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  1. There are 4 means to define missions in the game: challenges, combat missions, personal missions and campaigns - and now we have directives on top of that, which are not described in the game in any way and not described very well outside of it. Dear Wargaming, in my opinion that's too much.
  2. cloudsinger

    1600 Base XP

    The Base XP is shown in the Team Score list. The Personal Score page shows the XP you actually received (bonuses included.)
  3. cloudsinger

    Suggestions thread

    Make spotting more interesting and rewarding for the players: Award a ribbon for every 5000 damage supported by spotting Award a medal for 100.000 damage supported by spotting (of course together with some signals) Ok, the exact numbers are open to discussion - I don't have access to exact game statistics. My reasoning is, that this are more ribbons than a BB gets for doing that damage and much less than a CL gets doing it. Getting ribbons and medals for spotting would it make more visible to the players and motivate them to actually do more spotting. At the moment a scout gets only rewarded by XP but does not get any feedback by ribbons, while a CL captain gets a ribbon for every hit.
  4. cloudsinger

    Duca d' Aosta

    But the XP bonus you buy with the ship was no part of it ;) To get so much commander XP you probably used several signals and a camouflage that give bonuses for commander XP. Also the ship has a build in bonus for commander XP (like other ships have it too).
  5. cloudsinger

    Duca d' Aosta

    That's outright wrong. Maybe you should have a look on the facts before you post next time. The 200% XP bonus is implemented as a Combat mission. This bonus is applied to the "Earned XP" AFTER that is used as basis for the calculation of "Commander XP". The bonus is NOT applied to "Commander XP", where it would be useful. It only applied to "Earned XP". You can see this on the last page of the After Action Report - it's the tab titled "Credits and XP" if you ever bother to look there after a mission with the ship. So to correct your example with 1000 "Earned XP": 1000 Earned XP + 2000 Bonus XP = 3000 Received XP (Not useful, because nothing to research) 3000 Received XP + 120 Doublons = 3000 Free XP (The reason why WG implements this bonus ;) 1000 Earned XP = 1000 Commander XP (That is the sad fact, the After Action Report shows) It would be a really nice and useful bonus, if WG had the bonus implemented as a bonus to "Commander XP" too as you posted, but that is inconsistent with the actual way the bonus is calculated. And yes, in your example you actually get additional 100 "Free XP" - really a big step towards the 750.000 Free XP needed for Missouri. But I never mentionend that in my other posts, because IMHO that little bonus is negligible.
  6. cloudsinger

    Unable to login, technical issues found.. ?

    Got thrown out of the game at 20:00 and cannot login since then.
  7. cloudsinger

    Duca d' Aosta

    And yours is ... unqualified. As premium ships don't need normal XP to research anything, normal XP bound to a premium ship cannot be used. You have to convert it to Free XP first - and you have to pay with gold (= real money) for the conversion. So if you want to use the "gift" of additional normal XP, you have to pay even more money to be able to use it.
  8. cloudsinger

    Duca d' Aosta

    Be aware, that the missions in the Summer Sale packages with Duca d'Aosta are totally worthless. You get normal XP, not Free XP or Commander XP, but normal XP - on a Premium Ship. So you have to spend more money to convert this to Free XP. This packages are not as cheap, as they look on the first glance.
  9. cloudsinger

    Project R

    That's no problem, just reached 273 pearls.
  10. cloudsinger

    German Super-Battleship "Der Führer"

    This drawing is not historical - it's sombody's wet dream. Alone the name indicates that. The last BB study of Nazi Germany was the H-Class, which consists of several proposals. 2 ships of the H-39 proposal where actually begun in July/August 1939 as part of Plan Z. Building was stopped in October 1939, shortly after WWII begun. Not much is known about Schlachtschiff A or Schlachtschiff B proposals (sometimes both referenced as H-40) H-41 proposal was to be build after the victorious end of the war. H-42 - H-44 where only design studies never intended for production. (If you want to know more and look at the drawings of the ships: Siegfried Breyer, "Schlachtschiffe und Schlachtkreuzer 1905-1970", Karl Müller Verlag) WG will have no problem to find 2 paper ships here which they can balance in a way, that they are an equal to Yamato, Montana, Iowa and the like. All these proposals were much smaller then the drawing of "Der Führer" shows