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  1. blademansw

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    I stopped playing a year ago. The only reason I stuck around as long as I did was sunk cost. Finally got tired of the incessant gambling mechanics that this predatory company insists on using. I now play FS19 / 22 and I have saved an absolute fortune.
  2. blademansw

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    This just adds even more proof that they do not play their own game. As demonstrated by a certain RU Ex CC ;-)
  3. blademansw

    We are doing it.

    60 seconds is too much suffering....
  4. blademansw

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

    The tokens will be exchanged for a container with a chance to get the camos comrade.
  5. blademansw

    Send a message to PEGI

    Just picked this up from reddit, posted over there by @bigbramble For UK people only. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/594840
  6. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    I think you are on the right track with the last one...
  7. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    That's the "technical limitation" which is why she won't be in the armoury....
  8. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    Hi Crysantos The problem is, we do not trust your company any more. There is an old saying "Actions speak louder than words", and all we ever see are empty words, broken promises and the same old predatory practices. You strike me as an intelligent person and a genuine nice guy, having watched you on stream quite a few times. With that in mind you must be aware that your company is nothing more than a gambling casino now. There used to be an excellent relationship between the developer and the community, however, that has been lost, burned and destroyed due to Wargaming's actions. For example, how would you feel if you walked into an electronics store to buy an iPad, and passed over your money. The box comes out, and when you get home and open it, you find a set of cheap earphones instead. When you complain, the store says "Well, you only bought a chance to receive the product you thought you were paying for, didn't you real the small print?" I suspect you would be outraged, but this is the modus operandi of your entire company from top to bottom and quite frankly it disgusts me, especially considering your game also targets minors and vulnerable groups such as military veterans. For me, the only thing that will go some way to rebuilding some trust is a statement along the line of "We will remove ALL gambling elements such as lootboxes immediately, and gated missions". Has your company also considered that the obscene prices you charge put a lot of people off of buying your premium content? I suspect if you lowered your prices, you would actually sell a lot more and would also go a long way to rebuilding community trust. (The Laffer Curve applies here, even though it refers to taxation) You company has it within itself to sort this out and become a trusted and valued game developer, but its going to require a serious change of direction from your senior management. How about putting the customer first for once and realising what your company could have here with a previously loyal playerbase?
  9. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    They really are crazy. I wonder how they come to the conclusion on pricing, surely they would sell a huge amount more prem content if it was more sensibly priced?
  10. blademansw

    Send a message to PEGI

    I was thinking that myself
  11. blademansw

    REMOVE SUBS from COOP please!!!

    BuT sUBmaRiNEs iN COop ArE a ToTAl SuccESS
  12. blademansw

    Send a message to PEGI

    Done. I wouldn't want my kids to play this game any more at age 7 so the rating should be raised to PEGI 18 if WG wish to persist with the gambling mechanics.
  13. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    I wish I could give a lot more than a +1 for this. I couldn't agree more, in fact, if I trusted Wargambling these days, I would happily accept a reduction in credit earning for Mighty Mo as I have earned so much from her since I got her in order for her to be available for other players. But as there is zero trust, they can take a long run off a short pier.
  14. blademansw

    Missouri event and economics

    I'd rather take a dump in my hands and clap than give any money to Wargambling right now.
  15. blademansw

    Official response delayed to CC fiasco

    Well at least they haven't pissed down our collective necks and tried to persuade us its rain yet.... oh.. wait....