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  1. I guess you missed the crap storm surrounding that game then.
  2. Talking "classic shity threatment of this greedy company" and ur playing SWB2...goodo job.
  3. This man aint sprewing salt from the gulags.
  4. Pingviinii

    The line between caution and being useless

    Keep an eye out on the mini map to se where your team is and were the enemy are. Dont just wander off towards some flank by yourself becouse "no one else is there and it needs defending", its a date with disaster and shes not nice.
  5. Pingviinii

    Why low tier battleships must suck?

    Kongo is probly one of the best BBs in the game (my opinion tho) for its tier. I usually go head to head with t7s like the Nagato and Colorado and still do very well for myself. Also dont "snipe" from the back like some scrub and man up and brawl.
  6. Pingviinii

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    Ive been waiting for the Graf Spee since open beta and I will throw my money at the screen for this one...good or bad doesnt matter.
  7. Pingviinii

    Back to Cruisers

    You are really gonna enjoy the Hipper when you get it. I can tell you that I had a blast in the Nürnberg aswell.
  8. Pingviinii

    Yorck? like really

    The Yorck made me quit the german CA line, I found it to be really really bad against anything larger then a DD.
  9. Pingviinii

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    People are always going to [edited]about everyone but themselves or play the blame game for loosing. Ive seen plenty of people playing like dumb [edited]despite what ship they are in (CV excluded).
  10. Pingviinii

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    I have been playing DDs and its rather easy to stay out of the detection range and just launch some torps.
  11. Pingviinii

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    Exept for truly stealth torps from DDs that havnt been spotted at all.
  12. Pingviinii

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    As a BB player I can say its much due to the huge amout of DDs in each game. Going anywere near the cap on some maps means instant death by torpedo at higher levels and that is not fun.
  13. Pingviinii

    Possible solution to sniping

    Id get more involved with cap zones and stuff if there werent freaking 4-6 DDs on each side every singel game. I have tried to get closer but you only get hounded by DDs from smoke or get stealth torpedoed without knowing they were ever there.
  14. Pingviinii

    Share your Tirpitz noob stories

    Ive done the same but I was going towards him while fighting someone else and he cit me so hard from the front that I shut the game off and had a smoke becouse it was basically rape at that point.
  15. Pingviinii

    Mahan. Was it the best possible way to improve Farragut?

    Thats what I meant.