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  1. Alishia99

    Why did I get a free Orion?

    They were pretty easy missions, plus you only had to finish part 3 of 5 to get the ship. Couldn't ask for much more. Well you could, but that would be greedy.
  2. Alishia99

    Launcher not updating

    Removed duplicate post
  3. Alishia99

    Launcher not updating

    It's been down for 4 hours now.
  4. Alishia99

    British BB missions

    I went 3 hours and almost half of the battles had no bb's and most of the other half only had 1.
  5. Alishia99

    British BB missions

    If kills by bb's don't count, then there is no incentive to play bb's. If no one plays bb's then there are no bb's to kill.
  6. Alishia99

    British BB missions

    Something wrong with the 3rd set of missions. On the website it says: Restrictions: Random battles, Cooperative battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any Tier IV+ ship (Italics mine) But on the port it won't let you use Battleships. It says: "Destroyers, Cruisers, or Carriers of Tier IV or higher" I didn't notice this until I saw that 2 kills were not allowed.
  7. Alishia99

    Calendar for August

    This reminds me of last year when they dropped the British cruisers. One day's notice. Prior to which all we heard was how hard testing was going.
  8. Alishia99

    New ship preview: Monarch

    My question about the 'new' 15" gun is, Will it be an optional upgrade for the other 15" gun RN BB's? Since it's supposed to be so much better than the older model.
  9. It only seems fair that they should use the Imperial German Flag on Great War ships, as long as they use the Imperial Russian Empire flag on their ships. That being said, my only real objection to the current German flag is that I feel 2 iron crosses are redundant. Why not replace the central iron cross with the Hohenzollern eagle? That way both pre-nazi groups are represented. I also might add that I like the 'reverse rising sun' flag on the Tier 4 Russian DD (Izyaslav) b hull. Maybe remove the hammer and sickle from it.
  10. Alishia99

    Soviet Cruisers some stats

    Here's some more definite information. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/55968-russiansoviet-vmf-cruisers-line-discussions/page__st__260#topmost Though the torps for Tier 4 Svetlana have been changed (according to the tech tree) to 'Torpedo Model 1912'. That same model on the Tier 4 dd (Izyaslav) has a range of 5km, 52kts.
  11. Alishia99

    Warspite.. yes again.

    What I've heard are 2 reasons/excuses. 1. The British are reluctant to open their archives to let the programmers have the details they need. 2. the programmers working on the British ships are procrastinating and not working very fast. (or words to that effect ) As for 1. seems a bit odd that they would have a problem sharing information on ships built over 70 years ago, but not impossible. As for 2., no comment since I don't know the facts, just the rumor.
  12. Alishia99

    In-game Soviet Cruiser event

    What! Stalinium isn't real?!!! I'm shocked... shocked I say.