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  1. WGP2L is recruiting :) WGP2L is the relaxed and training clan of WGP2W Community. For our WGP2W community we never judge players by their WR or PR, If you think you are good or you want to improve. Feel Free to try us :) We have a very organized structure and a persuasive attitude toward set of things. So we get love or hate time to time. If you are interested please contact @Idlaaja or @SimplyKarl, may be join our discord and poke them. Cheers, Dark
  2. dark6799


    Server, Website, Forums, ST Forums everything is down down
  3. We are short handed on CV Players so if you feel comfortable with the new CVs, feel free to PM or poke me on discord or here :) Cheers +Bump Dark
  4. Sure sure :) https://discord.gg/38JcBPW That's a Perma link. Cheers. Dark
  5. Yay, thank you! Btw join our discord so we exchange our diplomats
  6. dark6799

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    So for just Balkans only then, I feel it kinda racist xD xD no offense
  7. So bump to it for all if interested in joining us :)
  8. I guess this a recruitment thread not a cry baby thread, I said you we look into this and gave you my answer. Naming and shaming is beyond the rules so I would still say what what I said before. Hope you get it Thanks and Fair seas
  9. emm okay, we ll look into this. CV players get the most rage these days due to a huge difference between skilled and non skilled players, its just not only us everyone is like that as CV players have a deep impact on the course of the game. Hope you get it. Thanks and fair seas
  10. dark6799

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    I guess ur one of those players also xD xD
  11. Recruitment is open :) We are bit relaxed on the requirements as we did a recent overhaul to the clan, We currently have 1 first team and 1 training team as of now, we are filling up places so if you guys are interested PM me and we will talk out the details. We are transparent and fair team building community, which has a certain general code of conduct. Above all fun comes first. We are currently using discord as our main mode of communication and steam is the backup. Give us a try and stay or leave its up to you, no hard feelings. We Wish u all a happy New Year and Best of luck. P.s for those guys who say or think clan is dead its not ;) Cheers, dark6799
  12. dark6799

    Advice to new players - get t10 RN cruiser right away

    Well, I have a different story to tell "2 nights ago I was playing with my cousin tier 1, 2 introducing him to do the game and unfortunately showed him the premium shop which I totally regret and today I saw him bought all the premium ships available in the shop fml " Lol forgive me as I have sinned and I can feel and understand your pain
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR from the weeb world