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  1. ArdRaeiss

    Just Citadelled a Montana with Neptune, But How?

    We are checking if there is an issue with the armor model of the Montana.
  2. ArdRaeiss

    Let's talk about Soviet battleships.

    Well, it appeared that the Russian players were waiting for sturdy heavily armored fast ships with big strong guns - this is how Russian cruisers were described by novels and films... As you can see, such description is more appropriate for battleships(especially Project 23). Of course the lightly armored(all real ships and most of projects) cruisers disappointed them.
  3. ArdRaeiss

    warspite? nerfed in the last 14 months?

    No, Yes and No. Check your facts, learn about ranges and what is "Immunity Zone" actually means. Yes, she sits somewhat high in the water, but it's how she was since her release. I still like to use her in the battles... and she's great, unless I'm not overconfident(true for any other ship... including Tirpitz).
  4. ArdRaeiss

    WoWS TAP Q&A

    No, I asked the German players if they knew anything about this case. Seems like they have completely different info/point of view from what I've was told. I'm sorry if it sounded rude/harsh. I'm new to European forums(haven't been here since... well, two years ago? Three forums is just to much for my free time). My areas of interest/specialities are mostly gamelogic and gamemodes as an developer, ships and XX century naval battles history as a naval history fan.
  5. ArdRaeiss

    WoWS TAP Q&A

    I couldn't comment on the whole Q/A list we are discussing here as I have no info on some areas, but some of the answers sound strange to me. Not sure if it's the translation issues or simply wrong info. Anyway, I'm just a gameplay programmer, so I could not change the decision on flags.
  6. ArdRaeiss

    WoWS TAP Q&A

    The German ultra-right/neo-nazi groups are using empire flag as it is not completely banned. In some parts of Germany this flag was banned for that reason by local autorities. This is what I've heard as the main reason for absence of this flag on ships in game. That is what I've heard about this whole issue. I hope the German players could provide some facts as I have none.
  7. ArdRaeiss

    WoWS TAP Q&A

    The answer is definitely strange(well, at least several of them sound strange to me), seems like the meaning of the question was missed or wrongly translated; but as far as I know, the Kaiserliche Marine flag is actually banned in some parts of Germany thanks to some quasi/neo/whatever-nazi/ultra-right groups for using it. Sad but true.
  8. ArdRaeiss

    Is Italian navy coming someday?

    When it's done. It's just too early to talk about Italian or French warships.
  9. ArdRaeiss

    How WG completely ruined the Tirpitz in two simple ways

    The required thickness was increased by Nathan to 0.25 several years ago. Check his explanations.
  10. ArdRaeiss

    Warspite's gun range

    Yes, there are overpenetrations in game.
  11. Bug confirmed. The case is very rare, so it was missed. Thank you for the report(well, it's better to report to the support next time).
  12. ArdRaeiss

    Warspite's gun range

    I played it for several battles and I liked it. Could describe it as a very funny elephant waltz play style.
  13. ArdRaeiss

    Warspite's gun range

    Don't forget the armor slopes of 127mm.
  14. ArdRaeiss

    Warspite's gun range

    In fact, she received the very same treatment as every other ship in the game. Her steering is set on her hull proportions as if she was builded by best professionals without flaws. By the way, her proportions is similar to the upcoming USN BBs. Her turrets got the historical traverse speed. Yes, ~2 degrees per second is historical. Her range is capped by FCS. Her rangefinder width is 4.5 meters only(the second worst only to Myogi and Kawachi) and FCS altitude is between the cases of Kawachi and Kongo. Hence the 16kms effective fire distance. Her armor is as it was IRL, this is the wrong info in the port. This part of interface is not polished yet and sometimes it shows the wrong armor plate info, like in this case.
  15. ArdRaeiss

    Aurora's guns bugged?

    Different ballistic arcs due to very different shell weights.