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  1. Sydd

    Do higher tiers award more XP?

    They do award you more xp but it is not linear with the xp grind, in other words as you go up the tiers you require more battles with the ships to upgrade them and research further. So if you require only 30k xp to research a tier 6 ship which is possible in around 20-25 games assuming you don't use flags. You'll need around a 100 games to grind the tier 10s even tho' your base xp is significantly higher.
  2. You want lobbies in wows. Right... I used to play this game, League of Legends.. ages ago, they had to address an issue where players would tend to pick your role even if you called it first. So they created a lobby system where in you pick your roles and build a team, they very imaginatively called it "teambuilder" it took forever to get a game because of the amount of control players had over the lobby. This will be the same in wows should a lobby be implemented and we will only end up in a game with either sucky dds or no dds at all based on what you say. Secondly, radars don't last that long, I've seen dd players work around it by having an avenue of escape, is it not a skill that a dd player is able to successfully evade detection if he wanders into radar range? Besides the amount of sway a dd holds in each battle is insane enough already and the longer the match goes on for the harder it is to find a dd and kill it. The smolensk is a ridiculous ship that shouldn't even exist in the game. It literally has a big fat area denial and is capable of stopping an entire flank by itself, the worceser is somewhat annoying but atleast I can deal with it since it doesn't have smoke and here you are, wanting it to be on par with a smolensk? Ah yes, the conqueror. Because her guns aren't annoying enough already, lets also turn her into an HE variant of the yamato so no matter what you do shells will never shatter and automatically cit you for AP damage, you also are unable to repair conq's HE damage and fire chance is 100% on each shell. /s. On a serious note, I think her guns are fine. Hardly anyone uses the bigger guns on the GK, those shells miss even at 10km range on a broadside reversing cruiser, don't compare a gk to other ships, her shells, fired from the same turret have the insane ability to reach two different corners of the map if you were at the center. Apologies for any misunderstanding there are several instances where I couldn't fully understand what you're trying to say so I hope I understood them correctly, feel free to correct me otherwise.
  3. Uhm. Juuuust a tad off topic. I have gotten back to playing this game again after ages. Suffice to say the fact that aa is utterly useless took me a while getting accustomed to. Anyways, I ended up finishing off my german cruiser grind and got my hands on the hindenburg and today I decided I'd aim for the usn cruiser lines. I have the phoenix and I started up a game, my first low tier game in forever. Suffice to say, was quite shocked to see 2 CVs on each team having 90% impact on the game. Its not fun when you have 2 CVs focusing you down in a tier where aa is almost non existent. Which would explain why there are so many cv players down at tier 4. I figured, well I'm atleast doing some damage and getting above 1k xp even on a defeat I may as well go for the omaha, whats the worse that could happen. *takes a deep breath* The very next game MM gives me the finger and puts me in a tier 5 match, which is.. whatever, more damage and xp for me although what infuriated me was the fact that THERE WERE 6 FREAKING CARRIERS IN THAT GAME... At Tier 4!! WHY? And there is a HUGE gap between the inexperienced players who, bless them, are trying to learn cvs and what I could assume are either stat padders and/or experienced players grinding down the CV lines. I can... kind of accept the fact that I cannot do anything if the CV has decided to target me so at tier 8/9/10 where I usually play this is.. bearable to say the least. HOWEVER, WTF am I to do when there are 3 freaking carriers on the enemy team, you're half dead trying to win your flank and you and your bb buddy are now closing in on those 3 CVs and they just delete you. NO counterplay whatsoever, I swear the fact that I felt so helpless at that point watching all my ships aa light up at planes in all directions knowing that no matter where I turn or slow down I am going to die just because those 3 players decided I'm too close to them for comfort. How on earth did this bloody rework get past the QA? And my issue at hand that I'm trying to address, if you've made CVs THIS effective, WHY ARE THERE 6 CVs in one game.... AT TIERS 4 and 5? Seriously wtf? Suffice to say I free xp'd the remaining 8k I had left, I really couldn't tolerate that bs.
  4. Sydd

    Be Aware of Phising links

    Now you know why scams, despite being insanely obvious always work. Greed over logic. With that being said, good advice OP, really hope people actually live by those words when on the internet.
  5. Hi Sydd,


    Will message you later as we are in  the Clan Wars at the moment! Is Sydd your IGN?





    1. Sydd


      Yes it is. 

      Thanks Shep! :)

  6. Hiya, I'm interested in joining if you consider me fitting the bar. I am just looking to improve. :) All the best with your clan battles!
  7. Damn, i wanted it in my library.... :( Maybe its not possible now but the likelihood of linking accounts is a possibility in the future I hope?
  8. Not just toxicity but player skill as well. A lot of them will go out of their way to ruin your day by "inting" here, you see that happening rarely, say... people pushing you out of smoke or torping you in the beginning of the game. stuff like that. So yeah, I'm glad its not on the scale it is in LoL. But looking forward to getting it on steam, I wonder how it will impact us. if at all...
  9. From someone who plays league of legends on a regular basis. Oh my dear friend. This community is like a sanctuary with angels singing and dancing within the clouds. In other words, this is far from "rock bottom"
  10. This goes hand in hand with bbs firing HE on other bbs that are broadside on. I've lost count of how many times I've yelled at my screen when I see people firing HE when AP would have been the wiser choice. But hey ho. I certainly don't complain when bbs fire HE on my unangled belt. More of that please! With regards to fires, its getting frustrating how often I'm on fire with those damn bbs. Although, I must say, the max a RN bb has done to me is give me 2 fires which I put out and then gtfo and heal and try again. I think the fire % chance needs tweaking if not an outright nerf but its just my opinion based on a one sided observation.
  11. Sydd

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Now I feel a bit retarded for liking this ship. I bought the torpitz when it was released and played it similarly to her, good god the first few games.... it was a nightmare. But after I upgraded the hull, I started to play her better. She's truly a magnificent ship the biggest advice would be to play alongside your team. She's fast, has pretty slick armor, has those torps... speaking of which, despite how obvious it is that gnei has torps, you'd be surprised how many cruisers and dds I've surprised. I've even torp dueled with a dd and won (it happened only once) and he missed his torps from 2km range. Seriously, gnei is a great ship, just stick with your team and play supportively when you're on the bottom of the mm. Wait till you get the bismarck. She's such a hilarious ship.
  12. Sydd

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Not sure what they were expecting, to be honest. Did they REALLY think they could merrily sweep this under the rug cause we'd never find out? Why is Eu always treated like the step child the parents don't really like? Its bloody ridiculous, lol. On a serious note, I'm definitely not going to spend any more on wows if this keeps up. It isn't even about the freaking cash grab stunt they pulled, its about trying to hide it, wtf wg eu? I'm going to grab a pitchfork and a torch and fly to the WG office to incite a revolt if this mission isn't put in the game lol, RIGHT TO EQUALITY ftw.
  13. Sydd

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    *sigh* What are you guys talking about? I mean sure its difficult to deal with cruisers at a range anything beyond 15km. But..I am no skilled unicum. I am very new to the game and countless times I have seen cruisers showing me her broadside sailing at the same speed, thats citadel city right there. Ofc there are good players who know what to do with their ships and abuse their advantages, like changing speed and course... These are the guys who are a pain in the neck to BB players, when this happens, I show as little of my ship as possible and sail towards an allied ship that can support me. But then again.. as a BB i miss my shots under 10 km range and thats insane... My only issue with the BB is this, completely missing shots at targets that are stationary under 15 km. maybe 2/12 shots hit.
  14. Atleast for me, in the early levels of CV gameplay.. The difference between the 2 nations playstyle is quite significant. I'd have to assume that the japanese carriers need to use their speed and servicing time advantage to.. get planes in the air faster but.. what exactly does a japanese CV target? Say 90% of your main fleet headed in one direction, the others headed off in another direction, the enemy american CV, starts picking off one BB after another from our main fleet, should I support the 10% who went on the other side? How exactly do you deal with an American CV? I'm quite new to the game and while I am capable of understanding the concept of gameplay, I find it a little tricky to implement it into the game..
  15. Sydd

    Ranked Battle Reward Flags

    Hm, Ranked battles right? The idea of giving out flags as a reward is really nice. I'd rather have historically accurate flags but when it comes to the KMS and only the KMS, not the IJN.. I wouldnt mind seeing the Balkenkreuz. Please don't censor the Rising Sun flag.. Its still called the land of the rising sun after all. I also like the Idea that one of the users stated above, to have flags based on the rank of your ship's commander. While I am on topic with the commander, I KNOW this is not the section to post it but I'd very much like to see the Rank insignias of my freaking commanders, their achievements in battle etc (Like how it is in WoT, anyone?) Yes, back on topic.. flags, historically accurate. And its not enough as rewards, I mean I know we get camo schemes and new bonus flags and such but... how about gifting modules? Asking for a new ship is too much but surely, modules can work right? Modules meaning the turret modification 1 etc.