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  1. Masternaut

    Beta weekend feedback

    I don't think that is the issue because spotting is done serverside so even if they wouldn't see the smoke at all the ships wouldn't be spotted. However I also find the mechanics and actual feedback on when you are inside smoke and when not confusing.
  2. Masternaut

    Typo in the EULA.

    Wait, he isn't in the BETA and still did some "testing" and found a "bug". He really deserved a +1 and also a code
  3. Masternaut

    beta reward?

    Sending a ticket is an easy way to post possible bugs. And the people reading your bug reports and answering them seem nice
  4. Masternaut

    Typo in the EULA.

    "bets way" You just keep making them typos lol
  5. Masternaut

    xp for coop battles

  6. Masternaut

    Typo in the EULA.

    Behold: 1st person ever to read EULA
  7. Masternaut

    Beta Testers - We NEED you! (Yes, again!)

    Rangefinders point at the same direction as your guns so they arent moving in port
  8. Masternaut

    Tell your stats

    Because I like statistics. Going for a run, playing basketball, videogames, school, doesn't matter. I guess I am a stats guy. Not trying to put up a competition, just like ot see how people are doing
  9. Masternaut

    Beta Testers - We NEED you! (Yes, again!)

    Cleveland radars working. That I was able to check right from port. I will report (edit this post) later as I check in game other ships Cleveland: Radars and rangefinders working Kongo: Mainbattery rangefinder moving. Secondary rangefinder (smaller ones I believe) not moving. Also 25mm AA guns are moving while the 127mm aren't
  10. Masternaut

    Tell your stats

    Im testing how the community is doing in their battles
  11. Masternaut

    Too simple to play.....

  12. Masternaut

    Tell your stats

    I dont have the time to check every players stats individually
  13. Masternaut

    Tell your stats

    People like stats, so lets make a topic to compare them: I ask you to post your win rate, draw rate, lose rate and also total games played. Here are mine: Wins: 47% Draws: 8% Lost games: 45% Games played: 100
  14. Masternaut


    Yesterday I sneaked behind a BB in my DD, popped smoke and disabled all AA guns. 2km away his secondary armament was still shooting at me
  15. Masternaut

    Don't give torpedos to [edited] (my team mates)

    BB's don't just "suddenly decide" anything