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  1. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Zao is not often citadeled. But ships prior Zao do. Except I free xp skipped Ibuki. T8 Mogami is totally made of paper. But Zao is different. Very high survivability. As for US cruisers I have Des Moines. But it wants to play that "shoot behind the island game". While DM has very high dpm it's very fragile by itself. Plus for DM is radar and solid AA. But when shot by other ships DM will quickly go down. Zao is much more sturdy ship and has great Alpha Dmg, great concealment, hard to citadel, and well torps... . I am not saying ZAO is better than DM but playing in Zao is so much easier than playing DM at least for my 3000 games experience.
  2. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Orville! Waiting for next season! :)
  3. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Can broadside AP any cruiser just because you're more stealthy. Can burn BBs from afar or torp them from up close. Against DDs they are just terrified of you. Sure you don't have radar, but shell velocity is so good, unlike DM which unload more shells but they are so slow... Found my love. It's my 4th Tier X ship and I love it. So all this talk that this is old, nerfed so many times etc... it still works! Maybe very good players dont like it but I think IJN cruisers is the best line to start with cruisers, unlike US line which is powerful but complicated - not for new players. Though by it's gameplay style it won't earn many silvers. On the bright side you will see the end of the game more often than some BBs. And you almost never get citadels !
  4. gyrostabilizer

    update 25/7/19 Client error

    working !
  5. Savage battles are a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. But since week 3 you start to see that to accomplish directives you need to play at least 4-5 hrs a day. While the game mode is really fun and thanks WG for it. But I do not have 4-5 hrs to spare every day to play ships! Even for T9 premium warship in the end. I have this alarm built in me. When I start to sense that I am not having fun but instead farming for something, it's time to turn game off and do something else.
  6. gyrostabilizer

    z-52 unsung heroes

    I am playing ranked. 7th level, 5 games win in a row. Almost always in the bottom half of the players. It seems that Z-52 game play is not exactly rewarding by the game's point system. You always do something, capturing points (very high probability, z-52 is born to capture), smoking your allies up, providing intelligence on torps and other dds via sonar. Combat wise it's hmmm... torps are just at radar range, guns are average, not really to compete with real gun fighters. Your sonar is your best friend. Sonar and smoke. But then you look into score screen and it's meh. I also play Yamato. In Yamato whole game you do like 15 salvos with almost no real effort and hey - you're hero! I kinda don't pay much attention to score screen in Z-52, anymore. You know you did really good but game ranked you second from the bottom, but win is a win. ---- In Yamato I rarely receive compliments from fellow captains. In Z-52 I am at the bottom but every 3-4 games somebody types "thanks" and "well done". ---- So what I am complaining? While playing destroyer like z-52 is really satisfying, but not earning silver or exp for this is rather annoying. Because you understand you put 3x effort to this compared to armored BB but not getting much for it. Well... except of satisfaction for games won!
  7. gyrostabilizer

    which PREMIUM ships is worth that money (resource)?

    Ashitaka with Kobayashi cammo prints money very well. T7 is better tier. Except if you want to unlock campaigns stuff those usually t8 and up
  8. gyrostabilizer

    Audacious help

    I like Audacious bombs. You just have to lead target. I can usually hit with 1 maybe 2 bombs to maneuvering DD even (but with DD forget about lining them up, just drop them from any angle). Sure it's not a lot of damage but DDs dont have much health either, plus you can knock out their engines or set a fire, plus you will spot them and don't let them cap. And rocket planes are very good against DDs (and just good against all others), also - lead the target. Shoot where it will be not where it is. My Audacious primary planes are bombers and attack craft. I use torps of course, but torps are better for stationary targets. I took demo expert skill on my captain. And I put the mods 7.5% health to ALL planes and 7.5% to bombers. Torp planes have heal, and bombers do not. Regarding people shredding your planes it's because you playing T10 battles, and in your Enterprise if I recall it's T8. T10 AA is much stronger. Plus take notice when ships use their Defensive Fire or whatever that skill is that shreds planes to pieces. And planes are supposed to die! That's why you have a lot of them and you have to use ALL of them in most games. It's not going to be, oh I am just torp guy. And Survivability Expert / Aircraft armor is also is a must. The tip for better shooting - before you drop or shoot press S to slow your planes down it will give you another second to aim. Maybe Audacious is not the best CV, but it is playable.
  9. gyrostabilizer

    How do you aim those rockets

    How do you aim attack craft rockets? Bombs are much easier. And torps are easiest for me. But rockets.... almost always miss. Even though the "tutorial" suggests they are easiest to aim but for me they are hardest to aim. OFC I am trying to shoot DDs with rockets.
  10. gyrostabilizer

    Idea: Remove citadels from cruisers :)

    Battleships do massive damage to cruisers even without citadel damage. If you in a cruiser open fire on DD (not 1-on-1) you will die first because BBs will kill you faster than you can kill that DD. If it's a rock-paper-scissors game then DDs kill BBs, BBs kill Cruisers, Cruisers kill DDs. Except for rock will own scissors much faster than scissors can hope to cut paper. To add insult to injury if no radar is involved then paper can just leave the battle, and scissors can't.
  11. gyrostabilizer

    Idea: Remove citadels from cruisers :)

    The game pushes players especially new ones to BBs. But BBs were alphas and omegas. Great and powerful. But as it is now ... everyone can sail them. So we have games where there are more BBs than any other class. I don't know. Maybe make their turret rotation 3x slower. So yeah, you can play your BB, but you will not be able shoot here and there and your turret rotation will take very significant time. Or maybe cap them as carriers are capped - max 2 per game. Really guys we have BBs that are worth less than DD for a team. We have plenty of them and they don't mean much. I know that's serious game change. But WG already did some with removing stealth firing. Now reworking CVs and trying to introduce submarines. I think they can handle a change :)
  12. gyrostabilizer

    Idea: Remove citadels from cruisers :)

    No, not saying they are unplayable. They are playable. But the player has to be very good. Need less skill in BB or DD. In cruiser one needs a lot of skill just not to die in few minutes. Also... if I may add to my original post.. which is no good to talk about 2 topics in same post.... BBs are too easy DD harder, and cruisers are even harder. So we have battles with 6 BB, 2 CC, 2 DD... while historically it makes no sense. BBs should be capped at 2-3 per team per game. Because it's not like CC & DD are supporting BBs, it's the other way around in this game: BBs are supporting handful DDs. As it is now DD is worth much more than a BB in a game. Which is ... nonsense :)
  13. I am fairly new player. But what I see cruiser are death machines. Your death machines. They have far less survivability than DDs. DDs usually are smaller, more maneuverable, have great concealment and smoke. And cruisers as they are now are just meat for battleships. I am not saying they don't have their uses, but imo it's the hardest class to play. I feel much safer playing DD than I am a cruiser. I think citadels should be removed from cruisers. One can wipe cruiser in 1-2 shots but can't wipe DD. It's unfair. Cruisers without citadels would be much more playable.
  14. gyrostabilizer

    How to play that Kiev?

    I was mostly after hunting other DDs, providing some spotting ("some" because I can't spot as well as other DDs) ... maybe I need to reconsider and just do W and some A&D stuff and keep my LMB pressed :) I am not looking for a challenge but relaxing gameplay maybe this will do :D it might be the case when captain/me is just overthinking. If you say just press LMB and go fly... I really need to test this :)
  15. gyrostabilizer

    How to play that Kiev?

    I am going to try this :))) I am not sure about this. If we are going CE and torps aren't we trying to make a torp boat out of gun boat? Maybe if we go stealth and torps it's better instead just take IJN DD.