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  1. ubb1_Bull

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    please enter me into this wonderful idea thank you and merry christmas to all.
  2. ubb1_Bull

    Questions and Answers with MrConway and Tuccy


    thank you guys .. really enjoyed the live broadcast.
  3. ubb1_Bull

    Questions and Answers with MrConway and Tuccy


    i would love it if you could hold ctrl to select multiple flags at once and then mount them. Mounting flags one at a time is most annoying and time consuming. Ps love the game.
  4. ubb1_Bull


    i have treid to repeat the missions as you said and it comes up with that it has already been completed and reward issued. So not repeat possible ???
  5. ubb1_Bull

    General Feedback

    My one major complaint ,well not so much a complaint but a suggestion . Please allow us to hold down CTRL and select multiple flags at a time. Adding them one by one to a ship is not only time consuming but also annoying. The more experienced players will know by now which flags they would like on which ship. To be able to load all 8 in one fell swoop would be so much better.
  6. ubb1_Bull

    Bonus flags after update

    have been checking that link you sent me sir for a few days now. And yes i used the same email as i play in the live server/main account.
  7. ubb1_Bull

    Bonus flags after update

    well played the public test server and found the changes great. But saw that i get some flags for completng the japanese BB challenge. But as of yet i have not recieved anything any ideas when they will be issued. Completed the 5000xp and the 1500 per japanese ship. Said on the news page that these would be issued after the new patch was released. Well that ne patch has been released and as of yet no flags. " For participating in our Public Test, you will be rewarded the following goodies on the live server once the update hits the open waters. Get 3 signal flags of each type on your live account for playing 1 Random or Cooperative battle on the Public Test server. Get 1 day of Premium Account on the live server for earning 1,500 XP on each Japanese Battleship in Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server. Get 10 Type "6" Camouflage patterns (+100% XP per battle) on the live server for earning a total of 5,000 XP in Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server. You will be able to claim your rewards on the dedicated website. Information on when you will be able to redeem them will be sent to your registered Test Account email address on the day of the release of the update or slightly after. Please note that only players with a Public Test account registered to the same e-mail as their live server account will be able to redeem their rewards." have checked every day and nothing. Any help would be greatly recieved.
  8. Most fun i had in a game was with the little Orlan. Sank 7 ,my best yet.
  9. ubb1_Bull

    Looking for a clan for team play and improvement

    Sir you are welcome to come over and have a look at our clan website. Our clan members range in age from 20 to 65+ couple of folks are retired and play as well as any of the younger ones ,if not better. We play shooters and too much of WoWs,we use teamspeak 3. But be warned there can be colourful language on ts from some of us. The majority that join ts are 40+ of age and dont understand that we are supposed to act older,myself included..lol. We always welcome new members and we dont care how old . We have members from the UK ,Netherlands,Germany,Australia,USA,Finland,Poland,Italy and many others . English is always spoken on ts ,unless help is needed for someone whose native tounge is not english. And like you im a londoner..lol The ubb1 in my profile name refers to our clan ,rank within clan and my player name. The United Band Of Brothers Bull . www.ubbclan.net Best regards mark
  10. ubb1_Bull

    [IN NEED OF] Division chat

    myself and my clanmates always use TS3 when we are on. You really need the chat ...