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  1. MrDuffo

    Is this really worth almost 2000XP?

    I think its because of achievements you got
  2. MrDuffo

    Any ETA for hotfix of Dospersion and AP?

    There are many other bugs too like no smoke on chimenys etc. Kinda makes wonder what people actually does in test server...
  3. Patch can have bugs but friday should not be patch day when you cant fix the bugs fast and you get angry players for weekend.
  4. MrDuffo

    serious bug found in patch 0.5.1,plz fix it as fast as possible

    They mean the smoke coming from chimneys. And yes I saw this happen in one battle also. So it doesnt happen always could be loading bug on client.
  5. MrDuffo

    What signal flags do you value the most?

    Zulu. It seems Im always short on credits when getting on higher tiers but have plenty of xp. Like when I got hipper unlocked I had to still grind 5mil on credits
  6. Not interested about colors. But rewarding for team play should be in game.
  7. MrDuffo

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    Divisions can make weird things
  8. MrDuffo

    Patch 0.5.1 Thoughts & Personal Feedback

    Shouldnt this go to off topic forum as I cant see any your thoughts about 5.01 patch only about jingle bells n stuff
  9. MrDuffo

    Halloween Event?

    Halloween In-Game Special • x2 XP First Win Bonus STARTS 31 October at 07:10 CET (UTC+1)ENDS 3 November at 07:00 CET (UTC+1) Read one must
  10. MrDuffo

    Player names above ships

    settings - controls - alternative battle interface mode
  11. MrDuffo


    Damn thats long way out when we are now at so might be year or 2
  12. MrDuffo

    POLL: Which premium consumables do you use in random battle?

    One can also use silver on em
  13. MrDuffo

    got my Koningberg

    those golden cards. disgusting!
  14. MrDuffo

    Should I report afk players as bots or playing poorly?

    There is no reason to get salty in random battles. Wait for clan stuff for your elitism kicks
  15. MrDuffo

    Why are my credits going down ?

    Maybe this why you shouldn't buy precious big ships at first with real money but learn to play from start and when you get to big ships its easy to stay positive side on money