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  1. Taffus

    Changes to Update 0.5.9 after Public Test

    Basically with WG you can not go on vacation.... or it will cost you money when you come back. Carefully planned WG. Very smart. This is just another way to rip off your player base. It all sounds nice 1 gold per 1 skill point, to change something you did not opt for in the first place. I will likely have to pay 1000's of doubloons when I come back from vacation. This is bad WG and you know it. On the positive side.... at least I am looking at a tropical beach 50 meters from here, in the Caribean sun, right now.
  2. Taffus

    And yet again a good old F.U. from wargaming to the players.

    He is right. This period is just too short. Especially in the holiday season. I am at vacation right now with no access to the game (very very crappy wifi), and a lot of players must be too. So yes I am basically screwed for a couple of thousand doubloons. I am sure WG's accounting department looked at it... and saw that it was good...
  3. Taffus

    Mogami... erm... wut?

    Yep, this ship was nerfed to ruins, and the result is that you also see less Ibukis and Zao's....
  4. Taffus

    Lag spikes and bugs!

    Just came out of a random match. ALL players experienced this horrible lag, virtually making a game unplayable. Most had pings over 300 or 400.
  5. Taffus

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    It is a stuborn assumtion that somehow almost made it to be considered a fact. I think there is no torpedo spam. And if there was one, it surely is over by now. Unless you consider it spam every time you see more than 2 waves of torps... Or you simply dont want to see torps in the game... Or should we also consider all the HE shells a spam? So much of them!... Ofcourse not. Equally silly it would be. Or should I say at Tier 10 some BB captains still have not found the WADS keys? Now WoW is far from realistic, but they try to hang on to the imagination that it is. Go look up the Battle of Surigao Strait (October 1944). The Japanese fleet ran into a screen of 28 US destroyers and 39 US motor torpedo boats unleashing a wall of torps. Actually in the whole Battle of Leyte dd's and mtb played quite a significant role. In these battles there was not a 'so called torp spam'. There was one, and those torps were real. That is were the Fuso got torped to death. Anyways. I think they should not have nerfed anyting, and instead should have worked on a better mm and avoid having battles with 10 dd's.
  6. Taffus

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    That is so easy to conclude. I think, even the better or dedicated players who were used to play the Shima at close and mid range, AND that were prepared to take the challenge with the new developments (torp nerfs, radar, and more US/RU dds), are dropping. I always loved to use the Shima close range (with 5,9 detectability). So much fun to launch 15 torps point blank at 7km or so. These players can do the same playing style in a Gearing or even Fletcher with much more fun factors, and better results. I even tried the 12km torps with torp acceleration. Reducing torps to 9km range but with very fast speed. It is suicidal. You will so easily get caught. And once you get caught the Shima is mostly in trouble. And that is what you see. The Shimas easily die and hardly make an impact on the game any more. So one could easily conclude the other way: "Shimas becoming rare because the good and dedicated players left (and play Kageros, Fubukis and Gearings now) and only the potatoes (who finally reached Tier 10 and just need to try it) are still playing with long range torps that can be seen from the moon." Besides statistics mentioned above already clearly marked that even the top players are seriously having worse results with the Shima.
  7. Taffus

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    Just as with the Mogami, Shimas are becoming a rare sight. WG solution to the so called torpedo spam is having them mothballed. Then when everybody gives up on this ship, you will see US and Russian dds nerfed, to promote UK and German dds.... I fear the Shima will become even rarer.
  8. Bought the Fubuki back. Flamu can name the Shima playable, it's lost the fun factor for me (and that never was long range torp spamming by the way). Guess the 18 skill Shima capt goes back to the Fubuki.
  9. Taffus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    8 kills with the Blys. Last 5 minutes alone vs 4 ships, killing the very last enemy, in the very last second of the game, securing the win. You see him dead in the background.
  10. Sure there will be yolo shima's. But dont all label them as going to the flanks and act stupid. The prio task of a dd is scout and cap. The IJN dds excel at it. And still do compared with other dds. A fully upgraded shima with captain skills can do well under 6km detection. And it still has very good speed. So as long as you are undetected you are still very valuable. I never played the Shima hanging at the back or flanks sending out 20km torps. It was always we more fun to be in the front line (where dds should be) and attack from 6 to 12 km. Now the yolo you speak of absolutely also goes for US and Russian dd's. Especially Russian ones has they are perma detected anyways. These ships call for more offensive play. So also more beserkers. This will very likely compensate the Shima yolo players. Most will likely do their dailies (* 1,5), but the Shima will eventually drop in numbers. That said, it is end of the tier tree, so many IJN dd captains will still aim to get it. Its not like the Russian dd line pre 5.5 where some lower tier ships were so bad that you would end up having less higher tiers (9 and 10). Same goes for the Mogami. It causes less Ibuki's and Zao's. Anyways (the word Flamu loves to say most), with radar, dd's that hunt you and the return of the cariers it is just harder to attack. Even if you are not detected, your torps will be. Dont get me wrong. I like the challenge and I think making some nerfs to the Shima is okay. But the problem with WG games is that the 'balance' is very delicate. Right now it is playable indeed. But not rewarding for end of the tier tree, and it gives you the idea of playing with a lesser ship. Also... it is a big incentive for BB's to hang out at the back even more. Torpedos cant get to them, are very visible and the BB's are better screened by gunboats. So you will see more cowardice and apathy with those ships, and more knife fighting between dd's (which I like very mucht though). Only the weather system has a truly new impact. Which is a very interesting concept, but still not clear what to really think of it. There are still tons of dd's in every game and that is not really benefiting the Shima either. After monitoring a couple of nights I hardy see Shima's in the top 3 of teams anymore, So I dont need stats to draw the conclusion. Now either its the ship or players not being able to adapt enough. The glorious days of the Shima in general have ended (for now).
  11. True the Shima is still playable. But it lost its greatness, it has become an average, but deadly ship at the highest tier. And not really a rewarding ship at tier 10, in my humble opinion. And Flamu is not the average player. Only a few in the community can truly live up to his averages. He would probably make a Hatsuharu in a Tier X game a playable ship. :-) I never really used the Shima for extreme ranges, but the range option gave the ship more flexibility, as Flamu also states in his choice for the 12kms. Right now with all the radar and enemy gunboats it has become a challenge to play the Shima, which is good. But personally I think it went a little too far. I tried to adept, but I am just not at good as Flamu (but not a bad player either). It is so easy to get caught now. So basically the only way to go for me now, is go in very aggressive and try to take one or two ships in my death, or play really conservative, avoiding most and wait for a few chances later in the battle. I play the shima with torp acceleration. So 9,6 km is the only option. Even tried the 6.4 km torps for fun. 82 knots is insane. I just refuse to pay the 500 gold, though I dont mind to pay my monthly premium subscription and buying a premium ship now and then. So this feels like a rip off, especially because it is tier X and most owners have played quite a few battles, and are likely to be premium members.... So basically I prefer to go for the Gearing or even Fletcher for now. Will play the Shima now and then, and more Fubuki when I want to play IJN dd's.
  12. Taffus


    This Blys is one of my all time favorites. Great for credit grind. The only real downside is that you have a Polish captain who can only command the Blys Could not resist to share this little victory: .
  13. Taffus

    IJN Mogami

    This is ship is garbage right now. Only meant to go through the grind pain and drive you into exchanging credits. Cant think of any other reason why to nerf this ship so badly, or not compensate it for the ca changes.
  14. Taffus

    Myoko challenge

    Thanks mate! Solved
  15. Taffus

    Myoko challenge

    Just completed the Myoko Challenge... but I dont see the new ship. Got 3 vacant slots so. Am I missing something, besides the ship? Cheers, Taff