the new version. It was noticeable after its appearance the "mino AP pen" the AP shell even from afar casue damaged, the BB's plant armor and superstructure, and light cruiser and dd casemate armor. It was enough AP pen for 10-13km distance avaible damage! Eeven at a slightly wrong angle. Now i cant penetrate any BB just 8-7km. It is very near !! Because i will be spotted in the smoke 5.4km. We can will only then once damaged ~2600 with the 4 salvo if enemy FULL angled 90°, and she is closer 10km. What happened with ship penetration? She hasnt torp! how to protect yourself if the AP shell does not penetrate? Shell fired 632/259 penetrate.... Pls rework or reset the parameters.
  5. Dear Staff, and all dear readers! After the last update, I noticed (9.12) that during the use of my French ships: -IX Jean Bart; -X Bourgogne, -VIII Bayard, -VII Strasbourg, its ability (Main Battery Reload Booster), the reload time of the main cannon is longer than usual, waiting for me before firing. For about 3-4 seconds. The cannons are loaded, but they won't let me shoot. He won't let me shoot, even though the cannons are loaded. Why is that? I've checked the possible reasons why this delay may occur: -My net doesn't have a high ping. -I don't rotate the cannons. -It's not just on a ship. -It doesn't happen on other ships. I mentioned it to my clanmates, they have experienced something similar. If you have encountered this, please support it, report back.