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  1. blademansw

    Interview with Community Contributor Flambass

    How old is Flambass?
  2. blademansw

    Auto return last Captain

  3. blademansw

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Considering we still haven't got a decent interface in the port that makes sense....thats pretty good really.
  4. Welcome to our newest member Bramzy! As before, we are not interested in stats, we are interested in social people who like strongly adult humour on Teamspeak. If you like running solo and not talking to anyone then you need not apply. So if you are over 25, like swearing like a trooper and having a great laugh with like minded people whilst shooting all the things then pop onto our discord for a chat with one of the recruiters. https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S
  5. blademansw

    Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    I prefer Epicrap to Standard. Bring on the domination ;-)
  6. blademansw

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    I see Ubique was busy making himself famous in a Jingles video then lol. Free bump ;-)
  7. After a few members choosing to move onto pastures anew, AWG have some fresh sluts open for some more salty profane players with the most disgusting sense of humour available. We don't care about stats, we do care about social activity and voice communications. As without voice comms there are no bants! So in a nutshell, are you a sweary non offended person who is over 25 and happy to comply with our simple rules of using Teamspeak whilst in game and Discord to keep abreast of clan news and other exciting activities? If so, please visit our discord channel and ask to speak to a recruiter who will drop you right in the deep end ;-) https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S
  8. blademansw

    An EASY way to fix radar problems

    I don't have an issue with radar, you can generally play around it. Except when there are 4 radar cruisers on the enemy team which seems to be common these days. So either a MM restriction (and definitely mirroring) or make the island huggers spotted when they use radar ;-)
  9. blademansw

    server down?

    I'm in!!!!! PS dont tell the missus...
  10. blademansw

    server down?

  11. blademansw

    server down?

    I feel sorry for the third line engineers who have probably just been woken up by a call...
  12. blademansw

    server down?

    Are the servers still in Paris? Celebrations involved climbing the server racks whilst drunk? ;-)
  13. blademansw

    server down?

    Mine better had.. I just one shot a des moines from full health lol
  14. blademansw

    server down?

    @SehalesIts a lot more than "some players" lol
  15. blademansw

    server down?

    Loads of people on Reddit complaining as well. Appears to be EU wide. Not specifically any country. I can ping the login servers from the UK.