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  1. dark6799

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    LOL I want to join the lottery (explicitly)
  2. dark6799

    Stalingrad OP

    Emm care to join us hahaha ;) Open offer, tbh it is always the player skills and to counter stalin its also very easy, use fireships xD we stopped playing BB in our formation when we have 2 stalins in lineup, but I guess the meta will evolve with the passage of time, I would say if u give stalin to noob players its not OP, at all, so player skill is the edge for any ship to make it count. that makes u OP player not OP ship
  3. hmm lets see how the the new ideas go
  4. dark6799

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    troll DD
  5. dark6799

    Field Commanders for Doubloons

    I see some thing very fishy in OSC ranks xD
  6. dark6799

    Arms Race Mode

    First Feedback Overall Satisfaction: Good its helpful and is like a full arcade > Detection reduction buff is very dangerous for first to come attacking ships and a serious buff for example DDs will be so dangerous with torp reloaders and smoke shooting is very op. > The team in the buff zone has total control and one or 2 ships attacking the spawn not even possible. > Stalemates and support passive play when one team has advantage > Gives an incentive to players for aggressive play to get advantage early. >A hype mode like halloween event Suggestions; >Reduce the spawn rates and include less RNG prediction a >tweaks on timing and center map zone appearance clocks would be nice. >Don't make it too OP also try to create some balance for example increase concealment but reduce reload may be, same increase reload but reduce concealment etc
  7. dark6799

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Ship dead corpse in the air jumped on the island 2. Reproduction steps Happens rarely when you the ship dies at this island angled pointt. 3. Result Confirmed by other players who were in battle 4. Expected result The ship corpse should be in the seas not above the sky :) 5. Technical detail Screenshots attached, Replays were not enabled at that time
  8. dark6799

    HE spaming Montana

    I love to shoot HE on montana and am not sad about it, even by mistake I miss opportunities when I have to shoot AP...but who cares I'm love with HE montana tbh I also tried a demolition expert monti it was stupid but it was fun..Imagine a witherer ppl call me a noob but I carry their asses see the stats... Regards, Monti HE Lover
  9. dark6799

    Anyone wants me can have me

    though I still care about PNAVY but don't exaggerate you could lose the crew even you have now.. well if you play a guy who just joined the clan 2 hours ago playing KOTS then I have a problem.. and don't forget you were my creation...PROVE me wrong Do you wanna play name or shame here LOL Drama again..! this tells alot who was right and please grow up.. and P.S dead clan has no right to distrub this post,,
  10. dark6799

    Anyone wants me can have me

    Haha am surprised,..that's new am afraid I have to take you too redbull...
  11. dark6799

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    Please nerf Hindenberg soo op
  12. dark6799

    Anyone wants me can have me

    All unicums left lol, haha I still remeber osc rivalry plus osc and pnavy were started from sucide squad.. Miss u sexiest croat
  13. dark6799

    Premium ships

    New York is too OP it also nuked my Gulio Cesare both of us showing broadsides mine all overpens he got x3 cits... kaboom