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  1. We are a group of mature gamers who are social gaming oriented. We are very salty and use lots of bad language! If you are looking for a clan where you can have a great laugh and not take anything too seriously then AWG may be the place for you. We do not do the main competitive scene, although if there is enough interest we occasionally indulge in clan battles. Our basic requirements are: Aged 21 years + Must own and use a microphone to communicate on Discord. Reasonably fluent in English. 1000 WOWS Numbers Performance Rating minimum. We may choose to waive this at our discretion. Socially active on Discord both text and voice. In return the clan offers the following benefits: +4% to XP per battle on all tiers of ships +10% to Commander XP per battle +25% to Free XP per battle on all tiers of ships +5% to steel that you receive +10% to coal that you receive -12% to post battle service costs -15% to the cost of researchable ships If this sounds like the clan for you, please visit our Discord server to apply https://discord.gg/PjeU9Eb
  2. I was just considering opening my wallet for the first time since 0.8.0 due to the recent and upcoming AA improvements. If you implement this ridiculous idea, that's it. No more money for Wargaming, ever. I will find another game to play. The arrogance of the developers is absolutely astounding. Even Microsoft look like a caring and thoughtful company in comparison. Disgusting.
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    Just no. If you want to play submarines, nip off and play Silent Hunter.
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    Yeah, did that. Eventually got back in about 9.45 BST. But it didn't seem to be that reliable with divisions disbanding etc so we gave up for the night.
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    Still getting error connecting to server :-(
  6. I see Ubique was busy making himself famous in a Jingles video then lol. Free bump ;-)