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    British carrier aircraft

    Are you mad? The f35b is a 5 gen fighter that is in a different league to the harrier. This doesn't come cheap but unit costs are going down as more orders are placed. Any bad press on this aircraft is misguided and out of date.
  2. zapbrannigan93

    The tirpitz is awesome ship.

  3. zapbrannigan93

    Tirpitz on sale tomorrow Sat29th

    I want it but at £30-40 it's a bit much me thinks
  4. zapbrannigan93

    say no to racism

    It's awesome I love it! It's gonna be my new gamer name!! Not sure if I'll use inslaffe or go the full incest island ape hmmm
  5. zapbrannigan93

    say no to racism

    macl_GER, on 28 August 2015 - 01:10 AM, said: Gents, i'm a german oldschool player and i like the game, but what i don't like is racism in chat. This is going to far. There is no difference between gamers from Britan, Poland, Germany or all other nations. Please respect you, respectively don't call other player NAZI or Polakke or incest isle ape or something else. Thank
  6. zapbrannigan93

    British Premium Content

    Hms Belfast agreed!
  7. zapbrannigan93

    Catch 22

    The book is a classic!the film is utter crap!
  8. zapbrannigan93


    Come on now fellas I hope no one in this community will take advantage of this bug..........