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  1. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Zao is not often citadeled. But ships prior Zao do. Except I free xp skipped Ibuki. T8 Mogami is totally made of paper. But Zao is different. Very high survivability. As for US cruisers I have Des Moines. But it wants to play that "shoot behind the island game". While DM has very high dpm it's very fragile by itself. Plus for DM is radar and solid AA. But when shot by other ships DM will quickly go down. Zao is much more sturdy ship and has great Alpha Dmg, great concealment, hard to citadel, and well torps... . I am not saying ZAO is better than DM but playing in Zao is so much easier than playing DM at least for my 3000 games experience.
  2. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Orville! Waiting for next season! :)
  3. gyrostabilizer

    Love Zao

    Can broadside AP any cruiser just because you're more stealthy. Can burn BBs from afar or torp them from up close. Against DDs they are just terrified of you. Sure you don't have radar, but shell velocity is so good, unlike DM which unload more shells but they are so slow... Found my love. It's my 4th Tier X ship and I love it. So all this talk that this is old, nerfed so many times etc... it still works! Maybe very good players dont like it but I think IJN cruisers is the best line to start with cruisers, unlike US line which is powerful but complicated - not for new players. Though by it's gameplay style it won't earn many silvers. On the bright side you will see the end of the game more often than some BBs. And you almost never get citadels !
  4. Savage battles are a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. But since week 3 you start to see that to accomplish directives you need to play at least 4-5 hrs a day. While the game mode is really fun and thanks WG for it. But I do not have 4-5 hrs to spare every day to play ships! Even for T9 premium warship in the end. I have this alarm built in me. When I start to sense that I am not having fun but instead farming for something, it's time to turn game off and do something else.
  5. gyrostabilizer

    z-52 unsung heroes

    I am playing ranked. 7th level, 5 games win in a row. Almost always in the bottom half of the players. It seems that Z-52 game play is not exactly rewarding by the game's point system. You always do something, capturing points (very high probability, z-52 is born to capture), smoking your allies up, providing intelligence on torps and other dds via sonar. Combat wise it's hmmm... torps are just at radar range, guns are average, not really to compete with real gun fighters. Your sonar is your best friend. Sonar and smoke. But then you look into score screen and it's meh. I also play Yamato. In Yamato whole game you do like 15 salvos with almost no real effort and hey - you're hero! I kinda don't pay much attention to score screen in Z-52, anymore. You know you did really good but game ranked you second from the bottom, but win is a win. ---- In Yamato I rarely receive compliments from fellow captains. In Z-52 I am at the bottom but every 3-4 games somebody types "thanks" and "well done". ---- So what I am complaining? While playing destroyer like z-52 is really satisfying, but not earning silver or exp for this is rather annoying. Because you understand you put 3x effort to this compared to armored BB but not getting much for it. Well... except of satisfaction for games won!