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  1. There is a list of ships in the pack in the premium shop, Belfast is not included.
  2. What?! Not even the 540 EUR Armada pack? I mean, it's over 50% discount and you get a flag! But honestly now, I wonder how many people are going to even consider buying that one... It's a freakin' big whaleship.
  3. I believe whether the ship is overpowered or not is besides the point here. It's potentialy allowing newbies without any real experience buy their way into T9-10 battles, which was already an issue on T8. Even the fxp/xp for conversion you have to gain by playing, and it's considerably more than what you need to reach Account Level 3 to unlock random battles.
  4. Arkus86

    Ishizuchi range&AA

    I did not play Ishizuchi all that much after they added German BBs, but when I did meet them, I did not feel outgunned at all. It felt more or less even, maybe with slight advantage on my side. Unless something happens to interfere with your WASD hacks or you meet a skilled player, you will hardly get more than 1-2 hits at most from most cross-drops at tier 4. Newbie would mostly use auto drop, and that is not so hard to avoid majority of the torps, if not all.
  5. Arkus86

    Bugs Feedback

    I think the bug you are talking about (or similar) just happened to me in my Hatsuharu, on Land of Fire, as I was closing on the northern map border. My HUD started flickering, and after I was destroyed, the game crashed. I do not remember any artifact in the middle of the screen, though I think I could see indicator of my HE reload, stuck at the end of reload. Needed hard restart to get rid of it, as I could only see black screen when trying to acces task manager.
  6. Arkus86

    Bug Reports

    Hello, today I got an rather unpleasant bug in a battle with my CV, I was set on fire by dive bombers (I think i was just launching a squadron while one other was waiting to land), put it out manually, that one group of aircraft launched, but since then, I was unable to land or launch any aircraft, they were just marked as waiting for launch or landing.