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  1. 0.6.11

    1. Description The Game hangs up in the Queue and wont load the Battle. That Bug was already there since serval Updates. 2. Reproduction steps Since i dont know how to reproduce the Step, i can only tell that your not able to load even if it says "Enter Battle" and the other Teammates are already in. The Result after that is, if the Game wont load and you are in a Division. The DivisionChat is gone and you cant no longer talk to the Divisionmates, because you cant Enter the Div Chat after relogging. 3. Result The Result is clear, you cant Enter the Battle and you have to close the warships.exe Process, relog into the Game and "hope" that you are fast enough to join the Battle, because if not - you cant join or even Play, loose your Flags and Camos you maybe "put" on the Ship. 4. Expected result After the Loading Timer goes to 00:00 the Game should load normaly and you should be able to play without the Game hang up.
  2. 0.6.11

    1. Description Hydro or Radar Idicator wont go off - last to long, even if you are not spotted anymore or even no Ships in Range (or around you) 2. Reproduction steps Get spotted by Hydro/Radar by a Ship and see the Spotting (!) Indicator how long it lasts 3. Result The Results of that is a non fading Spotted Icon, which makes you think that your permanent Spotted by Radar or Hydro, a little bit annoying - because even if your in the Smokescreen and there is no Ship with Radar or Hydro in Sight it lights permanent up 4. Expected result The Expected Result should be, if the Radar lasts for 30Seconds, it should go away after 30Seconds and not after nearly 3 Mins...
  3. Hello there, i just wait a Time before i ask this Question but here it comes... Whats the Criteria to join a Grap Zeppelin Test Run? Only to buy it? - Seriously - I wonder that you dont even ask Guys like Pape or Garfield (at least the good CV Guys i know) or some Guys who reached at least 1000 Carrier Battles to test it? I mean... really... Ive seen Testers who dont have Air Supremacy, who dont know how to Strafe, how to Attack Ships, i even seen Graf Z. players who go for Carrier "Snipe" with AP Bombs... what the Heck? To be fair, i play Carriers myself and im not one of those "very Good" Guys, but at least i know something about CVs. And before someone Googles my Stats in CVs (you can spare that Time) at least im able to keep my WinRatio in every CV i played above 50% beside the Ranger because i rebought it and sadly since the US FlightDeck nerf its a bit meh to play. Isnt there any Supertesters like strangers123 who can do the Testing and some others who got the knowledge of this Ship Class?
  4. Well thanks @Tuccy i thought so, its some Easteregg (but im guessing you dont get anything for it, if you find them all? :) Anyways... Good Job for 2 Years! And its interesting to read all the Achivements and the Milestones of 2 Years WoWs. Beside im playing since Closed Beta and im still feeling like Home in the Game.
  5. Hello and Happy Birthday Wargaming!!! Im just afraid, im getting teleported to NA Server or even ASIA if i pass that Portal. But maybe you can tell what is this?
  6. I would like to say Happy Birthday to Wargaming "BUT" im Chatbanned again, because COMPLAINTS!!! And why? Because i like to play Carrier... And the Reason why i get Reported is I dont give a SOLO sailing Zao AA Support who was obviously Bordersurfing. Ah forget the only Words i hear was mimimimi and bla bla bla from him, as i tried to explain on a friendly Way, that im busy with the Enemy Carrier. Ending up the Battle 2nd on XP ... Thats why i saying, PLEASE do something about that Report Stuff!!!It drives me straight said NUTS And i have the bad Feeling what happens with Carrier Players at the Moment, they get constantly reported and forced to leave the Game - like the Players did the same with the SPG/Arty Players in World of Tanks. Reporting them for "unsportsmanlike conduct" and causes them a massive Game Ban
  7. First of all thank you for this nice Answer (it wasnt personal against you or something) there are still some other Things to do at the Moment. There is still something other to do, i mean if i look on Ebay for Warship Accounts for example not to buy them! i reported a few to the Customer Support but they dont rly care about... which is rather disappointing. (In this Case there are Accounts for Sale with Ships like Missouri,USS Black,Flint or serval Premships which are about 2000Euros and more... and they dont catch those Guys. Also i figured out, that the Reports are becoming worse atm (not because you do something bad - because some Players spam "Fake" Reports as Blogis said at someone) just as an Idea, how about only allow your "own" Team to Report you if your AFK or Disconnect or Teamdmg. I mean "seriously" i get Reported 18 Times by a Enemy Division of 3 Players - thats not the Idea behind the Report System... To be fair, i still like it here - ill stay here and i dont want to leave the Game. I mean about this, the Chat of Warships is still a "friendly" Place at the Moment, there are less Spammers or Guys (Bots) who spam Macros into the Chat or even less Insults. But at some Point it would be nice, if we may get a multi Language Guy back there... at least who is capable of speaking English and German
  8. 0.6.10

    1. Description The Game freezes Randomly in the Queue (Indicator keeps spinning on the Teamlist Page) unable to start the Game without closing the Process in the Taskmanager. Also recent Game Crashes "Critical Error Occured" like other Player mentioned a few Posts above. Also the well known "Feature" since Closed Alpha Test... which starts with an empty Port Chat, now its Empty Message Boxes, added a new Feature what shows "double" Named Players in the Clan Chat - shows Players in Battle, who are in the Port, shows Online Players who are Offline... (when do you finaly react on this?) Also the Bug in the Divisions, if someone leaves the Division your own Name is gone but the Player who left is still in the Division. 2. Reproduction Steps I dont know even how to reproduce the Steps of a broken Chat Interface, because in World of Tanks the Chat "in the Garage" works well... but it might have something to do with the Transparency of the Chatbox, where u can see the Ocean or the Port behind? Who knows... about the Crashes i added a ZIP File with the Logs (maybe that Helps) and also added the WGCheck File to the other Zip File (maybe that Helps, maybe not) also added the Crash Report of Warships.exe in this Case "The Big World Client has encountered an unhandled execption and must close" 3. Result The Messages cant be read, the Game wont Load (because you cant leave the Loading Screen, have to close the Game via Taskmanager and Restart) and also you are not able to create a Screenshot without 3rd Party Programs, because the Error Message doesnt want to be Screenshotted... 4. Expected Result Read the Messages, dont see double Clanmember Names and so on... The Game should load normaly without Restart the whole Game 5. Technical Details All necessary Data Files added below. System is updated with the latest Version of all Drivers, Game Client Updated to last Version, WGCheck Tool found some damage Files (mostly some packages about 1.2 Gigabyte - what the hell?!) and fixed them. But the Game is still freezing and the Chat what so ever is still there.
  9. You know what @Ph3lan postet for an Answer in this Topic above? : Hey guys! Our in-game moderation is indeed lacking a bit at the moment, however we are already working on a solution. Personally I think that, while the WoWS chat is a relatively friendly place, we still need to ensure that it remains so and we have to deal with people who try to misuse it. We will keep you guys posted about this. And about the Chat Bug - since the latest Updates it becomes more and more annoying. You have "double" Names in the ClanChat. Some Guys are shown as Online, who are Offline... some Guys are shown in Battle and they are in the Port. And also in Divisions, if someone leaves the Division - he is still shown as in the Division but your own Name isnt there anymore. This Feature (i cant call it different) the ChatBug is here since Closed Alpha... what the Hell. And those Fake Reports are pissing me off. I rather have more "Silent" (Banned by Complaints) Time then regular Game Time. Also the same, you playing a Ship where you good in (i dont go deeper into that Statswise) or you have a good Game, you get Reported... reminds me of a Video of a Youtuber while he said on the End of the Battle "You get reported for doing your Job" - does it make Sense? No!
  10. Its not a Dream ~ its a Pirate Life... In Memory of HHC Freelancer Server "The~Nomad[666]

  11. I asked one Time in the Q/A Section about fixing or changing the Report System, also i asked about a moderated Port Chat (since BBV left) it seems that we "could" handle our Community on our own?! Do we? First of all the Question about a Moderated Port Chat, i already posted a Topic here: Thats the First Question i want to ask. The 2nd one is about the Report System... I know we had a bad Word Filter in the CBT which obviously Filters Words like ESSEX because of SEX inside... was funny, but where is it? Where is the bad Word Filter for the normal Game Chat? I know if you press F11 before it says $%$§"/! now its Shift+F12 why you cant even add such a Filter? I get an answer from Wargamings Q/A Section which says - we have other Fishes to fry. So Situation now: I installed the NO CHAT MOD from Aslains Pack, do keep the Toxic out of my Range... and then again, you play CV... getting Reported for: Not Spotting, Not Supporting, No AA Support, for this and that and that and this you get Reported. And sadly i have the Feeling, it ends like World of Tanks with the SPGs. Where Clans and Players remember eachother, create a List and spam thousands of "Missbehaviour in Chat" Reports at someone.... Ends up with "You have been Chatbanned Reason Complains. How the hell you can get Chat Reported if you dont say anything? What about finaly fix the Port Chat? The Division Chat? The Private Messages? Since CAT (Closed Alpha Testing) you have that Feature... that your Messages disapears, it shows 255 Message in the Questions and InGame Channel but its empty. So adding something to the Topic above - where is the Moderator... ? Where is at least ONE Guy who might take care of Spam, Personal Attacks, Insults and such - even help out if someone got a Question .-
  12. Dont get me wrong on that, because actually its been worse Gameplay about those RN BBs. I would be happy of thats more challenging and stop the Random HE Spammers from playing those Things like a Large Zao. You know how annoying that is on Random Games before the RN BBs gets introduced, if you have a Player in the Team who constant shoot HE (ofc in a BB) and he dont bother changing Ammo? ... WP now WG gave them Players a little Toy where they have to do it constantly. I have a bad feeling about this Move... I dont mind Zaos and i dont mind Kutusows... i can live with that, but example Iron Duke what constantly sets 3 Fires on your Head with HE Shells that isnt funny anymore.
  13. „Über den Wind können wir nicht bestimmen, aber wir können die Segel richten.“

  14. Hi again, i was away for about 6 Weeks and updated the Driver to the newest Version 17.7.1. and the Game is running for me now (im not sure, if Wargaming fixed something during the last Patches because i read the Patchnotes and dont find any Information) at least the ATI/AMD Drivers are updated to the last Version and the Game is running. I would say thank you to WG, but i dont know for what :D maybe someone can post the Patchnotes "especially for this Issue" here and tell me?
  15. 0.6.5

    Hallo Ihr bzw Hallo Seahales (ich hatte Dir kurz eine PM mit dem gleichen Problem geschrieben) für die anderen beschreibe ich das Problem mal hier: 1. Das Spiel started nicht mehr nach dem Update auf den neusten ATI Grafikkarten Treiber. Diesen Fehler habe ich schon seit einigen Updates für World of Warships, da ich aber weiß dass die Treiberversion vom Februar 2017 ist kann man das ungefähr eingrenzen. 2. Reproduzieren kann man diesen Fehler in meinem Fall einfach, ich muss nur auf den neusten Grafikkarten Treiber von ATI Updaten und das Spiel started nicht mehr. Das einzige was funktioniert, ist ein Treiber "Downgrade" auf Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1 mit dem geht es. Alle nachfolgenden Updates funktionieren nicht und produzieren folgende Fehlermeldung hier: FATAL ERROR: "BW::Render:: Device:: D3D9::Interface: " "No Hardware Rasterisation Devices Found. 3. Das Ergebniss was man erwarten sollte ist dass das Spiel auch mit dem neusten Grafikkarten Treiber funktioniert. Falls es wichtig ist, ich habe Windows 7 64bit und eine ATI Radeon R250x mit 8GB Arbeitsspeicher DirectX 11 und alle anderen Treiber sind up to Date. (Spielt aber weiter keine Rolle, da das Spiel davor ohne Probleme lief) der Kundenservice weiß da nicht weiter, diverse WGCheck Berichte sagen nicht viel aus. 4. Erwartete Ergebniss: Klar ganz einfach, dass das Spiel mit dem neusten ATI Treiber, in dem Falle wäre das die Version Crimson ReLive Ediditon 17.4.4 laufen würde ohne dass das Spiel abstürzt, abstürzen ist der falsche Begriff - es started ja nicht mal. Habe euch dazu mal einen Post von 2 anderen Usern aus dem Englischen Forum angehangen die das gleiche Problem haben: Ich weiß nun nicht, wer sich damit auskennt, aber vielleicht könnte man versuchen diesem Problem auf den Grund zu gehen. Wie gesagt @Seahales das gleiche steht auch in der PM an dich für die, die damit was anfangen können: Hier ist ein Screenshot von dem entsprechenden Crash in der WG Check Datei: Kundenservice Antwort : 24. Mai 2017 18:11 Hallo Skycat79, vielen Dank dass du den Wargaming Kundendienst kontaktiert hast. Ich bedauere aber wir finden keinen Fehler im Client ausser dass das Spiel aufgrund der Bilddarstellung den Betrieb einstellt, wir werden den Fall weiterleiten und hoffen dass es zukünftig einen Patch oder eine Verbesserung geben wird der das Problem behebt. Leider haben wir keine Lösung zu diesem Zeitpunkt. Deswegen hat es auch ein wenig länger gedauert als sonst. Wenn wir dir noch in einer weiteren Frage behilflich sein können, dann wende dich bitte gerne wieder an uns. Mit freundlichen Grüßen XXXXXXX Customer Service Representative