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  1. I'm pretty consistent with hitting if my planes can survive so I need at least mediocre planes and powerful torpedoes
  2. I cant hit a thing with rockets and bombs so I like torpedoes. I tried IJN CVs which have solid torpedoes but paper planes. On other hand USN have trash torpedoes and good planes. What is best CV line for players that like torpedoes?
  3. Smaller teams than in randoms and?
  4. seXikanac

    WG what's going on with Perth?

    Yeah, it should move one from Tech Tree to Armoury. Do you agree?
  5. seXikanac

    WG what's going on with Perth?

    Well could be phrased like that or why dont them move Perth to Armory?
  6. seXikanac

    What CV line to pick? Any good premium CVs?

    Hmm so far I played with IJN and USN CVs. INJ planes just die before you can come close to ships but you you manage can do good damage and USN cant hit a thing or to make any damage
  7. seXikanac

    WG what's going on with Perth?

    TLC is tender love care, but ... there is more Commonwealth ships than just Perth?!?
  8. Just move it to UK or US line or remove it from the Tech Tree. Its soar to eyes alone
  9. Will they ever get some TLC? Any news?
  10. seXikanac

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    Not even premium time?
  11. seXikanac

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    Im curious, is there any reason not to buy Ise?
  12. So, I want to go into CVs as Im bit bored with WoWS lately. Which CV line to pick? And is there any good premium CVs to buy, for doubloons
  13. Any reason that most expensive coal ship is tier 9 Neustrashimy? Several cheaper ships are tier 10
  14. seXikanac

    How would you repair WoWS?

    IMHO, any game needs new content every 3-4 months to stay fresh. In the case of WoWS that would be new maps and mods. One ship, with a bit different skin and the same playstyle as the rest of those in the game, is not new content. For instance, WG could add a VIP mod, similar to Operations where one group protect and the second has to kill a ship or convoy. They could add three side battles with 3 teams or some free for all battle. Etc What would you suggest WG do to repair WoWS?