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  1. Kanmen

    This weekend has been horrendous ...

    With the explosion of defeat streaks this weekend exposed here (including unusual streaks for me too), some other people should have got more wins, right? Any one got a sudden increase in WR this weekend and wanna share his experience? Apart from that, the BB event went pretty successful...:
  2. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    With all due respect, no it doesn't because I believe you confuse 2 things : Survival capability. Resilience to enemy fire. A CV has high survival capability because it stays out of enemy range and vision, but has low resilience because it sinks from a few salvos. A DD has low resilience to enemy fire because it gets wrecked by a few HE salvos, but this element can be negated by countermeasure such as smoke, speed, evasive actions, etc. So, back to the Khaba, it has unusually high survival capabilities (hence the numbers from the table : 44.92% survival rate (Gearing 34%, Shima 36%), because its resilience to enemy fire is relatively high (high hp pool, high speed, high evasive maneuvers capabilities, etc.)
  3. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Well, no. But if you easily anger, I suggest you some anger management therapy ;)
  4. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Yet, many Khaba players showcase their "250K" scores here and there in the forum with screenshots. Hard to get such numbers with a Shima or even a Gearing..
  5. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    I disproved nothing, you just didn't understand what was written, or you blatantly refused to understand. You confuse everything. Read-> CA vs CV or CA vs Khaba at same distance, same conditions,who's gonna die first ? I can't believe I had to explain that basic idea to someone...
  6. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Chill out boy, you get angered at much nothing really Besides, I was merely exagerating the figures.... Here, specially for for you : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbole
  7. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Yeah, the guy is in serious bad faith. :/
  8. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    It has nothing to do. It depends on playstyle... and ship type. You are comparing apples and bananas.. seriously comparing CV and Khaba ..? Khaba is the hardest ship to sink. No cita, high hp, high speed, high capacity to avoid salvos, etc. Besides, your data show that Khaba has the highest WR of all ships. Time for a deeper nerf.
  9. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    1. You are not every player. Most hardly can. 2. They don't have citadel. You have to hit them consistently. 3. It's impossible, it's the fastest ship in the game.
  10. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    It's already the hardest ship to take down, and one of the most consistent in extremely high damage per game (hello 250k / game). You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Khaba is an over performing ship in most ways, even after this slight nerf. This super high HP and speed should be tuned down so we can have some balance.
  11. Kanmen

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Nerf is only slight. Won't affect much the over performing Khaba and Udaloi. You're gonna melt as fast as before. They're gonna survive as long as before.
  12. Kanmen

    Did I get them All?

    You missed a few planes tho ;)
  13. Kanmen

    Earning dubloons in-game

    Will never happen on a regular basis. Not until WG business model changes.
  14. Kanmen

    Permanent camo for more ships?

    Considering that ships on which you invest real money can be nerfed, moved to other tiers, such as what will happen to at least 5 ships in the IJN destroyer line soon, I wouldn't be interested in such volatile, expensive and not that useful feat if I were you. It happens soon to many IJN players, it could happen to you and anyone again in the future.
  15. Kanmen

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    I'd welcome any new line and new nation, but I particularly care for the French DD line, especially the destroyer Le Fantasque which family was the fastest line ever recorded until 2010 (!) and American LCS: 45kn ftw!