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  1. It is hard to choose only one. I suggest you to buy the first 3.
  2. Gnor27

    Le GK à l'honneur

    Congratulation! :)
  3. Thx for the advices! I won, the competition by points and 3 of the categories. All category took 2 days. T4 base xp ( was offline ) T5 top damage ( win, pic ) T6 most of frags ( 2nd, with 4 kill ) T7 most of potential damage ( win, pic ) T10 most of ribbons (win, pic) But... My Clan mate has the same ribbon.... :D So the higher base xp won. :) I ve won 7k dublon. :)
  4. Gnor27

    Le GK à l'honneur

    Score personnel tab? :)
  5. We got a Harugumo battle performance with about 400 ribbon.... I need more for the victory. Ive just bought the Worcester. What is the different about the -70% mag det module and between the -100% mag det signal? I know the percentage but I heard other difference what I cant rememmber.
  6. As I can remember the skill effect on the calibers belov 139mm But I ll check it again.
  7. The 4 point secondary..... Yes i see. But it has effect only on the 127mm.
  8. My Musashi can only 8,8 on max...
  9. Yes, rof not dpm. Thx! :)
  10. What about the Worcester? Is the Harugumo DPM so good as a T10 cruiser?
  11. Hi! Can anybody tell me what is the biggest secondary range in this game and which ship has it? In a competition we must collect the most of ribbons in T10, and somebody suggested me to collect them by secondaries...
  12. Gnor27

    Bug Reports

    Hi! The gearing was AFK under almost the whole battle. He shot down the half of a DD and died. Why he get so many xp?! Its something wrong with the ranked xp system!!!! He lived only 2 min. He shot about 14k dmg to a DD. Some spot dmg but no cap or frag or any other. Why got he suck a lot of xp??? 20180825_232448_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay